AquaC Remora Hang-On Protein Skimmer w/ Drain Fitting & Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 Powerhead/Pump

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The revolutionary AquaC protein skimmers do not use venturis, downdraft tubes, or air pumps; they employ the patented "Spray Injection System." This innovation allows the protein skimmer to efficiently draw in much more air than any other of the top protein skimmers. This coupled with the superiorly designed compact reaction chamber yields results that will literally blow the waste out of your water.

How does Spray Injection Work?

In 1998, Jason Kim (owner and founder of AquaC) developed a patented process of protein skimming which has come to be known as Spray Injection. Unlike previous forms of skimming, our spray injection method enables huge amounts of air and water to be processed with a relatively small pump. Although it is a simple process, there is still some confusion as to how the spray injector works.

Imagine that you`re washing your car – you`ve got a bucket full of soapy water and a garden hose with a fast-moving stream of water. By placing your thumb over the end of the hose, you can disrupt the stream into a turbulent, high –pressure spray. Now direct that spray down into the bucket of water, and you`ll generate a massive amount of bubbles and air flow. That is exactly how our spray injector works.

The skimmer body acts as a water reservoir – the bucket in the example above. Water is pumped through the spray injector, which has a special nozzle that fans the water out into a pressurized spray. This spray shoots into the skimmer body, generating millions of tiny air bubbles. As the bubbles are formed, more air is sucked into the skimmer as a result of the local drop in pressure and the process continues.

Most other forms of protein skimming rely on special valves or media to generate the air flow, and these parts quickly become clogged with salt, dust, or even mineral deposits. The AquaC spray injector is a relatively large nozzle that resists clogging, and when combined with a pump prefilter, can be considered maintenance free.

"For its compact size and simple design, The AquaC protein skimmer is able to process a large volume of water and efficiently remove organic pollutants. I`m very happy with it!"
Fernando Nosratpour, Senior Aquarist
Birch Aquarium at Scripps

The AquaC Remora Series is the first hang-on protein skimmer under $250 to be able to generate a dry consistency of foam that previously only an in-sump "super-skimmer" is capable of.


  • The Remora is built from translucent gray acrylic to inhibit the growth of algae and marine organisms.
  • The skimmer can be ordered with a collection drain fitting (optional).
  • The two screws at the base of the skimmer are used to adjust the Remora so that it is level with the back of the tank.
  • Tank Size (Gallons): 20-75
  • Dimensions: 19" tall x 6" wide x 2-3/4" deep
  • Minimum tank opening 5-1/4" x 1-1/2"
  • Minimum tank height 12-1/2"
  • Minimum space behind tank 2-3/4"
  • Maximum tank lip 1-3/8" wide
  • Vertical clearance above tank 10-1/2"
  • Includes nylon cleaning brush

Features and Benefits of the Maxi Jet 1200 Pro:
  • Venturi – Silent, fully adjustable aeration.
  • Rotational Output – Directs water flow to needed areas of the tank.
  • Impeller – Maximizes water flow.
  • Adaptable Intake – Allows the power head to be used with undergravel filters.
  • Omni-Directional Mount – Adjusts the pump to fit the proper current needs inside the tank.
  • Propeller –Maximizes the water flow.
  • Propeller Cage – Protects the propeller and tank inhabitants while minimizing flow restriction.
  • Flow Rate: 295/1300 GPH

Product Manuals & Documentation

AquaC Remora Hang-On Protein Skimmer w/ Drain Fitting & Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 Powerhead/Pump

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

AquaC Aquarium Supplies
AquaC was founded in 1998 as a small one-man operation in San Diego, California. The company has since grown to become one of the leading protein skimmer manufacturers in the United States and sells thousands of units globally every year. AquaC`s 5,000 square foot production facility in San Diego sets the standard in technology for acrylic fabrication. They use precision CNC machined parts and advanced thermoforming techniques to build products of unmatched quality and value. The company`s focus has remained the same after more than a decade in business: to provide high-quality products and top-notch customer service to customers with each and every transaction.


Manufacturers Warranty (Skimmer): 90 days from date of purchase

Manufacturers Warranty (Pump): 2 year manufacturer warranty

93 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

Clunky Eyesore

The pump hangs in the tank and is pretty big. The skimmer box option is even more intrusive. I returned it and found another make that is just as slim with the pump on the back side.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Great skimmer

works right out of the box.It's a little nosy works great love it so far.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

aqua remora hang on skimmer

I am cycling a new tank so I haven't really used the skimmer. I hooked it up to make sure it worked, and it was working the way it should. But what I can tell you is that it is runs quiet, and appears to be made solid with good fittings. As far as skimming I don't know yet but I expect it will fine. Based on my experience and from reviews I would definitely get one.

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Experience Level: Expert

Great skimmer

I love this skimmer... period. Simple as it gets and produces great amounts of skimmate. upgrade from the stock pump and this thing cranks. I currently run this skimmer on my 150g with upgraded pump and its amazing. Had no problem with noise or break in like some people say. Owned it for about 2 years now worst thing that's happened is the O-ring around the cup dry rotted and needed to be replaced. Highly recommend , great product.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great HOB

My unit works fine. I am using the 1200 Maxi-Jet pump.After 3 weeks the skimmer settled in to my my system, nano 30gal. Very dry skimmate now and very little tank water is being removed-fairly dark. Upon first use I was dumping a lot of tank water no matter how high I adjusted the cup. My unit runs fairly quiet with no micro bubbles- I also use the optional surface skimmer with it.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I only give it a 4 out 5 rating simply because I just installed it on 7/1/2013. Two days after installing it started pulling pollutants out of the water. I also bought and installed the pre-filter box in which I put a small bag of ChemiPure Elite in. The skimmer comes pretty much ready to go, hook up the pump, hang the unit on the aquarium, plug it in and you are up and running. Very quiet. Not obtrusive to look at, clean looking. I researched several protein skimmers before selecting this one and I purchased this one primarily because of all the positive reveiws.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Aqua C works!

I do not have a lot of experience with protien skimmers. That being said I'm very glad I purchased this skimmer. It seems to be a very "set it and forget it" kind of skimmer. It took about one day to break in(I rinsed it in warm water prior to installation) and it also quieted down a lot. It's no louder than my Ecoray 60 light now! I've heard people say this skimmer does not work but they are most likely using it incorrectly. Very user friendly and easy to use with great quality. I would absolutely recommend this skimmer to anyone, especially a beginner like myself.

3 out of 3 found this review helpful

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ROD G from Fort Collins, CO UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

Very effective little skimmer

Having kept fish only and reef tanks since 1986, my opinion is simply that when it comes to a hang on the back skimmers, Remora tops them all in performance. Always abit noisey during the breakin period, but they quiet down after a few days of running, the external mounting provides added room in my sump and the skimmer does a fine job of producing a heavy, dark skimmate when properly adjusted. As this Remora is being run as supplimental filtration on a 70 gallon frag tank, it handles the bioload without a problem.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

AquaC remora

Very Happy with my new skimmer. Based on other reviews before purchase I was a little concerned about noise, break in period etc. At start up noise level acceptable. Now on fourth day noise has diminished to a quiet purr. MUCH lower than I had anticipated. Excited to say already producing a nice foam. Great product for price.

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Experience Level: Expert

dr drake remoray

its a great unit, pumps tons of water at a high volume. The water quality is noticibly better after even the first day or two. The downside of this unit is that its loud - much louder than the cheezy protene skimmer I had picked up at Petsmart; but I guess it goes to show that even the best isnt perfect. I would buy one if you dont have one, just turn on some music to drown out the vibration noises coming from behind your tank!

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