CaribSea Aragamax Sugar-Sized Sand 30 lb

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Aragamax Sugar-Sized Sand: 0.2 - 1.2mm diameter grain size. Also known as "oolitic sand," this grade is ideal for shallower bedsallowing dentrification in little 1"depth. The fine can pass easily through gills of gobys and other sand-sifting organisms. smooth round grains are gentle to soft bellied sharks rays. White color metal freeno ash or silica.

CaribSea Aragonite buffers to the highest pH and delivers more calcium, carbonate, and trace elements than any other substrate. Little or no rinsing required, aragonite keeps aquariums healthier, longer.

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0.2 - 1.2mm diameter grain size


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At CaribSea we take aquariums seriously. Since 1972 we have supplied hundreds of public aquariums, zoos, aquaculture facilities, public and private institutions, and hundreds of thousands of dedicated aquarists with the highest quality marine and freshwater products. CaribSea has been in the forefront of the principle that substrates are a piece of equirment, not just a decorative afterthought. Caribsea substrates are as precisely engineered as any piece of advanced equipment used by today`s hobbyists and professionals. CaribSea products are the chemical support, biological filtration, and biodiversity backbone for many of the most spectacular aquatic displays ever created. We are now celebrating our 35th year in the business, and our product line has continued to grow; making CaribSea your aragonite source and so much more.


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Experience Level: Beginner

Great for Hermit Crabs

I bought this sand as a substrate for a 20 gallon aquarium and my hermit crabs. It came in a heavy duty plastic bag and arrived in good shape. Mine is not pink like the picture, but a nice white and very fine, just like I was expecting. I had read to buy the "sugar grain" size since it is small enough to pass through the systems of the hermit crabs when they nibble on it for the minerals, as they do, and because the fine grain is not abrasive and won't cut their exoskeletons, which could be fatal to them. I also bought it because of the calcium and other mineral content of the sand. I originally thought I would mix this Caribsea sand with the coconut fiber that I use for substrate. But when I changed my tank, I found that the bottom 2 inches of the old substrate was very wet and smelly, like stagnant water, from the run off when I misted, sometimes heavily, the sides of the tank to maintain the 70-75 percent humidity that the crabs need. So I ended up using this new sand as a layer in the very bottom of the tank. The 30 pound bag made a 1-2 inch layer on bottom of the new 20 gallon aquarium. I am hoping it will serve as a filter/drainage layer. I filled the rest of the tank with about a 6 inch layer of coco fiber layer that I soaked in springwater, and mixed with oystershell calcium. It looks really nice and the crabs love it. They do dig down to the bottom of the tank sometimes and have access to the sand/minerals there. I am adding water, when the humidity dips too low, but pouring it in small amounts, slowly onto the top surface of the substrate and letting it soak slowly in so that I'm not getting the soaking wet bottom like I did before. This is what is working for me now and I love the addition of this sea sand. I might buy extra next time, so that I have a layer on the bottom, plus a bag to mix in with the cocofiber. I would like to buy this sand locally and avoid shipping, but Marine Depot has been the only place I have been able to find this product.

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DOUGLAS LAWRENCE from Grand Forks BC Canada


Experience Level: Intermediate

Maybe not the correct product

After reading about this product many times online, I thought this would look and work in my freshwater tank with Lake Malawi Mabuna fish. This is a start from scratch project and from my readings thought it would be ok to just add water as the last element of the build. 'If you don't clean the sand first, NO problem,the fines will settle or be filtered out in a reasonable amount of time'. Not so. Any amount of movement of water causes the fines to fog the tank. OK let the tank set for a couple of days to settle. 3 days later with no water movement at all and the water is still cloudy.I will now have to do a agitate/drain/ fill/agitate/drain/fill program in order to get the fines to move out. Otherwise I have to take down the rock stack and remove the sand for cleaning. I like the first option better. Anyhow 'WASH THIS SAND BEFORE USING'

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Experience Level: Beginner

Great for anything!

If you guys are thinking about getting a gobie, you need this sand! If you get the more dense sand, it can cause problems for that fish. The finer the better, its okay to have big pieces in there ones where the gobie can't swallow but your just better off just getting this type and only this type. :)

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Experience Level: Expert

Works Great!

I keep hermit crabs and have found this sand to be an excellent substrate for them. No sharp edges to worry about puncturing their soft bodies. Ideal sand for the hermit crabs to wet and dig under the sand to molt! No cave ins! I've had over 200 molts and have not lost a crab due to, I believe, this excellent substrate - CaribSea Aragamax Sugar sized Sand. I prefer the dry sand as opposed to the wet sand, simply because hermit crabs like to wetten the substrate to their liking. I would highly recommend this substrate!!

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Experience Level: Beginner

good size

Although it's not as pink as the pic, good size grain. I mixed it w/ some live sand so it came out nice.

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the fish guy from

Good sand

I like this sand. Good size for DSB. My nitrates are no where to be seen. It says on the packet, only 1 inch will do for nitrate reduction. I don't think so. Overall, I recommend it.

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