AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe Live Aquacultured Copepods - 8 oz.

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AlgaGen LLC

ReefPodsTM are the only truly tropical live copepod culture available on the market today.

ReefPods™ Tisbe the most popular aquarium Pod -they consumes your aquarium’s wastes and detritus, reproduce well, and are food for a multitude of reef inhabitants!

Small harpacticoid copepod

Adult Length 0.7 – 1.0 mm

ReefPods™ Tisbe is a live culture of the harpacticoid copepod Tisbe biminiensis. Tisbe adult copepods live on bottom substrate such as live rock or sand and will eat detritus and microalage in the aquarium. They produce a small nauplii which is an excellent food for aquarium filter feeders and fish larvae. The adults are eaten by small bottom feeding fish such as gobies, dragonettes and blennies.

ReefPods™ Tisbe may be used as a starter culture to add to marine aquarium refugiums or the main tank. Once established they will reproduce quickly, growing from nauplii to adults in about nine days. They will thrive in a wide range of aquarium temperatures and a wide range of salinities. It is suggested they be added to the aquarium at night or to the refugium to avoid immediate fish predation.

ReefPods™ Tisbe may be cultured separately in a small tank by feeding PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend™. The nauplii are 55-140 micrometers wide, making them suitable for many fish larvae. Adults may be harvested for feeding juvenile seahorses and other small fish.

Reef Pods™ are the only truly tropical live copepod cultures available on the market today. It opens an exciting new area of feeding possibilities for the experimental marine aquarist. Look for many new species of copepod cultures to be available from the culture professionals at AlgaGen.

Biology of Tisbe biminiensis

  • Small harpacticoid copepod
  • Lives on surfaces and swims in water column
  • Life stages: Egg (1), Nauplii (6), Copepodid (5), Adult (1)
  • Reproduction: sexual
  • Eggs are deposited in an egg sac attached to female genital segment
  • 10-70 eggs per egg sac
  • Nauplii width: 55-140 m wide
  • Adult length:0.70 -1.0 mm
  • Nauplii to egg producing age: 9-12 days
  • Life span: 15-20 days
  • Stocking densities: 0.25-1.5/mL
  • Stock into refugium for tank hygiene control and for background live feeds
  • Culture preferences
    • Lite to medium aeration
    • Temp 22-30C
    • Salinity 20-35ppt
    • Feed PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend™
Aquarium Applications
Tisbe is an excellent all purpose aquarium copepod owing to its role in the natural environment as a detritivore. An opportunist feeder, Tisbe can be used as a tank cleaner consuming uneaten food and wastes as well as phytoplankton in the tank and refugium. Tisbe is capable of producing many eggs during its adult life span that hatch into nauplii which will enter the water column as food for your filter feeding reef inhabitants and replenish the adult population vital to tank hygiene. Tisbe adults and juveniles may also enter the water column and be tasty and nutritious treats for your reef fish!

Culturing tips
Tisbe can be cultured in containers as small as one gallon. Tisbe are tolerant to a wide range of water quality, which requires culture containers to be cleaned no more than once per week when the copepods are not overfed. Tisbe can be cultured continuously for months in an ecologically established low-density culture similar to an aquarium refugium when small amounts of live microalgae are added periodically. When high densities and maximum egg production are desired, live microalgae should be fed at a rate sufficient to be “cleared” within 18-24 hours.

Acclimation upon receipt
Upon receipt of your Tisbe starter culture, open the bottle and smell the culture water. It will be normal to smell a sweet salt smell or even a slightly earthy smell. It will not be normal to smell rotten eggs. Do not use your copepods if a rotten odor is detected. Tisbe tolerates a wide range of temperatures and salinities and doesn’t usually require water-parameter acclimation. Healthy Tisbe can be added directly to the main aquarium, sump, refugium or culture containers.

* Please note: AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe live Aquacultured Copepods ship via 2 day service. Orders must be received before 11am EST on Wednesdays to ship the same week, or they will ship the following Monday.


Manufacturer Info

AlgaGen LLC
AlgaGen was formed in 2002 with the goal of deriving products from plankton to benefit human and animal health. Early on, our passion for the aquarium hobby led us to ascertain that there was a need in aquaculture and marine ornamental market for a consistent supply of high quality live plankton cultures for breeding and feeding efforts. We decided to step up to the plate.

We are a small company comprised of only 8 people. We are just the right mix of academic and commercial experiences with a real understanding of how important quality is with regards to this stage of the food chain. We have an experience set that spans greater than 30 years producing phytoplankton and zooplankton for hatcheries, scientific institutions and public aquariums where quality and attention to detail is critical.

