Aqua Medic Gravel Cleaner Set

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This item has been discontinued.

Aqua Medic USA

Aqua Medic Gravel Cleaner Set

This quality-constructed gravel vacuum is fitted with an adjustable elbow so that it can reach under rock formations or into caves. The gravel cleaner head can be removed and replaced with a cleaning brush for dealing with detrius or rockwork. In either case the detrius is flushed away by attaching a hose, which can then go to waste or to a canister filter for water return. Water flow is adjustable using the built-in tap.

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Aqua Medic Aquarium Supplies
Aqua Medic has been a prominent name in the aquarium industry for over 22 years. The company was founded in Bissendorf, Germany and opened a North America distribution center in 2002 to better serve hobbyists in the United States and Canada. As the company continually introduces new products from the European market into North America they also provide excellent service for all of their products and carries a wide variety of replacements parts. Their open relationship with customers welcomes suggestions and user feedback. We carry a variety of Aqua Medic aquarium supplies including pumps, protein skimmers, light fixtures and accessories.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Multiple Sizes Needed

Great concept and very sturdily built. Unfortunately it is overly large for anything under 50 gallons, 100 would be better, especially if you have a lot of rock work. The articulation points are a little stiff, but I expect they would loosen a bit with time. The hose connection is also huge, and it does not come with its own hose. This thing drains a lot of water very fast. The brush attachment is awesome for scrubbing gunk off power heads and other tank equipment while tidying up your tank. It would be nice if they had multiple sizes of these, maybe make this the large size and then have one about half the size and one about a quarter size. All said, most of the tanks I deal with right now are less than 50 gallons. So the only time this will get used for me is with the canister filter for extra crud extraction. For that it works well, even with a small tank. The current model is a dream for frequent use on larger tanks. I'd expect it would be a lifesaver for maintenance companies with a lot of commercial contracts.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Wasn't sure what to think

I was really excited about being able to hook this up to my canister filter therefore eliminating the need to change the water whenever I wanted to vacuum the tank. It works pretty good for that, but is almost to big for the tank I have. It's a 55 gal and with the rocks it's kinda awkward to manuever around with the suction tube, it does have the adjustable elbows and the are kinda nice, but they don't really adjust in tank, you have to get them set how you want them before, otherwise it's kinda a pain to try and change the position in the tank. Overall it works pretty good, but probably not for anything smaller than a 55 gal.

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