EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w (Gen 1) LED Light Fixture

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This item has been discontinued.

EcoTech Marine

A newer version of this product can be found at EcoTech Marine Radion Gen3

Radion`s superior quality and sleek design are a testament to EcoTech Marine`s commitment to the best in aquarium technology.

The Radion XR30w is equipped with 34 energy-efficient LEDs in five controllable colors, hyper red, green, blue, royal blue and cool white. The Radion LED light is fully upgradeable -- specifically designed to be an evolving lighting solution. Radion is completely configurable via USB connectivity to set up advanced modes. Radion`s wide light spread means more coverage and consistent color.

EcoTech utilizes only the best of what`s available in providing a functionally superior product. Five channels of high-efficiency, high-intensity LEDs represent the current best in purpose-designed LED lighting.


    Length: 11.8 inches (30 cm)
    Width: 7 inches (18 cm)
    Thickness: 1.5 inches (3.9 cm)
  • 8x Cree XP-G Cool White LEDs run at 5w each
  • 8x Cree XP-E Blue LEDs run at 3w each
  • 10x Cree XP-E Royal Blue LEDs run at 3w each
  • 4x Cree XP-E Green LEDs run at 3w each
  • 4x Osram Oslon SSL Hyper Red LEDs run at 3w each
More than just light fixtures, the Radion lighting line is specifically designed to be an evolving lighting solution. Full-spectrum, fully adjustable, upgradeable, advanced lighting conditions, wireless connectivity and much more.
  • 34 energy-efficient LEDs
  • Fully adjustable for growth and appeal
  • Output optimized for PAR
  • Wide light spread
  • Minimal color banding
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Modular LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies
  • Capacitive touch exterior controls
  • Revolutionary heat sink design
  • Switching power supply
  • Evolving software and firmware
  • Smart multi-light wireless functionality
  • Easy import and export of saved modes
  • Real-time clock
  • Multiple light period programmable
Wouldn’t it be cool if the Radion communicated wirelessly with other Radion units and coordinated with other EcoTech equipment?

Well, it does.

Radion comes equipped with EcoTech`s custom-designed RF module. Radion lights will communicate with any EcoSmart “w” enabled VorTech pumps in addition to any future equipment designed to work on the EcoSmart platform. Coordinated night mode, storms and other light- and water-synchronized features are what you can expect from the wireless functionality that comes standard with the Radion.

Blizzard. Hurricane. A motorist hits a utility pole. Stuff happens. The power goes out… the Radion is fully compatible with the EcoTech Battery Backup.

In the event of a power outage, lack of light energy over the aquarium results in corals switching from photosynthesis (producing oxygen) to respiration (consuming oxygen). When used with a Battery Backup accessory, the Radion emits low levels of light intended to prevent corals from respiring, and therefore; your Radion will help to maintain an oxygen-rich environment for your fish during this critical time period.

Manufacturer Info

EcoTech Marine has revolutionized the way people think about water movement in reef aquariums. Our technologically superior pumps produce unmatched broad yet gentle flow, while placing the motor outside the tank—preserving the beauty of your aquarium and enhancing the health of your aquarium ecosystem. The EcoTech leadership team consists of aquarium enthusiasts and engineers with a penchant for challenging the status quo. When EcoTech took root in the science labs of Lehigh University and University of Oklahoma, we realized there were serious differences between the native aquatic ecosystems in nature and the terrestrial habitats created in aquariums—and that little was being done to address this gap in the marketplace. Since that day, we have worked tirelessly to improve the “state of the art” to enable our customers to have the healthiest, safest and smartest aquarium possible. That’s why our products offer a wide variety of easy-to-program modes and have been thoroughly tested and endorsed by marine-biologists—making it the most versatile and life-like pump on the market.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I have a 125 gallon 6' long tank. At first i was gonna go with only running two units until i could afford a third one since they say you need one for every 2', but after installing them under my canopy a third one might be a bit overkill if you ask me...hanging only 8" from the surface seems to be able to cover my whole tank....still to early for me to rate their overall quality but for now im extremely happy with this purchase...5 stars

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SCOTT C. from


Experience Level: Expert

Great hardware, buggy software

I've had this light about 16 months. Had to send it back twice to be replaced. I was about to send it back a third time because it kept the red led on when it was supposed to be just all blue but decided to try their new online software which fixed the problem. Their software is some of the worst of used and I've been a computer consultant for over thirty years. It's truly TERRIBLE software regardless of whether you're using the downloadable or online version. The downloadable software is buggy and no longer being developed. The online version is buggy and still in beta leaving owners no reliable software to use. Regardless of the version you use, the usability (ease of use) is beyond terrible in each version. They tried to make it pretty and easy and make it buggy and confusing. They need to go back to the drawing board with the software or give us other tools to program the unit as I like the hardware.

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Experience Level: Expert

Buy it!!

Just buy it. This light is great!!

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Experience Level: Expert

Poor Coral Growth

After using the Radion for 7 months, I have to say I had much better response from my corals under a 175 Watt Metal Halide than with this fixture. I was all jazzed up about it, but I havent seen the results I wanted. I put back the 175 Watt MH and things are growing much better again.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


Ingot three of this bad boys and what can i say i was running metal halides and the temperature in this time of year was hell mow i change to this and its going to heaven my corals love the lights and everything in general look better the only problem With this its the software its only windows and im a mac user i hope this software can be out soon and use mi i pad to controll this lights really good product keep up nice work

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great light

Well id give it a 5 but it has no sound effects. lol For that kind of money it should have sound effects. With all the fancy gaggets it has. Well to tell the truth it is way better then expected. What an amazing lite. It does everything. Wow it puts you in charge on how the day runs out. I used to watch the fish but now i find the light effect just as amazing. Yea its a lot of money but doing it wrong or shorting your self out of this light would be a shame. The cost could be lower but you get what you pay for.

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Best switch I have ever done. Corals love it.

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Radion Light

I would love to give these 5 stars, but The software is not Mac compatable :( also it doesn't seem to make all of the colors pop at the same time. In one setting the greens look great but my fish look terrible. In another setting the fish look great but the coral are washed out. Overall I really like them but I will most likely add some halide lights in for extra pop and better night time lights.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Halide no more

The fixture is awesome I wish I could give it 6 stars despite a couple drawbacks thats how good it is. Ecotech doesn't make a tank mount but I bought a piece of rigid couduit and a piece of aluminum from Lowes and made my own. And the software isn't Mac compatable yet. Natural mode is amazing the sun comes up in the morning and fades to blues in the evening. Anyone that buys this fixture wont' ever go back to Halide.

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Chris C. from Reno, NV UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

Awesome Lights, So So Software

The light modules, simply put are breathtaking. I found the software support to be not so great. It's not entirely intuitive and finding a clear cut explanation for a few of the functions was difficult for me (for example, the 'night mode' in natural mode cuts out the LED's completely so the tank is pitch black at night. I finally found a chat/blog room that explained how to add a gentle shimmer effect for night. Awesome product Ecotech, but it seems like you pushed the product out the door for production without first polishing up the software. Hopefully future revisions will address these issues and make it a bit more user friendly.

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