Current USA 55W 10,000K/460nm Actinic Power Compact Bulb and Hanging Arm System Italian Glass Pendant

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This item has been discontinued.

Current USA

Current USA 2C Italian Glass Pendant and Hanging Arm System

Stylish pendant design reduces heat load without noisy fans. Fully adjustable arm for desired lighting performance and style. Two powerful options, 2C compact fluorescent and HQI metal halide.


  • 55 Watt 10,000/460nm Powercompact Bulb
  • Hanging Arm Kit

Sixwing from SW Colorado


Experience Level: Intermediate

Good product, timely shipping

This lamp was a little more difficult to install than I'd hoped - if you do not have a Solana stand, make sure you have a solid-backed stand with no lip or be prepared to do a little DIY. It looks very good once installed, functions well, no noise and no heat issues. The adjustable height is very convenient as well, and the lamp swivels easily out of the way for tank maintenance.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Not terrible...

I didn't expect much out of this lamp. I'm a fan of heavier strip fixtures. I needed a smallish lamp suitable for hardy aquatic plants in a brackish setup. The lamp is pretty nice, the glass part of the fixture is white, not blue as I had assumed. The fittings on the fixture itself are matte black, and very nice. The lamp armiture is bright, reflective chrome, which I find very unappealing. Matte black would have been a much better choice from an aesthetic point of view. I attached this lamp onto the stand for my 20 gallon long tank by screwing the very straightforward mounting plate onto the stand with the four provided phillip's head screws (the lamp's directions indicate that it was made to pair with a specific stand made by the same company). On a 20l, I find that it doesn't quite reach the middle of the tank (three inches short, or so) when mounted to the side of the tank stand. Fortunately, this fixture isn't supposed to help me grow much other than java fern and algae. Pendulum fixtures like this don't throw off a very wide angle of light. Also, because of the design of the lamp, a large percentage of lumens generated will never get anywhere near your water column. However, for looking nice in my living room, providing puffers with some light, and maybe growing some VERY hardy plants, this light works well. The outer coil of the bulb is white, rated 10,000k, and the inner coil is a nice 420nm blue.

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