Danner Supreme Aqua Clean Spray

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Danner Mfg.

Read-to-use cleanser for aquariums and pump equipment and surfaces.

Aqua-Clean is a biodegradable, safe cleaner formulated to rapidly dissolve all types of mineral scale, lime and rust from equipment and surfaces used in aquariums.

Supreme Aqua-Clean is also safe for use with plastic, ceramic, rubber, PVC, titanium, copper, nickel and short-term use with stainless steel. Supreme Aqua-Clean is not designed for prolonged use with stainless steel.

Supreme Aqua-Clean can be used to thoroughly clean aquariums as long as all inhabitants are removed prior to use. Aquarium must be rinsed with water several times before returning inhabitants. Do NOT pour or spray directly into any aquarium with fish, plants, invertebrates and live coral until they are moved.

*Everything must be rinsed and flushed before returning inhabitants or plants.

  • Instantly loosens mineral scale, lime, rust and other detritus from aquarium pumps
  • Rapidly removes coralline algae and dissolves calcium carbonate
  • Effectively cleans all of the surfaces of your pumps and aquarium equipment
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Biodegradable

Manufacturer Info

Danner Aquarium Supplies
Danner has been in business for more than 50 years. Danner produces many popular product lines including PondMaster, ProLine, Supreme and DynaMaster. Danner products have many applications including water gardening, aquaria, pools/spas and hydroponics. The company is committed to producing high-quality merchandise for affordable prices. We carry a variety of Danner pumps, parts and accessories for both aquarium and pond applications. The PondMaster and Mag-Drive water pump lines are regarded by most users as both dependable and affordable.

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