DT`s Live Marine Phytoplankton - 7.5 oz.


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DT`s Plankton Farm

DT`s Live Marine Phytoplankton naturally provides needed nutrition for your reef inhabitants through both direct and indirect feeding with a positive effect on water quality. It provides this nutrition without any additives or preservatives with a unique, concentrated, and cleaned live culture. The combined effects of DT`s live phytoplankton cannot be duplicated with preserved phytoplankton or any other product.

The concept is simple: Remove most of the water from the culture and you don`t have to pay for it. From 30% to over 40% savings per feeding! Only the algae cells are concentrated. Dissolved nutrients are removed along with the water.

Easy concept—Complicated process DT`s Plankton Farm uses the most advanced cell separation technology to gently separate algae cells from the culture without damage to the living cells. The resulting live phytoplankton is concentrated far beyond normal culture density. With only a small amount needed per feeding, (1 oz. Vs 16 oz. per 100 gal) dissolved nutrients are reduced to insignificant amounts.

Live blend of three species of phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis oculata, N. salina and Chlorella), ranging in size form 2 microns to 12 microns. This is a very good source of fatty acids, protein & Carbohydrates.

Phytoplankton provides essential nutrition for reef and sand dwelling invertebrates. Including: clams, scallops, many corals, gorgonians, fan worms, tunicates, sea apples and other cucumbers, some sponges and zooplankton including rotifers. By enriching rotifers or bring shrimp, this nutrition can be made available to fish and larger invertebrates.

Phytoplankton are very fast growing plants. For best nutrition, the culture must be harvested before nutrients are exhausted. While in a state of nitrogen starvation, phytoplankton loses it`s nutritional value exceptionally fast.

Feeding trials performed at the University of California, Davis prove: DT`s LIVE Marine Phytoplankton maintains it`s full nutritional value for close to 6 months if kept refrigerated. Phytoplankton stored at room temperature was still very much alive but nutritionally worthless within 7 days.

In order to preserve the nutritional value of the phytoplankton, this product must be shipped via Next Day delivery. Shipping and handling charges is $24.99 (free shipping promotion does not apply). This charge covers the shipping, ice pack, and styrofoam box charge. Frozen foods can be included in the same shipment with no additional cost.

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DT`s Plankton Farm Aquarium Supplies
DT’s Plankton Farm produces products specifically designed for feeding marine invertebrates in home and research aquarium systems. DT’s Live Marine Phytoplankton is concentrated and cleaned to provide nutritious live phytoplankton without the contamination of excessive nutrients or metals from the culture media. DT`s Natural Reef Diet Oyster Eggs are nutritious with high levels of protein and omega3 fatty acids. DT`s Live Marine Copepods are a subtropical copepod species that will develop a thriving population in reef aquariums.

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