CPR CR900 Wet/Dry Filter

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The value of a biological filter depends on how well it performs the tasks of oxygenation, ammonia conversion and gas exchange on a long term basis. In the wet/dry filter, air and water mix as water trickles over an exposed filter media such as Bio BaleTM. Biological filtration and gas exchange occur as the water flows in a thin layer over the media surface. (CR Series filters provide optimum growing conditions for bacteria which oxidize nitrite and toxic ammonia.) The rapid oxidation of ammonia and nitrite helps to maintain a stress free environment for aquatic life.

CPR filters are designed for long term reliability and ease of maintenance. These filters incorporate superior design features, such as:

  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Compact size to easily fit under your aquarium stand.
  • Excellent craftsmanship, all edges flame polished.
  • Efficient drip plate or drip lid dispersal.
  • Specially designed vented lids allow for proper gas exchange, and do not warp.
  • Recommended Tank Size: Up to 125 Gallons
  • Media Capacity: 4 Gallons
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 21" x 10" x 15.5"
  • Inlet / Outlet (Bulkhead): 1" / None
  • Internal Sump (L x W): 9.25" x 8.75"

Product Manuals & Documentation

CPR CR900 Wet/Dry Filter

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

CPR Aquatic Aquarium Supplies
In Arcata, located in Northern California, the sea is a way of life. From the advanced Marine Biology department at Humboldt State University, just up the hill from CPR’s headquarters, to Humboldt Bay, about a mile west, CPR is nestled in a perfect environment to develop equipment for marine aquariums. CPR was started in a small garage in 1987 to produce biological filters for local aquarists. People who used CPR filters were impressed by the high quality and affordable prices. Word spread and the company grew. Since then, CPR has expanded to a 10,000 sq. ft. production facility and has developed many innovative products over the years. CPR is incorporating new ideas and technologies all the time. Their goal is to allow aquarists to place the highest performing products in their tanks at reasonable prices.

11 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

Super Product

This product is out of the park! Clearest water I have ever seen, clearer that your local pet store. Highly recommend this package.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

CR 900

Very happy with Marine Depot and all the products that they sell. My new CR900 was simple to install and cleaned my water in minutes. It is easy for me to buy from Marine Depot rather than the Reef an fish store. Just call and it is at your door the next day at a good price.Thanks Marine Depot and all your reps.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Okay Buy

I purchased the whole package with the overflow kit and return kit, overall they get the job done. I believe it's rated for 125 US gallons, my tank is 115. The filter does keep the water crystal clear, but comes at a price. A large amount of evaporation is allowed by the design of such products; I usually have to add about 2-4 gallons daily depending on the humidity. The return kit came with an underpowered pump that I was rather unsatisfied with. It may be rated for 600 gal/hour in standing water, but as soon as you attach the 5 ft. return hose the flow rate drops to about 200 gal/hour. The overflow kit now tends to draw more air bubbbles into itself, thus calling for more frequent purging; usually every or every-other day in my case. There is hardly any room for the return pump and a hang-on protein skimmer pump; there is no way you'd be able to have the skimmer itself in the sump tank. This area should be doubled in size to fit the pumps and/or skimmers for a 125 US gal. aquarium, that it is rated for. Perhaps even have a bulkhead on the far end. The filter pad and media included is actually decent, I might try switching to the bio-balls though. Despite the great design of the overflow box with its black shield to deter algea growth, the algea grows still and is a major pain to clean out. The hosing included with the box is quality, yet the connection didn't match up to the bulkhead atop the wet\dry chamber. I had to dismantle and reverse it so the hose would be snug, yet it still leaks slightly and has salt creep all over it. Some kind of adapter should be included to match the threaded bulkhead atop the chamber. So all-in-all it has pretty equal pros and cons, but I suggest getting one rated for a much larger tank than you have. Only problem with that is the price tags jump up a lot, which is why I got the SYS 900 that's rated just above my aquarium size.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Item

Great construction low noise!!!

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Experience Level: Intermediate


ever since i started to use the CPR 900, my 40 gal reef aquarium has been shimmering!!! i have never seen it this clear before.. and it has only been a couple of days! it was an easy install because i purchased the deluxe package which had everything that i needed. the only piece that was missing was an aqua lifter pump and lid for the continuous siphon overflow. i would also recommend creating a lid for the CPR 900 due to evaporation. i also installed the coralife super skimmer for up to 125 gal as a hang on in the sump, and this is probably the best idea i've had for a long time. and if i ever upgrade to the next step (100 gal aquarium), i won't have to upgrade my filter systems. over all, this was a great addition to my aquarium!!

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Experience Level: Beginner

Cool Wet/Dry

Great system but the hose that came with it is a bit stiff. Because of the confined space it created somewhat of a sink trap eventually flow got backed up. I had to change to pvc with a vent pipe to give it a better run.

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Experience Level: Expert

Great Product

This is a good wet/dry for small tanks with low bioload.

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Picture slightly misleading

This is my first wet and dry as I am replacing my HOB's for maintenance cost reasons. No area for sponge filter or carbon bag.

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KrisArtz from

nice filter needs biggersump

this is a nice filter i think that it should have a bulkhead on the sump that way you have more space for skimmers and other stuff. otherwise it is a nice quite filter

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Not good

this filter has no sump space for any thing i dont recommend it

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