CAD Lights Gen3 PLS-150 Pipeless Conic Protein Skimmer

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This item has been discontinued.

"Think Less and Enjoy More"

Have you ever wished to fit a protein skimmer rated to handle a 160-gallon tank in a smaller sump or to make your system more space efficient? At only 7" X 7.5", The CAD Lights Gen-3 PLS-150 can fit into the tiniest of sumps. It’s the perfect solution to restricted and tight sump spaces in need of a powerful protein skimmer.

CAD Lights newest member to their patented super space saving protein skimmer line-up is the high powered PLS-150. This newest protein skimmer design was definitely re-imagined and re-focused. Using all of the patented features of CAD Light’s complete PLS line from the Nano PLS-50 up to the PLS-300, the Conic PLS-150 is the perfect blend of all of the key features from all of the sizes. Using the superior dwell time of the cone shape, true pipeless design of the PLS-100, bottom draining system and internal baffles of the PLS-300, the new PLS-150 truly has taken the essence of all of the Gen-3 pipeless designs and combined them into one truly powerful, well rounded protein skimmer.

Key Design Features:

  • Super space-saving technology with CAD Light’s patented true pipeless design
  • Total silence of less than 5dB over audible sound
  • Complete control with the Gen3 tension clamp system
  • Increased capacity with the TIA-1150 Cone body
  • Secure fastening of all movable parts using the patented 3-point tension clamp system.
  • ZERO Micro-bubbles using the internal baffles and Bottom drain to completely eliminate ALL Micro-bubbles
  • Ease of maintenance: the New PLS-150 is designed to Completely disassemble to give you cleaning access to every crack and crevice of the skimmer from top to bottom.
  • GPH: 375GPH
  • Wattage: 20W
  • Footprint: 7” x 7.25”
  • Height: 22”
  • Operating Water level 4"-11" Optimum Water level 6"-8"
Load recommendations:
  • Light bio-load (160G)
  • Medium bio-load (120G)
  • Heavy bio-load (90G)



Experience Level: Expert


Just got one used. I've had alit of skimmers takes a few to get it set. But once you do it's a awesome skimmer and no micro bubbles :)

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C. Smith from Oklahoma City


Experience Level: Intermediate


I have been fighting this thing for months. As stated by the first reviewer, it randomly overflows VIOLENTLY. It literally knocks the lid off. Any skimmate that it might have collected goes right back in the tank when the cup overflows. It is very touchy to adjust and requires adjustment often. I have never been able to get this skimmer to run properly for more than a week. Pass this one by!

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Experience Level: Intermediate


It either overflows or under skims at the slightest bump or touch of the adjuster. When you do finally get it dialed in, it will randomly overflow or under skim again after an hour or so. Complete junk. I only gave two stars because the pump works. I'm going to put my aquamaxx skimmer back on which is only rated for 100g and does an amazing job compared to this paperweight.

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