Current USA TrueLumen Pro 12,000K Diamond White LED StripLight

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Current USA

TrueLumen PRO LED Striplights

A New Standard in Illumination
These sleek, extruded aluminum strip lights are packed with ultra-bright LEDs rivaling even the brightest T5`s. Completely water resistant and low-voltage provides a super safe solution for any application. Thermally efficient LED design allows for no cooling fan or need for costly water chillers and best of all operates in complete silence.

A Perfect Fit
No matter what your application is, store-use, canopy installation, or direct placement on an aquarium, the TrueLumen Pro Strips are the perfect fit. Four color options provides variety for freshwater, saltwater, reef and planted aquariums. Excellent for adding shimmer and glitter lines, promoting strong coral and plant growth and enhancing colors you`ve never seen before.

TrueLumen Pro LED striplights finally offer aquarists features they`ve always needed. The energy efficient, long life, ultra-bright LED chips emit a sharp spectrum of light promoting growth and color – not algae. Protected by a proprietary silicone cover, they are completely water resistant and designed to last. Powered by a 24 volt low-voltage transformer, powerful and feature rich, the TrueLumen Pro LED striplights are the simple and safe solution for marine & freshwater aquarists from the hobbyist to the professional.

4 Color Spectrums in 4 Lengths

8,000K Sun White - the perfect spectrum for freshwater planted aquariums or refugiums.

12,000K Diamond White - crisp white, an excellent choice for enhancing colors in marine & freshwater fish. Provides bright, penetrating rays of shimmering light without growing nuisance algae.

Marine Fusion - a slick combination of 12K white & 453nm blue. One strip will illuminate an entire aquarium with the perfect blend of light for marine fish & reef aquariums.

Deepwater Blue - sharp 453nm actinic blue lighting for providing the necessary wavelengths for promoting strong coral growth & enhancing brilliant coloration.

What`s Included
Each TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight includes LED light & swivel brackets with mounting hardware and instructions.

Dimensions: 12" x 0.8" x 0.7"
Maximum Power Consumption: 9.1 Watts

Please Note: Power supply units are sold separately (CU03036). Once you`ve selected your quantity, color, and size, please remember to add one Power Supply to your cart.

To connect multiple TrueLumen Pro LED striplights together, a 3-Way Splitter (Sold Separately) is required.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Deep Blue-bad thread job

At the end of the LED fixture is a whole for the mounting brackets to be secured--mine was either drilled wrong or the wrong internal thread diameter. I bought two units and one is not mountable. I tried the hardware from the other strip and still the same issue, it's not grabbing and it's not stripped, weird I know. I'll hit the hardware store in the morning to see if I need a longer screw for it to grab the threads otherwise I'm returning one. Check the unit the day you receive it to make sure the machinist wasn't high. The one I purchased is the Deep Blue color. I get it, this stuff happens. Overall, the color is pretty good and intensity is decent. I'd rate five stars if I'd not had this manufacturing issue. -Happy Reefing

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Experience Level: Expert

Like T5's on steroids

Quality economical LED strips that work well in a canopy. Brighter than T5's but like them multiples are required for corals. They operate with little heat build-up. I am using four strips over my 75 controlled by their ramp timers.

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Experience Level: Expert

Great quality but PAR lacking.

I've been happy with the Current TrueLumen strips but there are a couple of issues. I've had all 3 colors and am currently running five 48" strips on my 155g 6' reef, some for almost 3 years with no problems. Pros: Quality made. These strips are tough! Have dropped a few times and also dunked in saltwater- not even a flicker! Have had three for 3 years and no sign of wear or dimming. Very little heat. Extremely compact Great Coloration. The 12K is your basic white- to me, 12K should have a hint of blue and this has none- all white but not a big deal. The Fusion is blues and 12k's combined in a 1:2 ratio- looks very nice! The blues really make the corals pop- very happy! Controllable. These work well on a couple different controllers. Value. These strips are a good value when purchasing 1 or 2. Past that, you may want to look at a different light (see cons) Cons: The biggest con is the PAR output. These lights looks bright out of the box but PAR readings are a different matter. I measured three 48" strips at full intensity over a 48" tank. PAR levels were about 90 midway. I also measured 5 48" strips on a 72" tank and got about 110. I would expect more PAR from these. They work well with softies, LPS, and some anemones but just won't cut it for SPS. Shimmer: Not sure what the other reviewer means by great shimmer but these have very little. I also run Kessils on my tank and these produce fantastic shimmer. The strips offer maybe 10% of the Kessil shimmer. Power Supplies are too expensive. You can only run 2 48" strips on a single power supply (at the tune of $45). Overall a good quality light and can work well for certain tanks. Don't produce the PAR needed for hard corals though, even with multiple units.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I purchased this light along with the actinic blue and 2 marine fusions to replace my stock biocube 29. I'm very impressed with the brightness you get for the size and price of these lights. They put out relatively no heat. Very easy to install and add that great shimmer effect. LPS corals are doing great. Highly recommend adding blues for a crisper look for reefs.

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