CPR CMB 192 Filter Package

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Cyclone Bio-Filter + Skimmer CPR CMB 192 includes CY 192, CS 90 overflow, Bio-Bale and hose.


  • 4" diameter skimmer
  • Sump Water Capacity: 2.6 gallons
  • Bio chamber: 1.5 gallons
  • Total sump area: 4 gallons
  • Maximum flow rate: 400 gal/hr
  • Inlet Size: 1"
  • up to 100 gal tank size
  • 15" x 9" x 14.5"
  • Features Rejuvenation Venturi (RVT) driven protein skimmers. RVT Powerhead is included
  • Has a bypass for the protein skimmer so that the water and air intake are always constant and provide maximum skimming action
  • Funnel shaped collection cup for efficient and easy removal of proteins and uneaten food before they reach the biological media
  • Has an adjustable gate which allows fine tuning of the height of the water in the protein skimmer
  • Has a deep sump area for probes, chemical media, etc
  • Has a non-warping lid which prevents excessive evaporation
  • Uses a high performing biological medium, Bio-Bale
  • Disassembles quickly and easily for cleaning
  • Can be used with a submersible or external pump
CS 90:
  • For glass or acrylic aquariums up to 125 gal.
  • Flow rate 600 gph.
  • 8" wide
  • 1" bulkhead outflow
A built in overflow is the most efficient method of draining aquarium water to a filter. If your aquarium does not have built-in overflow, CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows/Prefilters are the best means for getting water from an aquarium to a filter system without expensive modifications to the tank. They quietly skim up to six times more water than units with tubes.

The advantages of CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows/Prefilters include:
  • Adjustable water level allows you to easily change the level in your tank.
  • Black top reduces algae growth.
  • Plastic screen to prevent fish loss.
  • Quiet operation.

Manufacturer Info

CPR Aquatic Aquarium Supplies
In Arcata, located in Northern California, the sea is a way of life. From the advanced Marine Biology department at Humboldt State University, just up the hill from CPR’s headquarters, to Humboldt Bay, about a mile west, CPR is nestled in a perfect environment to develop equipment for marine aquariums. CPR was started in a small garage in 1987 to produce biological filters for local aquarists. People who used CPR filters were impressed by the high quality and affordable prices. Word spread and the company grew. Since then, CPR has expanded to a 10,000 sq. ft. production facility and has developed many innovative products over the years. CPR is incorporating new ideas and technologies all the time. Their goal is to allow aquarists to place the highest performing products in their tanks at reasonable prices.

15 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

Compact but with issues

I wont re-iterate what many have reviewed and written already. Let me just touch on a few points. 1. Its compact and ingeniously laid out for those of us to don't have the sump experience or just want to buy an all in one. 2. Let me be clear, I bought it used with my 55g tank two months ago and I have been tweaking ever since. 3. I decided so water volume increase, and, power failure safety sake to place the whole thing into a 20g tall tank that I had laying around. Im not worried about flooding with the overflow and two 1" outflows into the tank in the right position to kill the siphon at a certain point. 3. I use the standard hose inflow and filter media on the upper tray. I use no bio-balls at all so there is nothing but water below the filter media. The next space which normally would be the pump area holds my UV lamp and two small heaters, then, the water passes through the hole in the acrylic that normally has the bulkhead in it and into the remaining space allowed by the 20g tank. In this space is a JeCod DCT-8000 pump which I admit is over pumped and could probably live with a DCT-6000. The pump is using 1" nylon braid clear hose with a Y from Marine Depot up to 1" duck bills on each side of the tank - again from Marine Depot. In between there is a 1" schedule 40 valve about 25% closed to manage the water flow from the pump which is running on step 2 of 10 (nice pump for a much larger tank I tell the wife!) 4. The only issue I have is the skimmer. When it works, it works great. But there are always issues with the little pump that sides on the side. Sometimes it defies explanation but it falls out, or, it loses suction in the tube and there are no bubbles requiring me to go in and remove the little pump and insert it again just so for the thing to start working again. 5. Other than the skimmer, its a cool little setup within space constraints, however, no way would I use this on more than a 60g or perhaps 75g tank. Best wishes!

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A.B. from Crescent City, CA UNITED STATE


Experience Level: Intermediate

Great product.

