Aquatic Photographics Seahorses and Their Relatives by Rudie H Kuiter

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Seahorses And Their Relatives - By: Rudie H Kuiter

Revised from Seahorses, Pipefishes and their relatives, this book is by far the most comprehensive publication of the world’s Seahorses and their relatives ever produced. It has been enlarged, more than 100 pages added and includes the recently named as well as many new species.

Fishes of the order Syngnathiformes, collectively known as syngnathids, are amongst the most unfish-like of all fishes. Appearances of many is often bizarre and species such as the Leafy Seadragon are outright spectacular. Their names speak for themselves: seahorses, seadragons, pipehorses, pipefishes, bellowsfishes, flutemouths, trumpetfishes, and seamoths, relating to their unusual appearance, in particular to their body or head shape and long their tubular snout.

Seahorses with their vertical posture and bend-down head are by far the best known and popular. Therefore they are comprehensively covered in this book, and included for this group are special chapters on their origin, evolution, world distribution, aquaculture of species for the aquarium trade, why such a trade, and how well they are really doing in the wild and the myth about them being threatened.

Also presented here are all other the known syngnathid members, as well as closely related families including all ghost pipefishes, seamoths, and representatives of others.


  • Detailed information on over 370 different species of the world, including new and recently found species.
  • More than 1200 spectacular photographs, most of which taken in the fishes’ natural habitats.
  • All the known living seahorses illustrated together for the first time … about 80 species.
  • Introductions to genera and subgenera.
  • Informative text for each species.
  • A single full index of common and scientific names of genera and species.
  • Aquaculturing seahorses.

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Seahorses And Their Relatives

Rudie Kuiter's new book is beyond amazing. Rudie has set the standard for photographic documentation of new syngnathiformes. The volume of work is truly amazing for this passionate guy. Absolutely spend the money to get your hands on this book.

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