Aqua Vision Aquatics Coral Dip Solution - 1 oz

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Aqua Vision Aquatics

Use Coral Dip Solution for the treatment of parasites and protozoan diseases that attack saltwater corals. Most of these diseases become a problem during the collection, transportation, and propagation of corals.

Use Coral Dip Solution before adding new corals to your aquarium to prevent the introduction of unwanted parasites (ie: parasitic sea spiders, flatworms, and nudibrancs). Coral Dip Solution is safe for use on SPS, LPS, and zooanthid colonies.

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Aqua Vision Aquatics Aquarium Supplies
The mission of Aqua Vision Aquatics is to provide a relevant line of aquarium products to ensure success with aquatic systems. They accomplish this by using only the highest quality ingredients available, developing innovative new products and offering improvements on tried-and-true products. You will find that Aqua Vision Aquatics offers value by giving the strongest formulations, the most precise directions and product information available. The Aqua Vision Aquatics team has over 30 years of professional experience in the aquarium industry. In keeping with their mission, they provide products that offer “Solutions for Success." Whether it’s their line of Precision Supplements, Precision Solutions or Aquarium Accessories, you will find dedication to their mission in each and every product.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Seemed pretty good.

I have used coral dips before and I understand their importance. I used it on a blastomussa Wellsi and the coral looks great in my tank. A few things worried me though. The coral dip I usually use is smells a little like a cleaning product. This coral dip does not. Also the instructions want you to put 5 ml in, but it has a dropper top and nothing to measure with. you have to use your own pipette to dose the correct amount. The product did no harm and the coral looks really good now. I assume alot of this is due to the coral dip.

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