Current USA Solana XL 60 Gallon Aquarium & Modern Black Stand

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Current USA

Current USA Solana XL60 Aquarium

Combining the newest innovations in aquatic technology with a simple, fashionable design, the Solana features frameless beveled glass panels, integrated bio-filtration and black background. It's not just an aquarium, the Solana is aquatic furniture destined to appeal to everyone in the family.

Three Panels of Ultimate Viewing

  • High clarity, low iron glass for the ultimate viewing experience.
  • The Solana XL integrated stylish design features tank, filtration, and stand.
Solana XL Aquarium Tank Features:
  • 3-Panel high clarlity, low iron beveled glass for the ultimate viewing experience
  • Removable frame top - optional rimless look or use the included wood frame w/hinged glass top
  • Adjustable overflow box with dual flexible outlet nozzles
  • 24" x 24" x 24"
Solana Filtration Features:
  • Slim glass panel sump
  • Mechanical bag filter assembly with 200 micron nylon bag
  • Automatic freshwater top off system
  • Adjustable center positioned overflow box with dual flexible outlet nozzles
  • Energy efficient Quiet One return pump
The Solana XL filtration system was designed with ease and performance in mind. Slimline glass sump (measures 23" x 10.5" x 16") includes a 200 micron nylon filter bag which polishes water keeping it crystal clear. Filter bag is easily removed for cleaning and fits snug to prevent water by-pass and splashing. Gravity flow auto-top off system holds 36 oz. of freshwater and keeps salinity levels stable while your away. A powerful Quiet One return pump provides quiet, energy efficient water flow to the entire aquarium. Quiet One pump is UL listed, 1017 gph, 50 watt, 120V/60Hz.

Solana XL Stand Features:
  • Professional Modern Black finish
  • Illuminated filtration compartment
  • Seperate chiller compartment designed with proper air flow
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
Stylish modern black stand features 3 access doors for easy access to your filter and accessories. The professional black finish blends with many decor styles and the satin nickel hardware keeps things modern. A seperate sealed chiller compartment features bottom-draw intakes and behind the stand exhaust vent - drawing cool air in and exhausting hot air out of the back of the cabinet. All this, while leaving plenty of room underneath for the rest of your goodies. (Chiller sold seperately.)

What's Included

Each Solana XL includes 3-panel High Clarity Aquarium, overflow box with plumbing, wood frame trim kit w/hinged glass tops, furniture grade modern black stand, glass sump, micron bag filter assembly, 200 micron filter bag, Quiet One return pump and auto top-off system. Some assembly required.

Product Manuals & Documentation

Current USA Solana XL 60 Gallon Aquarium & Modern Black Stand

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format



Experience Level: Beginner

Great aquarium

This aquarium has been great from the start. The glass is nice and clear and looks great with my new LED lighting. The stand is very sturdy and fits right in with the furniture in my house. No issues so far with built in overflow and sump. The included pump is nice and quiet as well. All plumbing was included and was a breeze to set up. Overall, after a LOT of research I am glad I chose the XL60. My one complaint is that there seem to be a few different "packages" that Current USA makes. Some with a SunPod, some with in cabinet lighting, and others with neither. So even though my instructions and product information all say that it came with a 24" T5 retro for the cabinet, Current USA informed me that this must have been an error and that it does not come with the cabinet lighting.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Modern and sleek!

I have this set with an Ecoxotic large light. It looks very modern and sleek! Please keep in mind I had a red Sea max for a few years. After transferring all my coral from the RSM they have grown a tremendous amount in size in the last 30 days. No heat super amount of light! I was so happy I purchased a duplicate ecoxotic and Solana XL set up for another portion of our house. I am not affiliated with this company. I never leave review posts anywhere but this is the best of the best!! If I was Opera Winfrey I would give this light set up out to all my guests. This is the future guys!!!

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Expensive, but woth it.

I'm glad I bought this tank. The packing was great. They actually pack the sump in the tank and the tank in the stand. Then they crate it in cardboard and a wood cage and mount it on a pallet. You need not worry about shipping. It will arrive safe. All the plumbing is complete and included. Even a check valve for the sump pressure line. The included light for the cabinet is a nice tough and fits perfect. The sump, MH ballast, my chiller, and kalkreactor all fit in the stand with room to spare. Buy this tank...you'll like it.

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