AquaIllumination The New Controller for Nano / Sol / Vega / Hydra LED Fixtures

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AI (AquaIllumination)

With a vivid color display and built-in wireless control capability (wireless adapter required for AI Sol and AI Nano for wireless control, sold separately), The AquaIllumination The New Controller is sure to make managing your lighting very colorful.

*Compatible with AI SOL, AI Nano and AI Vega.

  • Proprietary Wireless Control (wireless adapter required for AI Sol and AI Nano for wireless control, sold separately)
  • Intuitive
  • Lunar Cycle
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Coral Acclimation
  • Sweeping Clouds & Lightning
  • Up to 30 Timers
  • 6-Key Touch Sensitive Controls
  • Increased Menu Options
  • Energy Saver screen mode
  • Includes USB power adapter
Wireless Control
Connect wirelessly to your Vega, or with the Wireless Adapter (sold separately) on your Sol or Nano, and control your lighting with the ultimate freedom!

Wired Control
Connect to your existing Sol or Nano with the included data cable, and breath new life into your tank.

Simply Intuitive
With a new color display, touch-sensitive controls and an easy-to-use interface, our new controller is simply a joy. With the option of our Easy Setup or Manual Setup, you can control your timers with as much precision as you desire. With a setup so Easy, simply enter sunrise, sunset, intensity and ramp time and get a full-featured photoperiodic cycle.

Weather Effects
Weather effects create sweeping cloud cover which travels across your light fixtures, add lightning to the mix for the ultimate in realistic weather effects.

Lunar Cycle
Automated Lunar Cycle mode simulates the moon`s phases throughout the month.

Coral Acclimation
Protect your livestock with our first-to-market innovative coral acclimation mode. Gently ramp your intensities automatically on your schedule.

Stay Up-to-Date
We`re constantly improving the user experience with easy-to-implement firmware updates.

Product Manuals & Documentation

AquaIllumination The New Controller for Nano / Sol / Vega / Hydra LED Fixtures

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Founded in 2007, C2 Development, Inc. (AI Life Illuminated) is the leader in high performance, high efficiency reef aquarium lighting systems. We are constantly pushing the limits of illumination technology.

11 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

Much better than the first

Even though I'm using the Director now, this is much better than the knob controller AI had before it. The buttons are a little touchy, but the color screen and options are much better. I will be keeping it as a backup to my Director.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Bad out of the box.

I plugged it in and....nothing. I really expected more for the price they're charging for LEDs. I was going to sell my halides but if the quality of the controller is indicative of the quality of their LEDs, I can't risk it.

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Dave Evans from Lanesboro, MA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

Good Companion to the Hydra 52

The controller arrived before my Hydra 52 lights, so had to wait a couple days to try it out, but it is excellent. Relatively easy to use and gives complete control over the individual intensities of each color LED. You can add multiple daily 'rainstorms' which cause the lights to dim, and have 'Lightening' if you wish (which is a little disconcerting!). The manual is only available on line, and has not yet been updated for the Hydra lights -- but it interfaces in the same as for the Vega lights. There are a few places where the manual is not quite correct, but become readily obvious as you play with the unit. For example, it refers to setting Key Sensitivity, but there no longer is a menu setting for Key Sensitivity, and that would be handy -- it takes a very firm push for the controller to register your selection. Also, the sunrise/sunset ramp up/down START at the time you specify for sunrise/sunset, not end there. The intensity that you set for nighttime is the full moon value, and gradually diminishes as the moon wanes. BTW, I had a question which I sent to the AI tech support people and it was answered promptly and completely. Great tech support. The only real negative was the power supply for the controller, it's one of those little USB supplies that's made in China. It failed within 5 minutes of initially plugging it in. AI promptly sent a replacement.

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Experience Level: Beginner

New Controller

I love this new controller with my sol blue

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Experience Level: Expert

new aquailluminator controller

I only gave it a 4.5 for the following reasons. The instructions are not readable even with a magnifying glass. The download is equally as small unless you are computer literate and know how to enlarge and transfer to more than one page, controller does not retain settings if power outage. The controller has not been programed yet, but review of the product shows it to be well made, capable to provide control as advertised, and is a great unit for the cost. Even with the controllers comments, the controller with the lighting system is still the tops on the market and priced very low. I would recommend to others and would definitely purchase again for future lighting systems.

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Experience Level: Expert

Awesome product

This light and controller has met all my needs and requirements! It's really good quality

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Don from Jacksonville, FL UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

nice controller!

This controller takes some time to get use to. I never had the old AI controller so i cant compare them to each other. All i can say is the controller is 100% custom! you can have the lights dark blue to bright white. It has luner lights that are nice also thunder storms/clouds. There are alot of custom options you can do with this thing! 5 stars from me!!!

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Experience Level: Beginner

The new ai controller

The product is great. Had it up and running without directions(not included) or having to use YouTube. Extremely customizable and storm functions are great if you have multiple units. Love it

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Experience Level: Intermediate

AI New Controller…

First off, this controller is far more better looking than the previous one. It works much better, has a color lcd screen which displays date & time, percentage of light output being utilized, wireless reception signal bar. This control also has touch sensitive controls. control has 30 adjustable timers, manual mode, regional settings, weather settings,acclimation coral mode which reduces light output by 1%-100% depending on user. I have used it for 50% output for 1 month. this control is (wireless) meaning it can communicate with the vegas without wires, but it has to be connected to a usb or power outlet in order for control to function, like previous review, there is no battery in controller, reason for giving it 4 stars. I have accidentally unplugged unit from power and noticed time & date stayed on but custom timers, acclimation parameters, and vega/controller stopped communicating since it resets after power resumes. It does worry me in case of power failure. since lights remain on at last setting before power outage. New firmware 2.08 corrects many issues:Fixes/Enhancements: Running START NOW with lightning would cancel storms for the day. Cloud cover would start and then immediately stop under certain conditions. Support for the Sol to Vega Upgrade Kit. Fixed fail-safe auto-dim down which would sometimes trigger erroneously. Various minor bugs related to display issues, Setup Lights, and power-up. Version 2.01 - 2/14/13 Fixes/Enhancements: Add percentage display to Auto/Manual main screens. Add fail-safe timeout to wireless adapter. Version 2.0 - 2/11/13 Fixes/Enhancements: Support for PowerPuckâ„¢ custom pucks. Adds wireless operation for Sol White, Sol Blue, and Nano when used with Wireless Adapter (sold seperately). Supports full sunrise/sunset/cloud sweeps and weather effects for all Sol and Nano models. Supports both Sol and Vega models simultaneously (wireless mode) with one controller. Fail-safe Vega dim down prevents coral

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Are you kidding me?

I have never seen a remote control advertised as wireless that does not have an internal battery. This one must stay tethered to a USB-cord power source. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! The instructions are not provided in the box - only online - and they are pretty but not very helpful unless you've spent some time experimenting with it first. The controller does do a good job of controlling the Vega, but the user experience is frustrating. I also think it is overpriced and am amazed that it is not included with the Vega light as the functionality of the light is handicapped without it. I understand that most will buy multiple lights so you don't need multiple controllers, but still . . . . That being said, don't buy a Vega light without also buying the controller.

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