Aqua UV Ultima II 4000 Filter

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Aqua Ultraviolet

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  • The Aqua UV Ultima II External Filter is specifically engineered to meet the environmental demands of fish ponds
  • The lightweight media is designed for very high flow rates
  • Low head loss
  • Very high biofilm surface

This is the next generation of filters and the best tool for Koi ponds. The Aqua UV Ultima II External Filter is specifically engineered to meet the environmental demands of fish ponds. The lightweight media is designed for very high flow rates. The tubular Bio-Media has low head loss and a very high biofilm surface. The "Y" shape on the inside and wings on the outside afford a protective surface under backwashing, and with our patented backwash system will keep the media from clogging. The same properties have been added to this media in three different sizes with random lengths and diameters to avoid stacking. The Ultima II tubular bio-media offers the highest surface area for growth of beneficial bacteria. No other backwashable pressurized filter compares. Cleaning the filter is done by internal jets. The Ultima II is also the ideal filter for aquariums where very high flow rates are desired.

Aqua UV Ultima II 4000 Filter:
  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 20.5" x 35"
  • Pond Size: up to 4000 gal
  • Recommend pump flow rate: 4000GPH (at 10` of head pressure)
  • 1 1/2" Inlet/Outlets (2" available upon special request)
  • Max Pressue 38 PSI
  • Top Valve Mount

Product Manuals & Documentation

Aqua UV Ultima II 4000 Filter

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Aqua Ultraviolet Aquarium Supplies
Aqua Ultraviolet, founded in 1975, is a popular manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration. All Aqua Ultraviolet (also referred to as Aqua UV) products are created, tested and manufactured in their Temecula, CA headquarters. By creating all of their products in-house, Aqua Ultraviolet can perform thorough quality control and even engineer custom designs for special orders. The customer-centric company has a toll-free number with a friendly support staff willing to help you choose the right products and walk you through the installation process. Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV sterilizers are popular among freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists in addition to pond and water gardeners.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Expensive but worth it.

Before purchasing this filter I threw away $400 on a junk Chinese filter from a local vendor. With our 100+ degree temps and lots of sun we get plenty of algae. This filter was very easy to install and within 4 hours, my pond went from somewhat murky to very clear. The next morning it was sparkling and has been that way since. Very pleased with the filter.

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Caviar Hat from USA


Experience Level: Expert

crazy awesome!!!

This is THEE best filter out there for ponds hands down. no more cleaning up messy pads. water changes are easier, so are backwashes. WOOT WOOT!!!

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Experience Level: Beginner


Aqua UV Ultima II 2000 Filter really performs as advertised! We've invested thousands of dollars on our koi pond with waterfalls and wanted to be sure we have the best filter installed; tech support such as "Robert" of MarineDepot.com was very helpful when asked for his professional opinion base on our koi pond size and needs; personal comments and reviews by previous buyers were also heavily relied on as the deciding factor in buying this product for our pond. Aloha from Kapolei, HI United States of America

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Amazing from green to clean

With our New addition of the the Ultima II 4000 filter unit our pond water has been transformed from a dirty green pea like soup to great looking Clear and Clean water all within 4 days of the installation....much to the delight of my wife and of course our Now HAPPY fish and the easy cleaning process of the unit (flipping a handle) makes the old job of hosing down clogged mats obsolete I'd recommend this unit to anyone who wants clean water in a hurry, wants to enjoy there pond,and have happy fish

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Less muck in my life

I have been using a gravity fed biological filter in my pond for the last 18 years; and, while it did the job, cleaning the filter box was a major disagreeable project. The prospect of having a back-washable filter enticed me into paying the high cost of this product. Was it worth it? I don't miss the cleanig chore, and it seems to be doing a good job. There's no magic here, but it seems to be as well designed as any of the other high end brands of pond equipment. I do shy away from the integrated UV. It is a popular trend to include UV sterilizers in other filteration equipment; which is fine as long as the replacement bulbs, starters, and balasts will be available for the life of the filter.

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