250 Watt 14000K (CWA) Metal Halide Bulb - German Ushio, Mogul Base

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This German-made Ushio 14000K metal halide bulb offers excellent coloration and intensity. Crisp Ice White appearance, full spectrum - the combination of different wavelengths produce different colors in the spectrum and appear to the naked eye as crisp ice white light. Significantly brighter than U.S. made 14000K bulbs. Use alone or add Actinics for a bluer effect. This bulb has a heavy concentration wavelength spike in the 420 and 460nm (nanometer) range with additional concentration spikes in the 380nm, 550nm and 580nm wavelengths. Tested in Germany—simulates natural daylight as in the ocean at depths up to 13 feet. Longer life—TRUE-14000K Metal Halide has an exceptionally high rated life. Very High Color Rendering Index of 95 CRI. Actinic supplementation may be used to create a bluer look. This bulb will work with a magnetic pulse-start ballast, magnetic HQI ballast or electronic ballast. An excellent choice for reef tanks 22"–30" deep. on how the different Kelvin ratings appear and more information on metal halide bulbs.

Common questions/problems concerning metal halide lamps:

  1. Metal halide lamps of the same kind are different colors?
    Metal halide lamps operate by passing an electric arc through an arc tube that excites particles in the arc tube. When the metal particles reach an excited state they emit energy in the form of visible light. It takes 100 hours of operation before the metal particles stabilize and become a consistent color. All metal halides require 100 hours of operation before color and light output stabilize. All metal halides inherently have a slight color variation between individual lamps.
  2. The metal halide lamp fires and then either burns dull or the arc extinguishes?
    Usually the ballast and lamp are not receiving enough power. Metal halides pull a high current. Usually the problem is either there is too great a load on the circuit or the extension cords are of a small wire size and can`t handle the power needed by the ballast. Use only heavy duty extension cords and try running a ballast off a circuit from another part of the house.
  3. Do I need a cover shield between the lamp and the aquarium?
    Metal halide lamps produce a large amount of UV and also have a potential of exploding. The single ended metal halide lamps have an outer jacket which eliminates most of the UV. However, they have an inherent risk of exploding and UL requires metal halide lamps to be enclosed. On double ended lamps there is no UV shield. Double ended lamps must have a glass shield or major eye injuries including blindness may occur.
  4. Can I operate a ballast and lamp together which are designed for different wattages?
    Each wattage lamp and ballast are designed together for optimal performance and safety. If you over drive the lamp it may explode and shorten the life of the ballast and lamps. If you under drive the lamp it will also shorten the life of both components and also may explode. Do not mix different type wattages of lamps and ballasts.
NOTE: The bulb should be handled carefully during installation and replacement.

*Requires Standard Magnetic (probe start) ballasts to work properly.

Ballasts and Power Supplies:

USHIO always recommends ballasts that are UL recognized for safety and adhere to ANSI standards. It is extremely critical to match the proper ANSI coded lamp to the ANSI coded ballast. Failure to do so will cause improper lamp ignition, poor color and spectral performance, and short life. Check that the operating current of the ballast and ignition voltage matches the lamp. This information should be readily available from any reputable ballast manufacturer. Some ballasts intentionally overdrive the current to the lamp in order to push up luminous flux values on initial tests. The drawback to this intentional “overdriving” is a faster lumen depreciation and color shift.

For example: USHIO’s 175W Aqualite™ is a pulse start lamp. Pulse start type lamps may ignite and work just fine on a probe start ballast for a few months; however, as the lamp ages, the electrodes erode and higher voltage is needed to start the lamp. The open circuit voltage provided by probe start ballasts is not sufficient to ignite a pulse start lamp. Pulse start lamps like our 175W Aqualite™ always require an ignitor to keep the lamp starting throughout its life cycle.

Watts Base Type ANSI Code Ballast Type
75 DE M85/E HQI
150 DE M81/E HQI
250 DE M80/E HQI
175 SE M137/M152 Pulse
250 CWA SE M58 Probe
400 SE M135/M155 Pulse
400 CWA SE M59 Probe

Bulb Replacement Guide
Bulb Types Life of Bulb*
Normal Output Fluorescent 6-12 months
Very High Output (VHO) 6-12 months
Power Compact (PC) 9-12 months
T5 High Output (T5HO) 9-18 months
Metal Halide 9-12 months
LED (non-moonlight) ~5 years (50,000 hours)
* Manufacturer Recommendations

**Please Note** Pulse start type lamps may ignite and work just fine on a probe start ballast for a few months; however, as the lamp ages, the electrodes erode and higher voltage is needed to start the lamp. The open circuit voltage provided by probe start ballasts is not sufficient to ignite a pulse start lamp.


Requires Standard Magnetic (probe start) ballasts to work properly.

Product Manuals & Documentation

250 Watt 14000K (CWA) Metal Halide Bulb - German Ushio, Mogul Base

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Since the North American operations began in 1967, it has been USHIO America, Inc.`s charter to provide customers with unrivaled customer service. With over 4,000 products in their portfolio, from unique specialty light sources for critically important and demanding applications, to general illumination lamps for architectural and task lighting, USHIO has earned worldwide respect as a company that delivers on its promise to meet the world`s lighting needs.



Experience Level: Intermediate

250w 1400K Halide Bulb

Nice, bright light. Beautiful shimmer off of the surface of the water. Would rate higher but i need to see how long the quality of the light lasts

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Bulb

I read the other reviews before I bought. Love these bulbs. Only a week old and increased coral growth is noticeable. They are warmer looking but brighter by at least 20%. I have 4 other 59w T5 tubes in actinic and in 460nm blue in a 90g high tank. True German quality bulb.

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Experience Level: Expert

A Little Yellow

I was very disappointed in the color of these bulbs. I have tried several 14K bulbs over the years with mixed results. When I installed these bulbs I immediately noticed how yellow they were. I even double checked the box to ensure they had shipped the correct bulb. The upside to these bulbs is the growth rate. I have had them installed 3 months and had unprecedented coral growth. Bulb color is subjective; to each his own. As for me, I probably won't buy these again, and may change them early because of the color.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great color!

This bulb has just the right color, cool sparkling white. Very long lasting, with very little color shift. Can hardly tell new bulbs from the old ones, side by side.

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Experience Level: Expert

love them

love em bought 2 for my 90g great coloration of my corals. dont even need actinics. my corals are extending farther than ever. i would recommend them over and over again

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