Coral RX Coral Dip - 8 oz

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Coral Rx was developed for two purposes: to treat corals suffering with parasites, and as a prophylactic measure to promote healthy corals before parasites or bacterial infections become harmful. Coral Rx is tough on parasites, yet gentle on your coral (contains no iodine or oxidizers) allowing you to be proactive in protecting your investment.

Coral Rx – a different type of coral dip
Coral Rx was designed by keeping the health of your coral in mind. The proprietary blend of natural ingredients contains no iodine, which is known to stain corals, nor does Coral Rx contain oxidizers whose by-products are often toxic and continue to react with surrounding tissue.

Coral Rx removes many of the “hard to deal with” coral pests like Acropora-Eating Flatworms, Montipora-Eating Nudibranchs and Zoanthid-Eating Nudibranchs.

Promotes Coral Health – Coral Rx is hard on parasites yet easy on corals making it a perfect prophylactic treatment protecting your coral investment. Whether or not you quarantine your corals before putting them in your aquarium, a dip in Coral Rx decreases the probability of adding a parasite into your aquarium eco-system.

Coral Rx can be used in treating many types of live corals; soft, LPS and SPS. Coral Rx should be used in treating corals that have parasites or other bacterial infections. Additionally, it should be used as a prophylactic treatment before bringing live coral into your aquarium.

Coral Rx is effective in removing the following parasites:
- Acropora Eating Flatworms (AEFW)
- Montipora Eating Nudibranchs
- Bristleworms
- Zoanthid Eating Spiders
- Red Flatworms

Also aids in the treatment of:
- Filamentous Hair Algae
- Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN)
- Slow Tissue Necrosis (STN)
- Bacterial Infections & More

Coral Rx should not be used on fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, clams or other invertebrates. CoralRx has not tested for its effectiveness on Acropora Red Bugs.


  • Dosage per gallon of dip
    - Coral Rx: 20ml or 4 capfuls (8oz. bottle produces approximately 12 gallons of coral dip)

  • Shake bottle of Coral Rx. Add dosage as stated above based on product purchased to 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of saltwater from aquarium. Mix well. Using a small power head, keep the water moving and place coral in the coral dip. If you do not have a power head, gently shake coral in the coral dip. Keep coral in the coral dip for 5 – 10 minutes. After 5 – 10 minutes, remove coral and discard the coral dip. Do not reuse the coral dip as parasite may release toxins. Rinse coral with clean saltwater and return to aquarium. Do not add Coral Rx directly into aquarium!
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Proprietary Blend of Natural Extracts. (Coral Rx Industrial contains no distilled water)

Mr. Bob from NY


Experience Level: Beginner

Works great

This stuff is great! Watch the critters run out of the coral plugs. The package must have been pressurized at some point because about a quarter got out but you don't need much and it works very well so it stil got 5 stars.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Awesome product

I used Coral Rx, after watching countless videos on corals. It's popular with many reef enthusiasts, so I tried it on some corals I bought on line! Worked like a champ! Within seconds...parasites, spiders...yes spiders came off the corals...along with other things. Had I not used Coral Rx....who knows the amount of problems I would have encountered . It's a small price for quality, peace of mind...and eliminating problems before....they get in your tank. I'm sold on it a will use it from now on!!!

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Experience Level: Expert

Great product

This is a good coral dip to use. Its simple to use, important and doesn't cost much at all. In fact, it is about $10 less here on Marine Depot than at my local fish store. Everytime I buy corals, I use this dip and when I do, I feel much more confident adding corals to my tank. A few times, I used this dip and after about a minute, you see hitch hikers running off the corals. This is a MUST BUY for serious hobbyists!!

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I am so glad marine depot sells coral rx! I had an issue of flatworms on my corals and i dipped them with coral rx. I could actually see the worms crawling off the coral trying to get a way! Now I use this product on all of my corals before placing them in my tank. My corals are happy and healthy.

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David from Orlando, FL UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

Instant Results!!!!!

I purchased the Coral RX 8oz to protect my investment in some new corals. Followed the directions on the label and within minutes, flatworms and spiders were ejecting off the coral. I could not have seen these pests prior. I placed the coral in my tank and have not had one problem. Their website has a great cartoon video! I will use every time from now on.

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