AlgaGen is a world leader in the production of copepods and phytoplankton. Our products have been utilized in countless novel species development projects such as leafy sea dragons, lookdowns, sea horses, palometa, mandarins, angels, tangs, snook, tuna, cod, sturgeon in addition to various coral and jellyfish propagation projects.

We Practice Sustainability! We grow products that are not only good for your marine life, they are good for the environment! Microalgae consumes carbon dioxide (CO2) and in turn produces oxygen (O2). We recycle! The phytoplankton we culture feeds the copepods and the wastewater from the copepods feed other production systems. It is considerably more cost effective to grow PhytoPlankton and CopePods than it is to harvest them from the wild. We use less fossil fuels to grow plankton than are used to run a boat…. less pollution too!

Our Products are Safe for your System! AlgaGen products are safer to use than wild harvested - no pathogenic bacteria, no parasitic organisms, no related fish diseases. We maintain strict protocols to insure our products are free of pathogens and we test them on a continual basis. When you use an AlgaGen product, you are getting a product with uncompromised quality and value, produced in a controlled laboratory setting.

36 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

Be Patient

Make sure you have an established refugium and allow 2 weeks. One morning you will wake up and see an overwhelming number of pods in your display tank.

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Experience Level: Expert


I have a pod explosion in my tank...I put (2) 16 oz. bottles in my 6-week old 230 gal. mixed reef tank a couple of weeks ago. Walls of tank are covered with pods...and my new pyramid butterfly is eating them up! Corals very happy! Too cool.

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Pods everywhere

I purchased the Tisbe pods at a fish show direct from the manufacturer. I add them to my sump/fuge and two weeks later I have pods all over the sump and my tank glass. Before adding them I had almost none since I started with dry rock. Great product.

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Experience Level: Beginner

AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe Live Aq

Not sure if they arrived alive or dead? The package was pretty warm on delivery and the ice pack was melted and warm in the Styrofoam box. the contents in the bottle was clear, and I could not see anything in the bottle that would resemble anything alive. And I cannot see anything in the sand or the refugium that would indicate any micro ecosystem thriving. It would be nice to know if I had done any good to my system. I have to give it a low rating just because I can't tell if the Copepods were alive, the package should not have been so warm when it got here.

5 out of 12 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Reef Pods Work!

I love this product, after pouring into my tank a couple of Reefpods I am now seeing great growth of copepods in my reeftank! My dragonets are fat and happy and that makes me happy!

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Experience Level: Expert

Quality and Quantity

I purchased this product as a starter culture of tisbe pods for my ocean box. I want a dragonett but with research, it was out of the question unless I started raising tisbe pods. So this is what I have done. The tisbe pods came in a clear 8oz bottle, not the bag as shown. There was a clear sign of life as I could see numerous pods swimming about, not a shit ton of them but a good amount to me. I started the culture by feeding the pods live phytoplankton which I purchased from a reliable seller on eBay. After the first 3 days with food and air circulation, I've noticed that there are a few hundred pods swimming about with LOTS of females swimming with egg sacks. I am quite pleased with the quality of these pods and how many I received in 8oz of water.

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Experience Level: Expert

clean product

You can find pods for sale anywhere but these are species specific and clean. Meaning they are not raised in buckets with other species and protozoas and bacterias that you dont want in your tank. Expensive? Not for a safe clean product for your tank.

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CYE from SF, CA


Experience Level: Intermediate

Seems like more water than pod

I love algagen's tisbe reefpods, however the bottle i received was mostly water as I've look at it. I ordered the 8oz and I barely saw 10 pods in, maybe the others are still eggs but what are the chances of them hatching with the water flow and other critters in the tank I bet they wont last that long to hatch. I wish they would revert to their old container with greenish water---just like the one pictured here, it had more pods(around 20-30 mature ones) than this recent one. Overall, the price i paid for this item wasn't worth it, but love how it was packaged though.

5 out of 7 found this review helpful

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Shelley Smith from Casper, WY UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe Live

There were hardly any actual Tisbe in the culture. I have ordered them from other sources and knew what I was looking for. They just were not there. :( Tisbe in themselves are a great copepod for all marine fish. My Mandarin Dragonet especially loves them. Shelley

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Experience Level: Intermediate

AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe Live Aq

I created the environment for the pods and I have not seen any new changes in the my pod tank.Unlikely I did anything different and pretty dissatisfied.I was tempted to give it one more go but decided against it since I have amphipods growing like mad in my foam sponge in the rear of my nano tank.overall dissatisfied

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

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