Digital Aquatics Lifeguard v2.0 Aquarium Monitor

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Digital Aquatics

Not ready for a controller? Protect your tank with Lifeguard™ by Digital Aquatics.

Reliable monitoring and protection. Digital Aquatics’ Lifeguard™ monitoring system protects your aquarium by monitoring the three parameters that most often lead to tank crashes: temperature, pH and water level (via a switch input). Lifeguard is a super-easy-to-use alternative for anyone who wants to protect their tank without using a controller.

Affordable and integrated. Lifeguard is the only tank protection system that includes built-in pH measurement and built-in Ethernet at such a low price. Lifeguard comes with everything you need –including probes and cables – to monitor pH, temperature and one or more switch devices. Lifeguard comes with a pH probe, a temperature probe and a cable for the switch input. Lifeguard also comes with a power adapter, a quick-start guide and an Ethernet cable for connection to your home or office network and the Internet. The switch cable can be connected to a float switch, a leak detector, or multiple switch devices in series or parallel.

Advanced data logging and graphing help you spot trends. Lifeguard’s advanced data logging and graphing features enable you to spot temperature and pH trends. Spotting trends helps you prevent harmful conditions and take better care of your aquarium.

Lifeguard 24-hour Graph
Monitor your aquarium from anywhere, anytime. Built-in Ethernet connectivity enables you to access Lifeguard’s monitoring and graphing features from the Internet. It’s like having your aquarium with you, anywhere, anytime.

Email alerts keep you informed. Lifeguard helps you respond quickly to out-of-bounds tank conditions by sending you email alerts when temperature or pH crosses user-definable thresholds, or when the switch input opens or closes.

New v2 features make Lifeguard even more powerful. Our new v2 firmware makes Lifeguard an even more powerful tool for monitoring and protecting your aquarium.
  • Alert emails can now identify which Lifeguard unit sent the email –great for users with multiple Lifeguard units.
  • Significantly Improved pH and temperature measurement stability throughout the measurement ranges
  • Greatly improved pH calibration algorithm
  • Improved alert e-mail hysteresis - this prevents Lifeguard from sending too many e-mail alerts if the measurement value is fluctuating about the trigger points.
  • Improved long-term graphing performance.
Easy to set up. Easy to use. Lifeguard’s intuitive user interface makes the system a breeze to use. The included quick-start guide and easy-to-use online user guide (free download – see below) will help you get your Lifeguard system up and running quickly and easily.

Redundancy for controlled aquariums. Already have a controller on your tank? Lifeguard adds an affordable level of redundancy to help you protect your investment in your aquarium. For maximum protection, Lifeguard operates independently of any other controller or aquarium device.

Lifeguard Technical Data
  • 80 MHz, 32 bit, 1.56 DMIPS/MHz embedded processor
  • 4 MB, 86 MHz flash memory

  • 16x2 Alphanumeric screen with white backlight and black characters
  • High-contrast for improved readability

Data Calculations and Graphing
  • Two week data logs for temperature
  • Two week data logs for pH
  • 5 minute logging interval
  • Calculated min, max, average and current trend

  • Built-in 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Built-in dedicated web server
  • SSL email support for secure alert transmission

Website Technology
  • Utilizes HTML5 and jQuery for a superior intuitive interface
  • SSL support
  • Smartphone compatible graphs
  • SNTP support for Internet time synchronization

Data Calculations and Graphing
  • Two week data logs for temperature
  • Two week data logs for pH
  • 5 minute logging interval
  • Calculated min, max, average and current trend

  • 6 VDC power adapter
  • Internal battery for clock retention
  • Less than 2.4 W of power consumption

  • Temperature port:
      Precision: 0.1 °F
      Accuracy: +/- 1.0 °F
      Range: 60 °F to 100°F
  • pH port:
      Precision: 0.01 pH
      Accuracy: +/- 0.1 pH
      Range: 3.00 pH to 11.00 pH
  • Advanced switch port
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power adapter, 6VDC

Product Manuals & Documentation

Digital Aquatics Lifeguard v2.0 Aquarium Monitor

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Digital Aquatics Aquarium Supplies
Digital Aquatics was founded in 2004 and has quickly become the most recognized name in aquarium automation. Since the company debuted the original ReefKeeper 1 (now known as the RK1) in 2004, they have gone on to create some of the most flexible, innovative and cost effective aquarium controllers on the market. The revolutionary ReefKeeper Elite (RKE) was unveiled in 2008 and the affordable ReefKeeper Lite (RKL) came out shortly thereafter to appeal to more budget-conscience aquarium hobbyists. In 2010, Digital Aquatics released a reptile version, the HerpKeeper, as well as the aptly named PondKeeper. ReefKeeper controllers simplify aquarium keeping duties by monitoring and controlling a variety of water parameters and equipment including but not limited to lighting, water flow, heating, cooling, pH and ORP.



Experience Level: Intermediate

ph doesn't work

Temperature and float switch work great. PH pretty much doesn't. Really frustrating. These guys make other controllers that I own and work fine with ph - so the have the knowledge and experience. Really a shame because the concept, interface, and temp/switch aspects look and work great. If they would just fix the silly PH component, this would get five stars.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

pH probe -meter dosen't work

Have been using on freshwater tank for 2 months. Temp and switch work fine. Could not get pH calibrated. Bought another probe, same result. Digital Aquatics customer service does not work. They will not respond to e-mails. and they never answer the phone because they are "short staffed". I did get some help from Marine Depot to fix a switch set-up problem. This instrument is useless to me because it won't measure pH accurately. by the way, I set up wireless using aLinksys Wireless-N Extender. A snap to do.

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Experience Level: Expert

waste of money

after the first moth of having controller, had to send it back to get fixed. after that still had MANY issues, way over priced for what you get, probes are not very accurate, i lost data logging on ph side then just last week lost it on temp side, can not set time right, list goes on. and not to mention not mac friendly. should of bought the neptune controller.

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Experience Level: Expert

Poor quality product

Easy to set up, that's about it. The temp probe stinks, the ph probe is hard to calibrate and the list goes on. I do not recommend. That is without mentioning, it is WAY overpriced.

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Eddie Correa from Federal Way, WA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

What a waste of money

This thing is such a waste. While it has a good idea behind it(small, good looking, and functional) you can do the same thing with a controller and actually control some outlets. For $200 you can get a controller, monitor PH and Temp, and control 4 outlets. If this were $75 then I would call it a good deal. Otherwise you are just throwing your money in the toilet. It wouldn't let me give it ZERO stars so I gave it Half a star.

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Steve from Boston, MA


Experience Level: Expert

Something to be aware of...

For someone like me who simply wants to monitor temp, PH & a float switch, I really want to like this device but it has some serious issues. They need to update the firmware to add an email setting that lets you set the amount/frequency of email alerts. Otherwise, you will get hit with hundreds of emails! I am also having a problem with the temp probe not working at random (reads wrong temp) and then it starts working again. I had to disable email notifications because every time that occurred, I would get flooded with false emails since you can't control alert settings. Great idea for a product but not ready for prime time. For this price, it should not have been released just yet.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Not happy

The lifeguard controller monitors the basics as promised. It is small goodlooking and easy to read. Setup was fairly easy except linking the device wirelessly which I have given up on and am in the process of hard wiring it. My main disappointment is It gets stuck or pauses and needs to be unplugged and plugged again for it to function making it useless if you are planning on using it to monitor your tank while away. The purpose I purchased it for. Leaving me very disappointed

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