CaribSea AragaMIGHT Calcium Supplement

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This revolutionary new product puts the power of aragonite in a fast dissolving easy to use powder. Pure aragonite, ground to 10 microns for maximum surface area, provides flash remineralization of purified water, with no two parts to mix. This non-caustic powder supplies both calcium and carbonate buffer as well as full suite of natural trace element, all without ionic residual or by-products of any kind. No exact measuring required, no dosing needed. AragaMIGHT! stay within safe parameters no matter how much is used, no more wild pH flux.

Add 1/2 to 1 Teaspoon per gallon of purified water (RO or RO/DI). Use every time you top off your tank. This 16oz. bottle of AragaMight will re-mineralize up to 300 gallons of water.

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CaribSea AragaMIGHT Calcium Supplement

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

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At CaribSea we take aquariums seriously. Since 1972 we have supplied hundreds of public aquariums, zoos, aquaculture facilities, public and private institutions, and hundreds of thousands of dedicated aquarists with the highest quality marine and freshwater products. CaribSea has been in the forefront of the principle that substrates are a piece of equirment, not just a decorative afterthought. Caribsea substrates are as precisely engineered as any piece of advanced equipment used by today`s hobbyists and professionals. CaribSea products are the chemical support, biological filtration, and biodiversity backbone for many of the most spectacular aquatic displays ever created. We are now celebrating our 35th year in the business, and our product line has continued to grow; making CaribSea your aragonite source and so much more.



Experience Level: Intermediate

I Love It!

So I bought this at a local fish shop. I was looking for Kalk and they were out. The sales rep talked me into this and I figured I would try it. I have now been using this with my AutoTopOff for three months and have not had to spend what I normally spend on other chemicals such as mag, ca and other trace elements. This has cut my expenses of maintaining my 300 gallon reef tank in to a 1/3 of what they used to be. I just one 16oz jar a month in what used to be my Kalk reactor. I still have to add CA because I am a heavy SPS tank but not nearly as much. Everyone that sees my tank says I do not have enough light, and or flow but the growth I have is matched to none in my area. My corals are growing at a rate most people dream of. I can only give credit to this product to keep my levels stable so the stress is almost gone. No Stress equal great growth! I love this and I will never go back to Kalk!

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Natrual Additive

Great product, easy and inexpensive way to add ca, mg, buffer to tank. I use it to remineralize my evpaorated water.

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