CAD Lights Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer

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This item has been discontinued.

NEW PLS-50 Nano Pipeless skimmer gives you BIG performance packed into a Nano body.

There are 3 key features together that are predominantly used and depended upon in larger Professional protein skimmers for high performance applications. These features include professional air-inection, pin-wheel impellers and bubble-plates. In the past, these features were difficult to fit into a Nano skimmer, but now with CAD Lights PLS-50 Nano Pipeless skimmer, you can take advantage of these BIG features in your Nano Reef.

CAD Lights (patent pending) pipe-less design eliminates all external control, ultimately maximizing the space saved in any chamber. Patented locking system to allow for precise adjustments to skimming level and locking it in place once you have found the sweet spot. Professional air injection that is normally found on larger advanced skimmers is specially designed into the CAD Lights PLS-50 Nano Pipeless skimmer. Air injection produces a much higher air draw as compared to Venturi or air-stone driven skimmers. High performance Pin-wheel impeller also increases the overall volume of air and bubble quality by “chopping” up the bubbles into even finer mist-sized and micro sized bubbles. This increases the overall surface area for dissolved organic compounds (DOCs) to attach onto the produced micro bubbles. Turbulence-controlling bubble-plate is also another feature that most large high performance skimmers have. The use of bubble-plates greatly reduces the turbulence inside the skimmer so that the direction of the bubbles move smoothly with minimal restriction and is built into the PLS-50 Nano Pipeless skimmer.


  • Patented Pipeless design
  • Patented Locking system for holding settings
  • Air injection Venturi
  • Pin-wheel impellers
  • 100% Aquarium grade Cell-Cast acrylic
  • Adjustable bracket
  • 3-piece assembly that is easy to disassemble
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 15"
  • Speed: 190GPH
  • Aquarium Capacity: 10G to 50G
  • 100% Cell-Cast acrylic
  • Easily disassembles in 3 pieces
  • Built in Professional Bubble-Plate
  • Lock knob for tension control and full lock
  • Sliding tank mount for adjustment
  • CAD Lights TIA Pro skimmer pump



Experience Level: Intermediate


I purchased the skimmer for my cadlights 22g nano, after I talked to the company. I was told that it shouldn't have any problems, as long as the dimensions are good. After purchase and getting ready to install it in the tank iI found that there is a lip in the back, partway down, that makes the opening too small. After modifying the skimmer, it now fits, and is functioning as advertised. Just be careful when double checking your opening dimensions..

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ThatFishGuy from TX


Experience Level: Expert

Great, low water height skimme

I bought this skimmer as I needed something that could deal with the 5-6" of water in my sump. If it's your first skimmer, it will be a learning experience to adjust it as it breaks in. Expect to fill the cup a couple times while it breaks in and you dial it in. After that, it's great. It's consitantly pulling dark, nasty gunk out of my tank just like you'd want a skimmer to do. Couldn't be happier.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Not So Easy to Use

I bought this skimmer because it was made to fit into my cadlights 29 galon tank. It required some force to make it fit without the braket. The skimmer is quiet while it's working but not skimming that well. After 6 days, many frustrating adjustments I was able to dial it in. The skimmer does work well after the first 10 days. Only problem now is that the skimmer will overflow the cup every time I put my arm into the tank... SO FRUSTRATING.

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