Current USA 24 Inch TrueLumen Pro Single Dimmable LED Striplight Kit


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Current USA

Minimal Presence…Maximum Performance

  • Brilliant shimmer & color rendition
  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Ultra-bright, energy efficient LEDs
  • Includes inline dimmer control
Experience a whole new level of brightness with TrueLumenPro LED strips. Producing amazing shimmer and stunning color effects, each striplight is packed with ultra-bright LEDs rivaling even the brightest T5’s. Powerful and feature rich, TrueLumenPro LED strip kits are a simple, all-in-one lighting solution for marine & freshwater aquarists from the hobbyist to the professional.

A perfect blend of 12,000K white and 453nm blue LED chips emits a brilliant spectrum of light for any freshwater or marine aquarium. You’ll see incredible shimmer effects while enhancing colors in your fish you’ve never seen before. With a simple turn of a dial, you can completely adjust the brightness of your light. The extruded aluminum housing is sleek and low profile, making them the perfect fit for almost any aquatic application. Mount them directly to your aquarium using the adjustable aluminum docking mounts, or retrofit them inside your canopy using the included swivel canopy brackets. Completely water resistant and powered by low voltage, they are super safe and completely silent (no cooling fan.)

TrueLumenPro Single LED Strip Kits are excellent for freshwater & marine fish aquariums, fish only with live rock (FOWLR) and marine soft coral tanks.

Each TrueLumenPro Dual LED Kit includes:
  • 1 - 24" TrueLumen Pro 16W LED Striplight (Marine Fusion - 12K white & 453nm blue)
  • 2 - Aluminum Mounting Brackets
  • 2 - Swivel Canopy Brackets
  • 1 - Inline Dimmer - with ON/OFF control
  • 1 - 60 Watt 24V Transformer (UL Listed)
  • 1 – Instructions

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