Collection cup O-ring for ASM G-1 w/ G-500 Pump, G-1X, Mini G Protein Skimmers

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ASM Protein Skimmers

Replacement Collection cup O-ring for ASM G-1 w/ G-500 Pump, G-1X, and Mini G Protein Skimmers

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All Seas Marine (ASM) Aquarium Supplies
All Seas Marine (ASM) is a Southern California based company established in 1977. They distribute marine aquarium livestock and products on both coasts and have provided customers with outstanding products and service for more than 20 years. ASM is constantly experimenting and trying new materials to improve existing products and innovate new ones. We carry ASM’s entire G Series protein skimmer line along with a host of useful accessories like venturis, needlewheel impellers, pumps and O-rings.

S.K. AUSTIN from Schenectady, NY UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

Still leaking, but not as bad

I had purchased a used ASM G-3 Skimmer, and upon use, found that the unit leaked quite severely at both the body O-Ring and the Collection Cup O-Ring. I purchased replacements for both and found that each was considerably thicker than the old ones. Once in place, I fired up the skimmer and found that both seals still leaked, though considerably less than before. After a few hours of operation, the leaking seemed to have stopped. After 3 days use, I am still noticing a small amount of damp salt creep collecting up around the seals, but at the moment it doesnt seem too bad. At current, I would have to say that this product did not remedy the problem, but appears to have lessened it to an extent. This appears it may be due more to the overall design of the skimmer, than to the effectiveness of the O-Rings.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

collection cup o-ring

just what I needed. product is excellent. will come here againg when i need more

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Accessories for Collection cup O-ring for ASM G-1 w/ G-500 Pump, G-1X, Mini G Protein Skimmers

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