AquaC Collection Cup w/ Drain for Remora/Urchin

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Replacement Colletion Cup w/ Drain for AquaC Remora/Urchin Skimmer.

Please note the replacment collection cup w/ drain will only fit the AquaC Remora/Urchin skimmers that have the drain fitting modification.

Manufacturer Info

AquaC Aquarium Supplies
AquaC was founded in 1998 as a small one-man operation in San Diego, California. The company has since grown to become one of the leading protein skimmer manufacturers in the United States and sells thousands of units globally every year. AquaC`s 5,000 square foot production facility in San Diego sets the standard in technology for acrylic fabrication. They use precision CNC machined parts and advanced thermoforming techniques to build products of unmatched quality and value. The company`s focus has remained the same after more than a decade in business: to provide high-quality products and top-notch customer service to customers with each and every transaction.


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Finishing Touches

I purchased this collection cup to replace my original purchased in 2004. The original was dropped and the bottom "square" broke. I would like to first state that I was very impressed with the quality of the original. The quality of the replacement had sharp edges in the tube near the bottom of the cup that had to be filed down. The cover design is noticeable different. I'm not sure about the recessed top design yet but the plastic it is constructed of reminds me of a fast food style beverage cup.

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Yes they need replacing

If you keep it in a poorly ventalated hot/warm area. The replace ment fit perfect just make sure you know if you have the pro or not the clips are different sizes.

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SaltWater Enthusiast from DELMAR, MD UNITED STATES


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Aqua C Remora Cup

The replacement cup is comparable to the original, but the lid is much thinner and my not last as long. I replaced my cup with drain for a non-drain cup and so far it is working well.

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K.Nelson from


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It's a replacement piece...

Seems strange to review a replacement piece because it's not like I have a choice in buying it! The original cup ended up with a bunch of cracks around where the tube joins the box after 18 months. Not really impressed there, but it's out of warranty so what can I do? The replacement piece is noticeably "cheaper" than the original. Don't know how to describe it, but the acrylic just isn't the same quality as my first one. Maybe it's not even acrylic? Not sure. The top is really thin plastic and not acrylic. But maybe that's a good thing since the original warped after only a few weeks next to CF lights. I guess the thing that earned it only 3 stars was that the tube coming up into the collection cup is obviously crooked... slanting off to the right. Noticeably. It's not going to effect the operation or efficiency of the skimmer, but it just looks bad. I'd expect better with what you pay for a plastic box. You'd think AquaC could at least invest in a manufacturing jig so the things could be glued in straight. Hmmmph.

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Works with the Nano Remora!

Its a replacement part, so I knew what to expect. Has a different lid than the original, this one is recessed in the top, which is a good idea to prevent leaking, but this means that it is made of thinner material, hope it lasts. The old lid was thick and would warp, so anything is an improvement over that. Otherwise it is the same as the original.

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