AquaticLife CO2 Regulator with Lighted Solenoid

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CO2 Regulator Specifications:

  • Bottle Pressure Gauge: 3,500 PSI Max
  • Reduced Pressure Gauge: 140 PSI Max
  • Electronic Solenoid: 120 Volts
  • Power Cord: 2 Meters
  • Bottle Connection: Female CGA 320
  • CO2 Line-Out Connection: 1/4" Compression
  • Fine Adjustment: Needle Valve

Product Manuals & Documentation

AquaticLife CO2 Regulator with Lighted Solenoid

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

AquaticLife CO2 Regulator with Lighted Solenoid

Additional Info 1 available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

AquaticLife Aquarium Supplies
AquaticLife is a Southern California based company that innovates, markets & manufactures premium branded aquarium equipment. AquaticLife products and information are designed to bring the experience of marine life into the home. The company manufactures a variety of aquarium products for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Water quality monitors and testing supplies, water filtration and submersible pumps are just a sampling of what this up-and-coming company offers. AquaticLife is best known for their stylish, powerful and extremely user-friendly light fixtures. They are also recognized for their outstanding customer support and helpful educational materials.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Poor Quality

I have had three of these leak out the gauge in seven months. The factory is great about warranty, but the hassle is not worth it. After the year is up I guess I will need to purchase another brand. Marine Depot has been no help with problem. Factory person admitted to me they have had gauge leaking problems. I do not recommend this product. At one time they might have been great quality, but not anymore.

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Rizano from New Jersey UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

Excellent Regulator!

Just for background, my marine tank is 120 gallons. I paired this regulator with a 5LB tank I also purchased from Marine Depot. The quality and feel of the unit is very good. It’s nice and compact but at the same time the dials are clear and easy to read. It’s true that the gauges are about the size of your thumb but the size presents no problem and takes up less space under the cabinet, where space is precious. It does connect to the Co2 tank sideways so the two gauges are horizontal, but again, still easy to read. I really like the electronic solenoid because it lights up when Co2 is permitted to pass through to the calcium reactor and turns off when Co2 is stopped. When it’s off, no Co2 passes through at all. I have the solenoid plugged into my Apex controller. A nice visual indicator that with a quick glance you can see if the regulator is on or off. No Teflon is required when connecting the regulator to the bottle, just the included washer. They also give you a spare washer in case the first one wears out over time. Be careful not to over tighten. Use your hand first then a wrench to make it a little more snug. I confirmed no leaks of Co2. The needle valve is fantastic, extremely precise and easy to dial in. On the first try, without fuss, I dialed in 10 bubbles per minute exactly and it stayed that way for 3 days without changing (I read people complaining that some other regulators do not remain consistent and the bubble count changes by itself). When I discovered a slightly higher bubble count was needed, I dialed in 12 bubbles per minute on the first try, without fuss. I’m tempted to buy another as a backup just in case the company stops making these and I need another for some reason in the years to come.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


After talking with one of your tech's, he mentioned the exact problems that I was having with the CO2 Regulator Deluxe-Dual Gauge with Solenoid, Model #CO311 that I owned. There was never any consistency with the bubble count, changed count as pleased. So I changed the solenoid, the check valve ( because there was water in the CO2 line between the old check valve that came with my calcium reactor and the solenoid) and the problem still existed, only one other piece that could be malfunctioning would be the regulator, I replaced the complete regulator with a AquaticLife CO2 Regulator with Lighted Solenoid, so far so good. I will keep an eye on the count daily. The AquaticLife is a much better product which blows away my previous regulator. Thank you Murph Cowles

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Experience Level: Intermediate

High Quality and Compact

I switched to this regular for my 540 Gallon Marine tank. I used to use an alternate product that ran about $140 and just wasn't happy with it. In the other product it was challenging to get the bubble count to stabilize where I wanted it and over a period of about 5 years I went through 2 other units trying to deal with inconsistent performance (solenoid, needle wheel adjustment issues, and poor seals on the CO2 tank as the teflon washer would bind up, etc). So far with this product I'm pretty happy with this product. Easy to setup, seems to be working like a champ. Time will tell but would recommend at this stage.

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Experience Level: Expert

AquaticLife CO2 Regulator

Haven't got to use it yet, but the appearance of the product on MarineDepot.com is a little deceiving. I didn't realize the guages on the regulator would be so small(about the size of my thumb nail to be exact....The unit is really nice though. I opened the box when I got the regulator and read the directions. It said to insert the gasket before installation(included with the product). I looked inside the box, didn't see it. It wasn't already in the female connector either...I called AquaticLife directly and they told me the gasket would have been tied to the chord with the "sandwich" tie. Ah, there it was...Just incase you are like me and not the most observant person. I would have found it of course as soon as I went to untie and use the product, but I don't have the tank yet and just bought the regulator so I have everything ready. I was excited and went to screw the regulator on my co2 tank (just to stare at it), and didn't see the gasket right away. I will do another review as soon as I have the unit hooked up and have used it for a few weeks.

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