American Marine Pinpoint Oxygen Monitor

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This item has been discontinued.

American Marine Pinpoint Monitors

American Marine PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor

PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor™ will quickly and accurately display a digital readout for dissolved oxygen in either % oxygen or ppm saturation.  The measurement range is 00.0-20.0 ppm.  The probe is a high performance polarographic type, which uses pre-loaded silicon membrane caps and electrolyte fluid.  This is the #1 preferred oxygen monitor in the aquaculture industry. The PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor™ is an extremely good value, considering its high precision and ruggedness.  The PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor™ comes complete with Membrane caps and electrolyte fluid, probe with 5-foot cable and meter. Extra Membrane Cap/Fluid kits are available, and the 4-meter probe extension cord is an optional accessory. The commercial aquaculture market purchases a significant number of these units on a very regular basis.

  • Given proper care, the PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor™ should last a lifetime.
  • Competes with meters in the $700 range.
  • Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (not included).
  • Optional AC Adaptor Kit
  • 2 year manufacturer`s warranty

Product Manuals & Documentation

American Marine Pinpoint Oxygen Monitor

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

American Marine Pinpoint Aquarium Supplies
American Marine was founded in 1989 by a devoted aquaculturist who was passionate about quality and precision. Back in the late 80s, critical water quality parameters were mostly tested with colorimetric test kits. Some digital instruments were borrowed from university or laboratory sources with mixed results but always a high price tag. Expensive European aquarium equipment was always a disappointment when it finally arrived. Inexpensive "pens" gave no better results than color test kits and prematurely failed even when testing for approximate readings.

Using the most current technology and design, American Marine introduced Pinpoint Monitors, which have become the most respected line of digital instruments in the aquaculture business. American Marine was the first to introduce a 2-year warranty on each and every monitor. For every purpose, from a goldfish bowl to a salmon hatchery, Pinpoint Monitors are called into duty every day because of their rugged design, precise readings and reasonable cost. American Marine has sold Pinpoint Monitors on every continent. Each monitor is powered by a standard 9 volt battery that is available worldwide.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Pinpoint monitors

I got this because dissolved oxygen levels are said to especially critical for seahorses-I have 4 and 2 pipefish in one of my tanks. My aquarium maintenace guy helped me to get the machine up and running. Once you get it going it is easy to use. Happily my levels on my seahorse tank were exactly within the recommended range. I plan to use the monitor when I start to culture copepods which are also said to be oxygen sensitive. My aquarium maintenace guy (he cleans and does water exchanges) is very impressed with the Pinpoint oxygen, pH and salinity monitors I bought.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

i wanted more

American Marine PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor works fine, the thing that is lacking is in the instructions; they don't tell the user what the reading means or even in what units the reading is describing the oxygen level ... it does say what the reading is for the atmosphere is in general but this is supposed to be for marine aquariums ...

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Experience Level: Beginner

Decent price, easy enough.

Simple and not difficult to use, what more can you ask for? Wish you didn't have to go through the calibration process every time you test.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

orp meter

It has worked fine for the past month. I would recommend finding a screw type plug rather then push on. The push on was hard to line up, I was always in fear I would damage it.

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