Azoo Protein Remover Supplement 250ml

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This item has been discontinued.



  • For freshwater, water plant, saltwater and reef aquariums
  • Eliminates protein, oil and foam on the surface.
  • Causes no harm to aquarium lives.
  • Creates no obstacle to the filtration system

Manufacturer Info

Azoo Aquarium Supplies
The Azoo brand was founded in 1990 by the Taikong Corporation of Taiwan. The “A” in Azoo stands for grade “A” aquarium products and accessories. The company’s philosophy is to create all of the products necessary for aquarium hobbyists to enjoy their ecological pastime in their home or office. Azoo manufactures a wide range of nature, reef, garden and palm aquarium supplies and distributes them to more than 70 countries around the world. Azoo’s research and development team is constantly developing and testing new aquarium products in their laboratories. We carry a variety of Azoo aquarium parts, from fish tanks and heaters to lighting and UV sterilizers.

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