24 Inch Orphek Power Reef PR156 LED Light Fixture - White

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This item has been discontinued.


Orphek Power Reef is exclusively developed for SPS reef aquariums and other high intensity applications.


  • PR156-clear 90 degree lenses
  • Input voltage AC 110V 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 120w
  • LED Qty:60pcs combines ~76% of White LEDS and ~23% of Blue LEDs,
  • Color: White Led 16.000k, 160lm, CRI 88
  • Wavelength: Blue 450nm - 460nm,
  • (8000 lumens total) ~18,000 LUX
  • LED Electrical Parameters:P=2w I=500mA
  • Working environmental temperature - 20 to +50 c degree
  • Equal to MH/HPS light 250w-400w
  • Length: 607mm x Width:157mm x Height: 50mm,
  • Length 24 inch x Width 6.1 inch x Height 2.0 inch
Included with Fixture:
  • Hang on kit (fixture)
  • Two built in timers

Product Manuals & Documentation

24 Inch Orphek Power Reef PR156 LED Light Fixture - White

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format


All Orphek products are warranted for one year against manufacturing defects. The diodes are covered for three years. During this period we will repair or replace the defective unit or part at our discretion.

This warranty does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. Orphek shall not be held liable for damage to any aquarium, aquarium life forms, or any other personal objects due to improper use of the device.

Please contact us or refer to the product warranty sheet for full warranty details.

12 Reviews



Experience Level: Expert

PR156 Orphek

I have owned for over a year now and would not buy again and do not recommend. I have replaced the main led driver on 2 separate fixtures and fear a third is going bad. Also the hanging fixture wires are poorly designed with the plastic tearing causing the fixture to slip of the wire. I crimped a lead fishing weight on the cable to prevent it from falling into the tank.

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Dan from Palo Alto, CA


Experience Level: Intermediate

Good light, some drawbacks

I was a fairly early adopter of T5 lighting, and then of LED lighting. I have tried the Orphek, the Ecoxotic Panorama and the Kessil A150W LED lights. The Orphek appears well built, and arrived undamaged. It is one of the best looking pieces of aquarium equipment that I have ever seen or used - the white version looks great in my kitchen ;-) Even the handing system is modern and sleek. The light seems more than adequately bright (I am an SPS and clam type, so lots of PAR and PUR matters), and the ability to control the blue LED's separately from the white ones is great. On the downside, I have two issues. First, despite the "wide" 120 degree lenses, the light is still very concentrated under the center of the fixture. My tank is only 15" deep (front to back), and yet with the fixture hung maybe 8" over the water there is a very visible brightness difference between the center of the tank and the front and back. I don't like that look at all. Coverage past the ends of the fixture is also limited. In addition, the provided timers are housed in a very large, fan cooled, enclosure. This is inconvenient for me, because I don't really have anywhere to put this extra piece of equipment. If these two concerns don't bother you, then I would happily recommend the Orphek fixture.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

LED Perfection

Orphek has made an excellent replacement for Metal Halides. This unit replaced two 250 watt Halides and four power compact 65 watt actinics. It also replaced a large fan used to cool the water. The corals clearly love the new light and now I don't need to worry about the tank overheating from the halides. Additionally, I've cut over 600 watts off my hourly electric bill. I have the wide version which has 120 degree spread on the lenses. My tank is a standard 75 gallon. The light is hung almost two feet from the water's surface, as per manufacturer's instructions. All the corals get plenty of light, but I only have softies on the tank edges. In order to have SPS corals on the left and right edges, I may need two of these lights or some supplemental lighting. Also, the center brace on the tank leaves a shadow underneath which should probably be supplemented, at least for looks. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. I own reef LED lights from two other companies and this is my favorite. I would definitely recommend one or more Orphek Power Reef LED lights for any reef aquarium.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Very nice design but....

I made my own Cree XRE and XPG fixtures which is expensive to do, and when compared to the Orphek it has its pros and cons.Pros -Sleek design and small footprint. Low noise, low heat. Cons - Actual brightness is less than desired. I have three of these 120 angle Orpheks on a 120 gal (24x24x48) and the coverage is still lacking....this wouldn't be so bad if the price wasn't so high. I bought one from the website and the other 2 direct from orphek which were custom to include 4 UV LEDs. I'm sure there documented PAR levels and wavelengths are good for the corals, but to the human eye the Cree's seemed to POP a bit more. The Blue moon lights are nice but in all actuality they are not needed....not that beneficial. I would order custom to reduce the 4 moonlights to just 2. Overall I'm very happy with the Orpheks.

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Ryan from Raleigh, NC


Experience Level: Intermediate


Had the 72" Marineland pro all in one before getting 3 of these for my 250g and the corals never looked as good as with these on them. Had a problem with one of the lights and Simone over at Orphek had the replacement part out that day with next day shipping so had barely any down time on one side of the tank. If hanging them isn't an option then I recommend AquaticLife hanging kit for these. Only con I can think of is I wish at times it had a little more actinic output instead some stoneys will whiten up with them at least thats what ive seen but either way a must buy for build quailty and unheard of customer service...

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Mark from Indianapolis


Experience Level: Intermediate


I bought the PR156 with reservation that I would stay with my MH setup and not like it very much like the other LED systems I tried already. I had even built a DIY that I gave away after testing. I cannot begin to describe my satisfaction with this one after 6 months. Coloration on a few SPS that were bland got better within 2 weeks and the tank is thriving 6 months later. I am ordering 3 more of the units for my big tank. I cannot wait to get them.

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Liz from Conroe, TX


Experience Level: Expert

Orphek was the answer!

I tried a half dozen other LED units and always returned to my trusty halides until reading in depth about Orphek's fixtures. This is the first LED light that actually offered better coloration and growth than my halides (finally)! I replaced 2x150w halides on a 48x24x24 with one PR-156 fixture (low/medium light corals only). Highly recommended!

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JACK from Cincinnati, OH


Experience Level: Expert

Led lights

I've only had the lights(2-24" units)installed on my reef tank 24x60x30 (180gal) for a week. I replaced 3-250 watt halide & 4-65 watt compacts. You could fry an egg on them. At first I was not sure the light quality was so different which light had the right mix.It was super easy to install, no heat at all. The first day everything in the tank was acting like they didn't like the new light. After going away from the tank for a while, when I came back I noticed that the colors of everything poped, bright greens and blues,etc. Moon lights were of teh hook! I thought the controllers we're easy to program. The only neg is the light goes almost straight down in the tank not the same "coverage" as my other lights. I'll likely add 2 more for a 12x48 total lighting foot print making a $3500 commitment...but worh it, I think...

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Experience Level: Intermediate

24 Inch Orphek 156 Led

I have replaced a 72 inch Metal Halide fixture using 3 x 250W MH's (15,000K) and 2 x 150W MH's (20,000K) with 3 X 24 Inch Orphek 156 Led Light Fixtures. The first thing I noticed was the major temperature decrease with the LED fixtures. Also, a 65% decrease in wattage used. The reef tank is definitely much more brilliant with all lights on. The blue night lights make the reef tank look fantastic with all the corals glowing with bright colors. It is still too early to tell how the corals like the new lighting, but I did notice that they are definitely reacting positively to the new lights. I wish there was a way to synchronize all 3 dual timers to the same time so that all the lights go on and off together.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


This has been one of the best improvements in my reef I've ever made... Soft and hard corals are doing very well. You get very intense colors. Power consumption has decreased and they have a very nice and discrete design.

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