Digital Aquatics PC1 Power Controller Module

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This item has been discontinued.

Digital Aquatics

Increased Power Handling
The PC1 is useful for controlling those high current devices like chillers and large lighting fixtures. The PC1 can supply up to 15A (10A inductive) to one or more devices. Both outlets controlled as one.

The PC1 is plugged directly into the ReefKeeper system bus and addressed as any other module with an "Output".

NEW features
The PC1 also integrates 3 Virtual Channels (VC) that are available to the entire system. They are very useful when working with complex programs on the ReefKeeper system

The PC1 is pluged directly into a wall outlet. A screw is provided to mount the module to the outlet for secrutiy and to insure it will come lose.

The PC1 also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of our developing feature set; and firmware updates are always free!


  • Chillers (over 1/2 horse power)
  • MH (600+ Watts)
  • Heating systems over 600 Watts
  • Any load over 600 Watts

Manufacturer Info

Digital Aquatics Aquarium Supplies
Digital Aquatics was founded in 2004 and has quickly become the most recognized name in aquarium automation. Since the company debuted the original ReefKeeper 1 (now known as the RK1) in 2004, they have gone on to create some of the most flexible, innovative and cost effective aquarium controllers on the market. The revolutionary ReefKeeper Elite (RKE) was unveiled in 2008 and the affordable ReefKeeper Lite (RKL) came out shortly thereafter to appeal to more budget-conscience aquarium hobbyists. In 2010, Digital Aquatics released a reptile version, the HerpKeeper, as well as the aptly named PondKeeper. ReefKeeper controllers simplify aquarium keeping duties by monitoring and controlling a variety of water parameters and equipment including but not limited to lighting, water flow, heating, cooling, pH and ORP.

JOHN PEARCE from Windsor, Canada


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Digital Aquatics

I have ordered the entire Elite Package and several different add on's. The product looks exactly like what i am after, however i did not receive any software with the product to load into my laptop to program all these different modules. The product should come with manuals describing how to program and what the capabilities of each module and controller are. The first thing i need from digital aquatics is where to get the software to load onto my laptop so i can configure , update, and program this new very expensive system. Thank you in advance.

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Great Product

This item worked perfectly for controlling my high powered aquarium water heater.

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Works as promised!

I added this module on to my existing RKL system in order to control my chiller and pump. My 1/3 hp chiller pulled too many amps for a PC4 to handle without causing problems. Immediately I receive the bonus of allowing my pump and chiller to be shut down automatically when they are not needed, thus saving me $$ in electricity costs. Will the savings in electricity outweigh the cost of the module...? I'll have to figure that one out. I do know that since my chiller pump is shut down until absolutely needed, the overall heat added to my system has been lessened. Because of this my chiller is operating less frequently than before.

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