AquaEuroUSA Nano Protein Skimmer 1 w/ Needle Wheel Pump

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This item has been discontinued.

Aqua Euro USA

AquaEuroUSA Protein Skimmer

AquaEuroUSA's Protein Skimmers are highly favored among aquarists due their Superior Craftmanship, Body Design, Performance and Affordability.

  • Superior Craftmanship
  • High Grade Acrylic Construction
  • High Quality Needle Wheel Pumps
  • Highly Efficient, Durable, Reliable
  • Simple to Set Up and Operate
  • Size: 5" x 3" x 11"
  • Best for Open Top Nano Tanks up to 24 Gallons
  • Easy Water Height Adjustment
  • Includes Needle Wheel Pump
  • 2" Diameter Chamber
  • Low Noise Design

Manufacturer Info

AquaEuroUSA is dedicated to offering only the finest quality aquarium products on the market. They offer a full line of quiet and reliable chillers, well-constructed protein skimmers, calcium reactors, exquisite aquarium systems, submersible pumps with flow control, cool magnetic drive pumps, titanium heaters and an assortment of other high-quality, low-cost aquarium products.

Hal Brodsky from WOODBURY, NY


Experience Level: Intermediate

Nice Little Skimmer

For the money, this skimmer will just about do what its advertised to do. Keep in mind that contact time is important. This skimmer is very short which means a lot less time for the bubbles to make contact w/the water. (a skimmer should be a min. 28-36 in. tall, the taller the better, regardless of tank size). This skimmer's diameter is good for small tanks. Design aside, mine took a couple of weeks to occasionally produce foam and still only produces a light yellow liquid (my 24 gal. tank has a low bio-load a a ton of live rock). Keep the water level near the bottom of the collection cup because splashing will fill it too quickly from the popping bubbles. It's not loud either. This skimmer is not high performance but it's better than nothing at all. If you can afford it hold out for a larger unit.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Good, nasty foam

My first protein skimmer ever-I had to contact marine depot's reef squad to figure out how to set it correctly. The instructions are basically crap, but the reef squad helped out a ton. I have this running on a 10g FOWLR w/2 fish and a handful of hermit crabs, it has provided me with a TON of really nasty foam without too much water. It honestly does a really good job now that it is set correctly. It had quite a lot of noise coming out of the airline, enough that I could hear it over the TV... we lengthened the airtube and hid it in the cabinet the tank is on and now there is no noise. I did not realize when I ordered it that there was an outlet in the collection cup to run a line to an external collector. That will be really useful when we go on vacation!

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