I bought this product for my Red Sea Max 100, and it fits perfectly in the cabinet below the tank. As mentioned in other reviews, glue the connections with pvc glue, or you'll have a leak as I did. The sound of the system reminds me of an indoor atrium, very pleasing to the ear. The sump fits my bio-ball reactor, and soon a phosphate. The complete package is the best wet-dry set-up other than a built in overflow that comes with the tank.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Product

I chose this filer as my first wet/dry filter before this I used canister filters. What a great choice it was easy to install came with everything I needed. Very happy!

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Experience Level: Intermediate


this product is excellent. small and quiet. the product came with everything needed to get this filter up and running with the exception of pvc cement. When you receive the item make sure the washer on the bulk head is on the wet side and glue the plug in with pvc cement. allow the cement to dry fully then i recommend running it with some water in the bath tub to make sure that your bulk head is on tight enough. take care if you use a tool as the bulk head is made from pvc and over tightening can ruin the bulk head and break the acrylic sump. i suggest running it in your bath tub for a few hours to make sure that there are not going to be any leaks. other then that i got mine up and running in a matter of minutes after i ran my in tub testing. once again cpr takes the cake with another outstanding product

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Experience Level: Intermediate

CPR Filter

It works just fine, and the all in 1 unit (built in skimmer) is a big plus, easy to remove to clean, and less hose to worry about.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

I like it!!

Setup was fairly easy. The skimmer skims great but takes awhile to get adjusted right. The powerhead doesn't fit very well in the side of skimmer. Once you get those two kinks worked out it's great. The waters skimmed then flows threw the bio bale and filter pad so you get clear water!! NO MICRO BUBBLES!!! Great setup!! A little to pricy though.

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Experience Level: Expert


Excellent product! I have had numerous CPR products in the past, and each new generation is better. I am upgrading my tank (about 10 yrs. since last upgrade) and this is really an easy install. As far as functionality goes, both the PTN skimer and biofilter are working great. Also, the system is very quiet. This would rate a five star if it weren't for two issues. First, the powerhead for the skimmer doesn't have a good union to the skimmer body and took some improvising. Second, the sump volume is really two small, even for my 55 gal. tank.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Great compact package.

This is perfect for small under tank cabinet space. Seems to be very efficient and a clean setup. I currently have this running on my 30 gal tank. I added live sand and will be putting some chaetomorpha in the return sump area. So far the tank is doing well. Skimmer is also doing it's job and love the fact that it has a skimmer overflow to a larger container. Not so plug and play so read the instructions and their instructional youtube videos. fittings are not perfect so use your plumbing common sense. it's expensive for what it is. you are basically paying for it's compact design which looks good, efficiency and the CPR name. Time will tell if this is as good as a home made sump. So far, I'm happy with this.

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Experience Level: Expert


I've had this filter for over 5 yrs on a 110 gallon tank. Works great, skimmer is doing a good job! I've used a separate skimmer at first ( high quality) but the skimmer that came with this filter worked just as good as a high end one. I have a 6"trigger fish , 5" majestic angel, 6" queen angel, 7" emperator angel, 3" saddleback butterfly, 5"threadfin butterfly,5"powder blue tang and a little hawk fish. I've had these fish for over 5 years with this filter with no problem. I do run a canister filter for carbon and a 55 watt uv sterilizer. I modified the lid and added some plexi glass to raise the sides higher so water wouldn't splash out, I also added a bulk head fitting on the side near the top so that water drains into a jug in case of power failure.

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Experience Level: Expert


I give this a 3 star rating because it actually does the job after some modifications. I am using this CY192 on a 90 gallon fish only with an extra CPR BAK PAK for more filtration. CPR says this CY192 filter is good up to 100 gallon tanks? The problem right away is if your power goes out the CY192 continues to take on water due to the overflow box or the interal reef ready box. The CY192's 4 gallon sump will overflow onto your floor because most tanks 75-100 gallon have more water than 4 gallons at the cut off mark from either the overflow box or internal box. So you have to get a bigger sump for this CY192 to work with larger tanks. But once you make the modifications CPR does not tell you to do. Your tank will be super clean visually and healthy enough for some of the less hardy Angel fish like the Majestic or Emperor. I suggest you double any figures CPR USA Inc. gives you too be on the safe side. They make great products but they exaggerate how much there filters can really take on.

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