AquaMaxx WS-1 In-Sump Protein Skimmer

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The highly-rated HOB-1 skimmer is now available in an in-sump version!

The AquaMaxx WS-1 protein skimmer features an incredibly responsive collection cup and an amazingly powerful submersible pump. It is rated up to 65 gallons in a design thin and light enough to be placed on a nano aquarium, all-in-one style aquarium or other small saltwater aquarium.

The AquaMaxx WS-1 protein skimmer removes organic waste from aquarium water. It creates a strong mix of small air bubbles and turbulent water movement to force protein, waste and other materials into a collection cup for easy removal. The new Conical diffusers help to reduce turbulence in the reaction chamber and achieve more-stable, laminar flow to maximize performance.

AquaMaxx skimmers are computer-precision engineered and utilize the latest filtration technology to deliver the performance and value you are looking for in a protein skimmer.

AquaMaxx WS-1 protein skimmers are easy to setup and maintain. Just move the collection cup up or down to adjust the foam level to wet or dry.

Maintenance is simple. A removable collection cup makes cleaning easy. Plus, every AquaMaxx protein skimmer includes a drain fitting for hobbyists who want to setup a separate reservoir for skimmate.

Water quality and consistency is crucial to the success of a marine aquarium. An AquaMaxx WS-1 protein skimmer will help to ensure that success.

AquaMaxx protein skimmers were designed from the ground up with the hobbyist in mind. The AquaMaxx WS-1 protein skimmer have the pump placed inside the skimmer itself to save space, reduce noise and improve efficiency.

All AquaMaxx protein skimmers are computer designed. Each unit is precision-cut and made of polished cell-cast acrylic.

The AquaMaxx WS-1 protein skimmer relies on a superbly crafted Italian Sicce Syncra pump and AquaMaxx needlewheel impeller to vigorously remove waste from your fish or reef tank. Sicce pumps are well-regarded for their efficiency to move air and water. Combining these dynamic pumps with AquaMaxx protein skimmers saves users considerable energy.


  • Footprint : L 5.9" x W 3.2"
  • Height: 14" (excluding collection up)
  • Collection Cup Height: 5.5"
  • Recommended Water Level: 8"-10"
  • Pump(included): Shark 1.0
  • Pump power consumption: 11 Watts
  • Filtration Rating: up to 65 Gallons (light bioload) or 30 Gallons (heavy bioload)
  • Requires approximately 5.5" of clearance to remove collection cup.
All of our products are backed by a 60-day return policy although the skimmers will also carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty from AquaMaxx. Each skimmer will include detailed instructions and diagrams to help hobbyists get up and running immediately.

Product Manuals & Documentation

AquaMaxx WS-1 In-Sump Protein Skimmer

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

AquaMaxx is a Southern California-based aquarium supply company that entered the market in mid-2008 with a line of affordable metal halide bulbs. The brand quickly gained recognition as word spread about the high quality and low cost of their lamps. In 2009, AquaMaxx released a line of aquarium filter socks and, in early 2010, unveiled an assortment of high-performance protein skimmer accessories and upgrades.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Best skimmer ever

I've owned several protein skimmers in the past and non compares to this skimmer. Absolutely amazing skimmer. It has an attachment that connect to the skimmer and you connect it there and empty when you get a chance. My only issue was that i have macroalgae in the my tank it kept going into the skimmer since it doesn't have good mechanical filter. So, what i did was created my own mechanical filter to block other debris from the skimmer. Otherwise, you would just have to keep cleaning it often. Anywayn, besides that its awesome.

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Experience Level: Expert

Awesome skimmer/Great footprin

I have been in the hobby for well over 20 years and have several different sized SPS aquarium. This review is after 2 months of use. I purchased this skimmer after significant research on several different forums. My specifications were for a smaller sized SPS only tank - 37 gallon with 20 gallon sump with minimal space in the sump to place a skimmer. The WS-1 was suggested by several experts as a great skimmer. I have been really impressed with the workmanship and performance of this product. Fits into a very small footprint and took minimal time to set up and tune (several days to get the perfect consistence of skimmate). The only negative I have is that it does create a very small amount of microbubbles in the display tank but I have had much worse and this does not bother me as it is barely noticeable. SPS corals are doing great and growing well. No question I would recommend this skimmer for a smaller high demand system. As long as it matches the size/demand of your system, you can not go wrong with it.

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LTH from New Jersey


Experience Level: Intermediate

The Best

This is without a doubt the best "Quality" skimmer for an under 50gal. system. Fits my BioCube 29 and performs flawlessly. Very little break-in time and easy to clean and maintain. The Sicce pump and impeller keep the bubbles in the chamber much longer for good contact w/ water. No micro-bubbles and very quiet! Best investment to date for my Cube.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Good Skimmer

I have had a heck of a time finding a decent skimmer that would fit into my smaller sump. This one fits just fine and works good. The only issue i have is with the overflow drain that came attached to the collection cup. I prefer to make my own modifications. Overall the skimmer seems to do its job and i am satisfied.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Works well in tight spaces

I have an Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 1, and I am very shabby on space, so I needed a skimmer that could fit snugly in my second chamber without making a mess, right next to my granulated carbon poly bag. I've had this amazing skimmer for about a month now and it ROCKS! It will overflow the collection cup for about a week, so you will have to break it in. For that I recommend adding 3 inches of 1/2" tubing to the overflow tube from the collection cup, just in case you forget to empty it out. To my pure delight, it runs very quiet, and does an excellent job of grabbing detritus, along with your usual boat-load of crap. I easily give it 5 stars because you will not find a better skimmer for the price and for the quality, and the thin design allows it to fit pretty much wherever you need it. Also, you not need buy anything else. It's pretty much plug and play, and it also has the popular cone chamber design. I did need to raise it a couple of inches from the sump floor because it functions best between 7-9 inches of water. A little plastic basket at the $.99 store did the trick. Clean and mess free. I got my bang for my buck$. My tank: Aquamaxx Ws-1 Sump Skimmer 56 Gallon Marineland Tank Aqueon Proflex Model 1 Sump & Overflow Box Pond Matrix substrate Phosban Reactor (GFO/PHA Pellets) Eheim 162 Pump Rio Reactor Pump

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