E.S.V. B-Ionic Seawater System Salt Mix w/ Measuring Supplies

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E.S.V. B-Ionic Seawater System Salt Mix - Makes 50 Gallons of Saltwater

A unique solution to many of the problems associated with all dry synthetic seawater blends.

All dry blends may not be homogenous resulting in considerable chemical variations not only from batch to batch but also from within the same container. Aggravating this further, humidity contamination during storage can result in localized precipitation reactions.

B-Ionic® Seawater System avoids these problems by providing the two dominant salts in our formulation in separate containers. All other major, minor, and trace elements are pre-dissolved in a highly concentrated two component liquid system. These dry and liquid components can easily be measured for any size batch of synthetic seawater.

It is now recognized that most reagent grade salts can contain contaminants (trace metals, etc.) at levels which may inhibit the growth of some algae species from low nutrient environments (oligotrophic) such as coral reefs.

B-Ionic® Seawater System addresses this issue by providing ultra-low heavy metal Sodium Chloride (max. allowable less than half max. allowable for reagent grade sodium chloride) and USP grade Magnesium Sulfate as the dry components of the system. In addition, all other chemicals pre-dissolved in our liquid components are subject to our three phase purification process resulting in significant lowering of contaminants, including phosphate.

Many all dry blends take excessive time to completely dissolve. Addition of newly mixed batches to the aquarium can cause irritation to inhabitants upon exposure to non-dissolved salt micro-particles.

B-Ionic® Seawater System avoids this problem by providing all of the slower dissolving ingredients in a pre-dissolved solution form. Batches can be used within 10 minutes of preparation with no adverse effects providing initial RO and/or DI water contains sufficient dissolved oxygen.

Manufacturer Info

E.S.V. Aquarium Supplies
E.S.V. Aquarium Products is a Hicksville, New York based aquarium supply company that specializes in the production of aquarium additives and supplements. Their 2-part B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System is a staple in the marine aquarium hobby and is the company`s flagship product, earning favorable reviews and rankings from hobbyists of all levels of experience. Their additives are known for being affordable, easy to administer and chemically sound. E.S.V. recently released a spray dried phytoplankton that eliminates the need to culture live phytoplankton. Granular activated carbon, coral glue, salt mix and various other supplements round out their product offerings.



Experience Level: Intermediate


I've only ever used ESV salt. It mixes clear and leaves very little residue. My corals don't mind when I do water changes, because every batch I make matches my water in my reef. DKH of around 9.0 is great to see in a reef salt. I recommend this salt to anyone wanting a consistent issue free salt.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Mixes Fast

I love ESV B-Ionic salt mix and have been using it for years. It mixes quickly, is ready to use almost immediately and leaves no residue behind. I'm not a fan of the new barrel packaging. If the tab rips off for you the way it did for me, go grab a knife or a razor. I tried to lever the top off without cutting the remains of the edge,and just about killed myself. Lesson learned.

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JP from Lafayette, IN UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

Best of the Best

I have been in the reefing hobby for more than 25 years and have used pretty much every salt mix made, at least up until I began using E.S.V. about 6 years ago. After starting to use this product I've never looked back. There is nothing better than this salt mix system, period. I test every new box I purchase, and parameters (Ca, Mg, Alk, K, PO4) are always within 5% of the stated values. Phosphates are always below measurable values, tested with a Hanna phosphate meter. Because YOU determine the major and trace component values when mixing, the system is very flexible, and if you need to bump Ca, Mg, or alkalinity up or down it's very easy to do so. This really is a seawater system, and not a simple dump-and-run product; but it mixes extremely easily and quickly. Incredibly consistent, and in that respect it has no peer in this hobby. It is rather pricey compared to other mixes, but if quality, consistency, and reliability are your priorities, then you will be happy with this product. If you're looking to save a buck and get by on the cheap, look elsewhere (and find a different hobby). I buy the 200g boxes (comes in 2 cardboard boxes - salt in one box, all other components in the other) which I don't find at MD anymore, and my only complaint is that the salt component is sometimes caked from moisture and needs to be broken up... but that's a very minor complaint. This product truly is the best of the best, and I will probably never use a different product. I use this in in several reef tanks with varied SPS, LPS, discosoma, ricordia, zoanthid colonies, various fish and inverts, with salinity kept constant at 34 ppt. Zero nuisance algae and good coralline growth.

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Reflective from San Diego, CA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Beginner

Love this Salt Mix

After using several other types of salt and always having floating bits of... stuff leftover in the water I decided to try this. It mixes up totally clear. It did take me a while to measure everything out in the beginning, but I got a cheap digital scale that shows weight in grams and it's really fast to do now. I do however have a TON of extra measuring cups now.

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Experience Level: Expert

E.S.V. Can't be Beat

E.S V.Seawater system is the best most consistent synthetic saltwater mix on the market. It's a 4 part product; 2 dry and 2 liquid but do not let that discourage you. Once you get use to it you can make a batch in 10-15 mins and best of all, it can be used with in 10 mins of mixing as long as your R/O water is oxygenated and up to temp. Crystal clear and your corals will open up with no irritation or sliming almost immediately. No bucket residue at all. Advertise parameters always spots on. Every time I have strayed from using ESV I have regretted it. I can go on and on about it; just try it; you won't be disappointed! Comes with measuring cups but for most accurate results buy a digital kitchen scale and toy can't go wrong. I will never use another brand of salt again for my reef tank!

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