Blue Life USA Flatworm Rx 30mL

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Blue Life USA

Flatworm Rx:

Flatworm Rx is an exceptionally fast and effective treatment for Flatworms in saltwater aquariums. This innovative product contains no chemicals, medications or pesticides. Flatworm Rx is safe for both reef and fish only aquariums.

Siphon out as many flatworms as possible before dosing. Add 4 drops of Flatworm Rx for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of water. Do not dose more than one treatment in a 24-hour period. For best results, add in high flow areas one drop at a time. Do not stop the use of carbon or protein skimming when adding this product. Flatworms are extremely toxic to aquarium inhabitants. It is very important to do a 25% water change once results are visible. Siphon out as many of the flatworms as possible when performing the water change. Repeat treatment as necessary.

This product is not intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested, contact a physician or poison control center immediately.

1 oz. (30ml)

"New formula ensures maximum potency"

Manufacturer Info

Blue Life USA Aquarium Supplies
Blue Life USA is committed to providing the highest quality aquarium products available. Their staff has a combined 100 years of experience as hobbyists, retailers, industry professionals, chemists and veterinarians. Blue Life USA’s vision is to enhance the enjoyment of aquarium hobbyists by offering the next generation of products that will help create and maintain thriving, vibrant and crystal clear aquariums. With an unyielding dedication to integrity and responsibility, Blue Life USA raises the bar for this generation and future generations of aquarium product manufacturers.



Experience Level: Expert

New Formula much more potent

Blue Life re-did their formula and now it comes as a dry powder that you mix with water. Its way more potent and works really well. I called the company and asked them about the old product and they said after about 6 months the old liquid product become less potent and thats why some people had issues. They fixed the problem and now it works better than anybody's. I love it. I treated by 200 gallon reef last month and havent seen any flatworms since. The flatworms stopped dead in their tracks! I highly recommend this product.

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Experience Level: Expert

Didn't work

I bought it because it contained more liquid than salifert's. But then read the instructions and you have to use more liquid, so I ended up using half a bottle in the first aplication. After about 20 minutes I didn't see any flatworms die, and I had to go on a trip, so I had to do the water change and still no flatworm died. With salifert's they start dying after 5 minutes. I will have to try it again and leave it for an hour or something to see if flatworms start dying or something.

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MATT TELFER from South Bay Area, California


Experience Level: Expert

Killed Most...Not All

I have been using Flatworm Exit on my 180 gallon Predator Reef, and 10 gallon Frag Tank several times now to no avail. The little buggers always die off then come back within about a week. So I thought I would give Blue Life a try. It worked about the same as Flatworm Exit but unfortunately the worms are back just two days after treatment! I followed the bottles instructions to the T. I was a little worried at first because after the treatment my Australian Harlequin Wrasse went into hiding for a day, but fortunately everything pulled through. I have the Brownish green comensual variety of worms that has a small red dot near the head. They don’t really do any discernable harm to my reef that I can see. They are just ugly because they infest the rocks in hordes. You get more Blue Life than Flatworm Exit for the money (slightly bigger bottle) and they seem to work about the same. I hope some day they come out with a product that can nuke them all for good! Maybe in the future I will try a combination of the Blue Life and Flatworm Exit??

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