250 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Iwasaki, Double Ended

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  • 10,000K to 50,000K range of high color temperatures with an excellent spectral balance of Iwasaki chemistry developed for aquarium lighting
  • Up to 96 CRI insures that indoor nature scapes look as beautiful as if they were outdoors.
  • Reliable long life & stable color are achieved through EYE/Iwasaki`s unique Metal Halide technology and commitment to quality.
  • All lamps are operated & inspected before leaving the factory, maximizing performance and reliability.
  • Aquariums
  • Coral growth
  • Fountain lighting
  • Waterscapes
  • Terrariums
  • Pools
  • Plant growth

Bulb Replacement Guide
Bulb Types Life of Bulb*
Normal Output Fluorescent 6-12 months
Very High Output (VHO) 6-12 months
Power Compact (PC) 9-12 months
T5 High Output (T5HO) 9-18 months
Metal Halide 9-12 months
LED (non-moonlight) ~5 years (50,000 hours)
* Manufacturer Recommendations

Manufacturer Info

Iwasaki Electric, Ltd
Iwasaki Electric, Ltd is a Global Lighting Conglomerate, founded in 1944 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Iwasaki, a publicly traded company, is keenly focused on high-tech manufacturing and their marketing operation worldwide as it continues into the 7th decade of commercializing our global business.

EYE Lighting International of North America, Inc. is a 105,000+ sq ft HID Light Source manufacturing & distribution facility near Cleveland, Ohio serving the Commercial & Industrial, OEM, Utility, Retail, Solar manufacturing and Automotive business in the North, Central & South American markets.



Experience Level: Intermediate


Awesome bulbs for reef tanks. Gives great colors and sunlight effect in tank. I have a deep tank and these bulbs provide enough light for even the lowest corals.One of the two shipped had the ceramic end loose on it but customer shipped a new one out that day to replace it.I have been using this bulb for over 2 years now and will stay the Iwasaki brand.

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TJ from Old Orchard Beach, ME UNITED S


Experience Level: Intermediate

Bright but...

I got 2 of the 250w 14Ks to run on Lumatek dimmable ballasts. I was hoping for the suggested white with a hint of blue, when run at 250w they are extremely yellow (HQI setting is worse). I will say they are VERY VERY bright but no where near 14k, more like a 10k or LESS. If I run them at 175w they have more of the white with a hint of blue but you loose a LOT of brightness. If your planning to run a lot of blue supplements then this would be a great bulb but my goal was to run without supplements.

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Experience Level: Expert

Great product

I have always used in the past the Coralife 10,000K. These Iwasaki 250 W 14,000 k are perfect. They are very clear. No yellow on them. It is a more vibrant look than the 10,000K I like them amd the corals love them.

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Reefer for life from


Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Color

After reading reviews from other customers who tried these bulbs in their aquariums, I decided to try them out for myself. I am very please with them. They are a nice white with enough blue to look natural. Color was one of the most impotrant aspects to me as my tank is a major focal point in my home. I had previously tried Hamliton 14k and they were far to blue for my liking. As long as they have a acceptable life span I would buy them again.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Excellent bulb

This bulb surprised me with its brightness. I've ran XM 15k, Phoenix 14k (also a great bulb, if you want more blue), Icecap 14k, and Ushio 20k (too dim), and the Iwasaki 14k is by far the brightest and whitest. It is what you would expect from a quality 10k bulb, pure, crisp white light with very little blue and no yellow. This bulb looks great with my 96w actinic pc light. The craftsmanship of this bulb is excellent as well. If you want a shallow reef, natural sunlight look in your tank with fast growth then buy this bulb. I highly recommend it.

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Experience Level: Expert


Really expensive... but really worth it. I won't know the longevity of the bulb for awhile (I hope), but so far so great! I'm actually going to buy another one to balance my reef.

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Fedcopmike from CT UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

Beautiful Bulb

Took two days for full coloration, but it was worth it. The lighting is just slightly blue to give my corals a real nice radiance.

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