1 inch I.D. Flexible PVC Pipe 10 Feet Roll

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This item has been discontinued.

Alpine Corp

Flexible PVC can simplify your plumbing as it allows you to bend and curve around pumps, filters and other obstructions. It retains its large inside diameter and helps to avoid the need of elbows so that water flow is not impeded. This will increase efficiency and reduce the amount the fittings required to help you get the most out of your pump. It is also resistant to both UV and ozone. Flexible PVC can be glued into standard PVC fittings. Be sure to use PVC cement that is compatible with flexible PVC to ensure a proper seal.

Flexible black PVC hose resists kinking and is fish safe. Flex PVC is ideal for plumbing filtration system and running underground. Can be glued to standard PVC fittings.

Sold in 10ft lengths (± 2" cutting variance)

**Variations of this product can be found in many online stores. The version we carry is of the highest quality. Although this item is eligible for price matching under our Low Price Guarantee, please be certain the product you want to price match is the same make and model.

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