Aqua Medic Redox ORP Calibration Fluid

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This item has been discontinued.

Aqua Medic USA

Aqua Medic Redox ORP Calibration Fluid

It is recommended to recalibrate controllers and monitors monthly. Use Aqua Medic`s Redox ORP Calibration Fluid to aid in recalibrating your controller or monitor.

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Aqua Medic Aquarium Supplies
Aqua Medic has been a prominent name in the aquarium industry for over 22 years. The company was founded in Bissendorf, Germany and opened a North America distribution center in 2002 to better serve hobbyists in the United States and Canada. As the company continually introduces new products from the European market into North America they also provide excellent service for all of their products and carries a wide variety of replacements parts. Their open relationship with customers welcomes suggestions and user feedback. We carry a variety of Aqua Medic aquarium supplies including pumps, protein skimmers, light fixtures and accessories.



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the product seemed very good and My ORP meter tested exactly to the spec of the fluid. However, when testing other liquid the reading were in consistent. Do you have any ideas what could be wrong?

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