AquaEuroUSA 34 gallon Complete HQI Metal Halide Reef Aquarium System w/ Stand

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Aqua Euro USA

Ideal saltwater or reef aquarium. Perfect for home or office. Totally complete HQI metal halide reef system.

Powerful Lighting System:

  • HQI Metal Halide 150W 14000K
  • Produces an intense high PAR value light that closely imitates natural sunlight
  • Emits a full spectrum brilliant white light with sparking vibrant actinic blue rays
  • Promotes the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones & corals
  • Enhances the natural vibrant fluoresecent in fish, coral and marine life
  • 6 blue LED moonlights for nocturnal viewing
  • Programmable, digital, heavy duty light cycle timer
  • Automated internal cooling fan with "Intelligent" temperature control
5-Stage Filtration System
  • Filter sponge, bio-balls, UV sterilizer, venturi protein skimmer, denitrator
Attractive Stylish Design
  • Quality seamless curved glass for optimum viewing
  • Superior craftsmanship, smooth precision finish
Easy to Operate
  • Convenient feeding access
  • Two high performance water pumps
  • Easy access to filtration area
  • Heater included

Manufacturer Info

AquaEuroUSA is dedicated to offering only the finest quality aquarium products on the market. They offer a full line of quiet and reliable chillers, well-constructed protein skimmers, calcium reactors, exquisite aquarium systems, submersible pumps with flow control, cool magnetic drive pumps, titanium heaters and an assortment of other high-quality, low-cost aquarium products.



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Excellent Tank

The best nano tank in the market! It's tall, quiet and comes with everything you need, and it's got a nice strong metal halide. This tank, you will definitely need a chiller.

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