Azoo Mignon Skimmer Hang On Back Power Filter

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This item has been discontinued.


Azoo Mignon Skimmer Filter

The Mignon Skimmer Filter combines surface skimming to remove floating debris and oils, protein skimming for extraction of dissolved organic waste and mechanical filtration to remove large solid particles in the water. The perfect filter for an aquarium 20 gallons and smaller.


  • Surface skimmer box.
  • Adjustable water and air intake.
  • Air driven protein skimmer with collection cup.
  • New flexible impeller design.
  • Replaceable filter and charcoal box filter.
  • 7" tall by 5.75" wide by 4.50" deep.

Manufacturer Info

Azoo Aquarium Supplies
The Azoo brand was founded in 1990 by the Taikong Corporation of Taiwan. The “A” in Azoo stands for grade “A” aquarium products and accessories. The company’s philosophy is to create all of the products necessary for aquarium hobbyists to enjoy their ecological pastime in their home or office. Azoo manufactures a wide range of nature, reef, garden and palm aquarium supplies and distributes them to more than 70 countries around the world. Azoo’s research and development team is constantly developing and testing new aquarium products in their laboratories. We carry a variety of Azoo aquarium parts, from fish tanks and heaters to lighting and UV sterilizers.



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Azoo Mignon

Product needs a wider stand off wheel to be level on narrow walled micro tanks. Air intake very close to water line, which requires a "micro" management of intake flow. Air bubbles released into tank as flow works around filter. Quality is good

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Rod from CHICAGO, IL


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Very Disapointing

Before I begin, I do have a tiny Azoo Palm filter which is perfect for my quarantine tank, and I love it. But stay away from this Azoo Mignon Skimmer. This was to be used on a 5 gal. display tank, mated clowns, dwarf smasher mantis, and some turbos, live rock, sand and caulerpa. After a week of tweaking, looking for fixes and mods I was unable to get it to skim without leaking or fouling the water. I studied engineering in college, I know how to make things work, even if they don't want to. :-) There are several CRITICAL design issues which promote leaks and inefficient skimming. Compiling a report to Azoo as we speak. One honest review which I found fitting, after the fact was, "Azoo Mig Skim does many things mediocre and nothing well..." It tries to be a filter, protein skimmer and surface skimmer, but only partially pulls off the filtering, protein and surface skimming is far below standard. I found the Taam Rio Nano Skimmer (read that review too) and I could not be happier with Rio. Azoo has at least one other fine product but this one is not.

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get what you pay for?

Thought this would be good for my little 10 gallon tank. It may well be a great product. But all of the instruction are in Taiwanese, the pictures that accompany,..what I assume are suppose to be instructions are crap. I've been to the web which isn't very user friendly unless your Taiwanese or can read I'm guessing. I should have bought the lil nano skimmer and kept my current filter. live and learn. I wrote this review so you wouldn't get stuck with this thing.

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Great little filter/skimmer

I got this about 6 month's ago and use it on one of my breeding tank's its great does a nice job and actually gets some skim out. Two things you need to do when you buy this first take 10 minutes to adjust the water level and after adjusting it watch it for at least 10 minutes or it will overflow on you if you open it two much. Second the protein collection cup is small so daily maintenance need's to be done other then that it's fantastic how it skim's the water surface and pull's in a lot of debris and oil's.

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