Blue Life Precision Calcium 8oz

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Blue Life USA

Precision Calcium is a well-balanced supplement that is designed to raise and maintain calcium levels as well as enhance coral growth. This product contains 185,000 ppm (mg/L) of calcium and is the strongest calcium supplement on the market. Nearly every inhabitant of a marine reef aquarium uses calcium, including calcareous (coralline) algae, snails, crustaceans, corals and other invertebrates. Precision Calcium provides two sources of calcium (calcium chloride and calcium acetate) for optimal bioavailability. Calcium acetate aids in the de-nitrification process by providing an additional carbon source for anaerobic bacteria. This helps to maintain a stable eco-system and stress free animals. Precision Calcium does not contain polygluconates, lactates, phosphates or nitrates, which can cause unwanted algae, slime and bacterial growth. Precision Calcium is made with high quality (USP Grade) chemicals, which ensures you will not be adding unwanted amounts of metals or organics to your aquarium. 1 capful (.17oz or 5mL) of Precision Calcium in 25 gallons (94.5 liters) will increase calcium levels by approximately 10 ppm (mg/L).

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Blue Life USA is committed to providing the highest quality aquarium products available. Their staff has a combined 100 years of experience as hobbyists, retailers, industry professionals, chemists and veterinarians. Blue Life USA’s vision is to enhance the enjoyment of aquarium hobbyists by offering the next generation of products that will help create and maintain thriving, vibrant and crystal clear aquariums. With an unyielding dedication to integrity and responsibility, Blue Life USA raises the bar for this generation and future generations of aquarium product manufacturers.



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My calcium reactor went down on my 300 gal reef and a friend suggested that I try the blue life calcium. It wasso concentrated that hardly need to use much at all. I am really impressed with this product as compared to the other brands which I ran through very quickly.

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