CAD Lights TIA-1220 Conic Protein Skimmer

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This item has been discontinued.

The Newly released CAD Lights Conic protein skimmers has many features that reef hobbyists of all types desire: high quality materials and components, professional craftsmanship, energy efficiency, aggressive performance, perfect sized bubbles, air draw, silent operation, durability etc.. These were all major factors during our designing of all 3 sizes of CAD Lights` Conic skimmers. These skimmer bodies are liquid-mold-casted Acrylic into solid seamless tubes that are incredibly durable. Comes already fully assembled so it is ready to use the moment you receive it!

New upgrades and features include: Air Intake/Silencer is fully adjustable by 360 degree turns for easy access, extra clearance allowing unrestricted air intake and even ozone inlet. Air intake is also completely removable for easy cleaning and changing if needed. Lock-tite pressure control system features fully sealed drain pipe for consistent pressure control that stabilizes fluctuations within the reaction chamber.

While Air draw is crucial to performance, the other main component is Bubble size and quality. CAD Lights` TIA Air injection systems produce super fine and very high quality bubbles for the high efficiency in attachment to DOCs.


  • Extra insulated to feature silent operations, only 7 Decibels over audible sound.
  • High quality water pumps for long lasting high performance, minimal vibrations and silent operation.
  • Flexi-Plastic injection molded pin-wheel impellers for extended life and designed for high volume air draw.
  • Mold-Casted Acrylic body, Solid seamless with no joints. Extra thick Acrylic construction.
  • Attractive Semi-gloss Porcelain color Acrylic.
  • Newest built-in micro-bubble trapping mechanisms virtually eliminates all the micro-bubbles in the exhaust.
  • Laser cut bubble plate dramatically reduces turbulence and improves direction of foam production.
  • Easily disassembles completely for simple maintenance and cleaning. Only 4 thumbscrews to remove for complete access to pump, bubble-plate and internal reaction chamber.
  • Each Conic skimmer comes already fully assembled for simple installation the moment it arrives!
  • 1-Year Manufacturer`s Warranty covers the entire skimmer from top to bottom (including skimmer body, pump, impeller, fittings etc).
  • Dimensions: 12.75" x 9" x 20"
  • GPH: 470GPH
  • Wattage: Power consumption of 35W
  • Air draw: 524 L/H. 100% of perfectly sized bubbles for Maximum attachment to DOCs (Dissolve Organic Compounds).
  • Optimum Water level 7"-10"
Load recommendations:
  • Light bio-load (300G)
  • Medium bio-load (250G)
  • Heavy bio-load (200)

Product Manuals & Documentation

CAD Lights TIA-1220 Conic Protein Skimmer

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format



Experience Level: Intermediate

CAD Lights TIA-1220

I have had many different protein skimmers in my many years of owning many different saltwater set ups, I must say that the CAD Lights TIA-1220 protein skimmer is probably the best skimmer I've ever owned! !! It's also the nicest looking one as well. ..... not to mention the quietest..its definitely a super work horse on my over loaded 200 gallon fish only saltwater aquarium. ....I also love how precise the adjustments are..... and how you can break it down for cleaning...... it definitely made under my aquarium a show piece as well I've had mine for 9months now and have had absolutely no problems or issues. ... i definitely recommend this protein skimmer...I hope this helps you in making your decision when looking for an awesome skimmer...... good luck

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