AquaticLife 3300L High Head Submersible Pump

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This item has been discontinued.


High Head Submersible Pump 3300L

These AquaticLifeâ„¢ utility pumps are designed for marine filtration applications

Designed with marine filtration applications in mind, each of these six high-head Submersible Pump models features a special intake shield that allows the pumps to operate in low water levels. In addition, the power cords exit the top of the pumps, allowing for easy placement in a sump.

  • Max Flow Rate @ Pump Discharge: 3306 LPH / 873 GPH
  • Max Pumping Height: 3.75 M / 12.3 FT
  • Discharge Size: 3/4 IN MPT
  • Intake Size: 3/4 IN FPT
  • Power Cord: 2 M / 6.5 FT
  • Pump Dimensions: 192 x 90 x 130 MM / 7.6 x 3.5 x 5.1 IN
Model 1600L 2150L 3300L 3700L
Maximum Flow Rate 1600L / 423gal 2150L / 568gal 3300L / 873gal 3700L / 976gal
Dimensions 175 x 81 x 115 mm 175 x 81 x 115 mm 192 x 90 x 130 mm 192 x 90 x 130 mm
Discharge 1/2" MPT 1/2" MPT 3/4" MPT 3/4" MPT
Power Cord 2m 2m 2m 2m
Voltage 120V, 60Hz 120V, 60Hz 120V, 60Hz 120V, 60Hz
Amps 0.25 0.46 0.55 0.72
Power Factor 0.73 0.87 0.98 0.98
Watts 21 46 61 82
Maximum Pumping Head 2.9m/9.5` 2.9m/9.5` 3.75m/12.3` 3.75m/12.3`
Flow Rate
Model 1600L 2150L 3300L 3700L
0m 1600L / 423gal 2150L / 568gal 3300L / 873gal 3700L / 976gal
0.5m 1413L / 373gal 1915L / 506gal 2850L / 753gal 3283L / 876gal
1.0m 1254L / 331gal 1687L / 446gal 2394L / 632gal 2880L / 761gal
1.5m 1048L / 277gal 1162L / 307gal 2166L / 572gal 2760L / 729gal
2.0m 524L / 138gal 706L / 187gal 2052L / 542gal 2688L / 710gal
2.5m 205L / 54gal 273L / 72gal 1641L / 434gal 2400L / 634gal
3.0m 0L / 0gal 0L / 0gal 706L / 187gal 2256L / 596gal
3.5m 0L / 0gal 0L / 0gal 320L / 187gal 552L / 146gal
4.0m 0L / 0gal 0L / 0gal 0L / 0gal 0L / 0gal

Product Manuals & Documentation

AquaticLife 3300L High Head Submersible Pump

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

AquaticLife 3300L High Head Submersible Pump

Additional Info 1 available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

AquaticLife Aquarium Supplies
AquaticLife is a Southern California based company that innovates, markets & manufactures premium branded aquarium equipment. AquaticLife products and information are designed to bring the experience of marine life into the home. The company manufactures a variety of aquarium products for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Water quality monitors and testing supplies, water filtration and submersible pumps are just a sampling of what this up-and-coming company offers. AquaticLife is best known for their stylish, powerful and extremely user-friendly light fixtures. They are also recognized for their outstanding customer support and helpful educational materials.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Works great but have issue

Ok I had been running this pump now for about one month and it was working great! until yesterday when I noticed it had stopped! took it apart to find that the propeller shaft had separated I am in hopes that Marine Depot will make this good and that the replacement pump will last form my experience you can get a lemon now and than and I hope this is the case because I truly love the pump. I have the 3700 as my return on my 90gal reef and after using several different pumps this one dose the job I need it to do. So we will see, I will update if there is anymore issues with the replacement I hope to get.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


Building a dual 40B reef system for an office, I was looking for a pair of pumps that would fit as a return pump for each tank, yet cost effective. I saw very little reviews and was quite hesitant to purchase them because of such, but these are amazing pumps. They emit next to no noise and outperform other pumps I have had that cost more than twice this. The only thing I wish I could see more of is adjustable flow rates. While adding a ball valve to the return line isn't hard, adjusting the rate from the pump would put the cherry on top. Will definitely be buying more as new tank builds come up.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Works great, a little noisey

I needed a high head pump for my application and this one fit the bill. Powerful but a bit noisey which is not a problem with my application but may be for others.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I bought the 3300L and had to return the first one to AquaticLife because it was extremely noisy. Pump was in the basement and I could hear it running upstairs. AquaticLife customer service was great, I had a replacement two days later. The second pump was much quieter, although it is still louder than any Supreme Mag Drive pump that I have. Good pump, moves a lot of water.

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Experience Level: Expert


I was nervous to order this pump as my return, because I could not find any reviews for this pump anywhere. Being in the hobby for 13 years now I'm leery to buy an new products that I can't find a track record for. However after using this pump I'm very impressed. I had to order it because of size requirements I have in my sump. I needed a pump that was less than 3.5" wide. This is a well designed pump with strong flow at high head. The location of the power cord is genius! Why don't other manufacturers place the cord out the top too? However it claims to work better in low water situations, but in my opinion this is marginal at best. However it does have a thermal cut-off to save it from running dry.

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