CAD Lights Conic Media Recirculating Bio-Reactor

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Finally a solution for removing and controlling Nitrates, Phosphates, nuisance algae with a twist of your wrist! With our newest full control 3-way re-circulating flow system you can speed up or slow down the effluent and target your desired amount of Nitrates, phosphates you want to remove all while not affecting the tumbling speed of the bio-pellets in the reaction chamber. You can remove all or leave trace amounts to prevent over stripping as you wish. There are many other benefits too that is progressively changing the way we all keep and maintain Marine fish and Reef aquariums. Also works great for GFO or Activated Carbon. A fine filter media bag is recommended for GFO or activated carbon use.

*Improved plumbing that is completely water tight assembled the moment you receive it so that it is ready to go the moment you take it out of the box.

* True All-In-One design, where the pump is already built inside of the Bio reactor in the bottom chamber. This feature saves A LOT more space and ease of use the moment you get it. The intake is at the bottom and the outtake is from the top; which allows for the most efficient uni-direction flow. External units use twice the amount of space.

* Cell-Cast cone bodies are made of liquid-mold-casted Acrylic into solid seamless tubes that are incredibly durable

* Advanced True Conic design is what makes CAD`s unique "Rhythmic Tumbling Motion" that moves every pellet evenly and prevents clumping. Every pellet churns, swirls around and moves throughout the entire reactor (from top to bottom). Soft yet high flow movement with minimal agitation perfect for the Bio-pellets to interact with each other.

* Self-priming and designed to be ready to use right out of the box and comes with all the pump, fittings, plumbing, union etc... all comes standard.

*Space saving design and energy efficient. No need for an external pump that will take up more space and wasted pump pressure.

* Completely disassembles easily for maintenance.

* Compatible with a large variety of Tapered edged Bio-pellets, GFO or Activated Carbon.

***Avoid use of “perfectly rounded” bio-pellets as they will no properly tumble. Use tapered-edge, oblong, or other non-rounded bio-pellets for best results.***


  • 3-way re-circulating valve gives you the control of the Bio-reactor at your hands.
  • Total space useage: 6" x 6" x 12" (16" high with plumbing)
  • Optimum water height 7” or higher.
  • Can hold up to 750ML of Bio-pellets.
  • Up to 350G Aquariums Capacity.
  • Built in pump.
  • 11.5W of energy use.
  • Standard 1/2" aquarium tube external port can easily be extended to reach into other chambers for installation.
  • Quiet operation
  • 100% Cell-Cast acrylic!

Product Manuals & Documentation

CAD Lights Conic Media Recirculating Bio-Reactor

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format



Experience Level: Expert


Absolutely a piece of crap. It came with the crappy CAD Lights tank I bought. Nothing but issues from day one. Constant clogs caused me to have to do a few DIY rigs. Then pump burned out. Because the pump is enclosed, your options to replace it are VERRRRY limited!! (read: it's made to work with the pump it comes with) when it died the FIRST time, I tried the only pump that'd fit in its enclosure. But because the drilled hole is very large, but their pump is small, other pumps have water pumping back into the compartment where the pump is housed. Which equals a loss in pressure. Plumping (well, everything) is made in China, so metric parts don't fit. Plastic bolts/screws are crap & wear out with long term use. So do the rubber seals surrounding them. This causes it to leak, & lose pressure. If it were allowed to be retrofitted, and altered to meet your needs, it MIGHT work. But it doesn't, & you're forced to buy replacement parts, or wing it with metric sized parts.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Moderate product

I got a BR-1 a couple of weeks ago. The body looks nice but I had to tack down the bottom diffuser plate with some crazy glue. I assembled it and found one long pvc pipe to be about 1/2" short. It moved the all-in-one pellets a little. I have modified it by switching to return piping from 20mm to 1/2". Used parts I had. I could not change the plumbing below the 3 way valve since the whole in the base to the pump was too samll to take a 1/2" fitting. It works much better with the larger plumbing. If you want plug and play, it is an average product. It isn't hard to do a little DIY improvement.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Give it a thumb up... ??A+++

Good product, good design...??!!! It works very well in my tank...! I am the beginner in reef hobbit... I just want some products could save my time, less works and fit my budgets. This reactor does everything for me... ??

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Experience Level: Expert


Easy setup easy install an I can tell a difference in water chemistry after one week

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Experience Level: Expert

Mediocre Performance for the $

I had read reviews stating the parts were cheap, and knew that before buying. The plumbing is the cheapest part. They cut pieces of PVC are not long enough to glue, so you press fit (barely), and hope. I had this up and running for 5 days. The first day, the pellets tumbled great. Day 2, not tumbling at all, and plumbing leaking at valves, and 90's. Fixed plumbing. Day 3, great tumble...Day 4 no tumble. Day 5, I went to Home Depot, and spent $15 on schedule 40 PVC supplies, and plumbed it in straight through (no recirculating junk), and valve the output. Been tumbling for 10+ days, no stoppages. I do have to say one more thing...the video of the CAD guys and the crazy tumble they get with the pellets...I call BS. They must have used a larger pump because there is ZERO chance that the included pump will flow water that well, let alone pellets. Overall, with the PVC fixes, fine product. The conic design does allow for less clogs than Reef Octo, or NextReef designs.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


don't waste your money this is trash. pump is weak. pluming is cheap. valve leaks.hard to set flow.wasted my money.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Hard to get started

Even after soaking the pellets for 2days they would still rise to the top and just hang out up top.. So I tried again soaking them in salt water. They faired much better after soaking them in salt Walter. Density? Maybe. Somehow water weeping through the top via the plastic screws even though they have rubber washers. I used some plumbers tape on the screws and that sealed the top better. It is a little tricky adjusting the circulation as the tappit is on the inside of the return unit. some have complain about the PVC quality of the circulation and outflow piping, but it gets the job done. The pump is quite, but still manages to be the loudest one I have. I have an octopus protein skimmer and an eheim 1262 and the cad light pump is more noticeable then the other two combined. This is not to say it is load. It just operates at a more obvious pitch. It tumbles the pellets very well. I have added a half inch hose that ties into my protein skimmer which is in another compartment of my sump and the return flow is strong enough to go up 15 inches and over 3 feet to the inlet of my skimmer. The reactor part works very well

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