EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10ES Propeller Pump w/ EcoSMART Driver

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EcoTech Marine

A newer version of this product can be found at EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10QD Propeller Pump w/ QuietDrive Driver

Designed especially for nano-reef aquariums, the MP10 from EcoTech Marine is a small yet powerful pump. The MP10 is ideal for tanks from 2.5 to 50 gallons tanks. Creates gentle flows of 200 to 1,575 gallons per hour, helping the tanks feel more like the ocean.

The MP10 shares the same award-winning technology as the MP40w and lets you take full control of the flow. With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes, the VorTech is the safest, most versatile pump on the market.


    Flow: 200 to 1575 gph
    Wattage: 8 to 18 watts
    Maximum Tank Thickness: 3/8"
    Appropriate Tank Size Range: 2.5 to 50 gallons
    Dimensions: Wet Side- 2.5" diameter by 1.5" long, Dry Side - 2.5" diameter by 2" long
    Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 2.25"

Ecotech Marine VorTech EcoSMART

  • On/Off Button
  • Wave Auto-Tune Mode
  • EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode
  • EcoSmart Tidal Swell Mode
  • Dark Mode
  • New and Improved Night Mode, Feed Mode, Battery Backup Power Meter
  • The Classic Reef Crest, Lagoonal, Short Pulse and Long Pulse Modes are still included
  • A new more water resistant driver case
A description of the modes can be found here:

EcoSmart Tidal Swell Mode

In this EcoSMART mode water is circulated to create a harmonic balance in your aquarium reminiscent of the changing flow conditions that would be found in nature. Over the course of several hours, the flow pattern will go from very chaotic with an emphasis on left to right flow direction to an emphasis on right to left flow direction, all the while experiencing calm period in between and followed by a great surge of flow at the very end of the cycle. Adjusting the dial changes the maximum speed achieved at any time during this mode. Slave pumps should be positioned opposite the master and on the back of the tank to take full advantage of the EcoSMART modes.

EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode

In this EcoSMART mode, water is circulated in a two phase program consisting of wave motion to stir up detritus and surging motion to move the detritus into your overflow where it can be skimmed out. This effect promotes maximum health and nutrient export, as well as increased growth for sensitive corals such as SPS. Adjusting the dial changes the maximum speed achieved at any time during this mode. Slave pumps should be positioned opposite the master and on the back of the tank to take full advantage of the EcoSMART modes.

Classic Reef-Crest and Lagoonal Random Modes

In random mode you can toggle between two different modes, Reef-Crest and Lagoonal. When a pump is in Lagoonal Random Mode, the dial is used to set the maximum operational speed, and the driver will automatically randomize the pumps output to simulate either a high (Reef-Crest) or low (Lagoonal) energy reef environment. If this pump is a master, the associated slave pumps will replicate the master in sync or anti-sync modes.

EcoSMART Driver General Operational Modes

Product Manuals & Documentation

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10ES Propeller Pump w/ EcoSMART Driver

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10ES Propeller Pump w/ EcoSMART Driver

Additional Info 1 available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

EcoTech Marine has revolutionized the way people think about water movement in reef aquariums. Our technologically superior pumps produce unmatched broad yet gentle flow, while placing the motor outside the tank—preserving the beauty of your aquarium and enhancing the health of your aquarium ecosystem. The EcoTech leadership team consists of aquarium enthusiasts and engineers with a penchant for challenging the status quo. When EcoTech took root in the science labs of Lehigh University and University of Oklahoma, we realized there were serious differences between the native aquatic ecosystems in nature and the terrestrial habitats created in aquariums—and that little was being done to address this gap in the marketplace. Since that day, we have worked tirelessly to improve the “state of the art” to enable our customers to have the healthiest, safest and smartest aquarium possible. That’s why our products offer a wide variety of easy-to-program modes and have been thoroughly tested and endorsed by marine-biologists—making it the most versatile and life-like pump on the market.

80 Reviews

Alex B from New York, NY


Experience Level: Intermediate

Incredible Powerhead

This wave-maker is truly incredible. Have it in a 24g reef. Super strong flow when maxed out, but I rarely have the pump hit 100%. Well made, sleekly packaged. In-tank footprint is nearly nonexistent, I was able to removed 2 other power heads and my tank is much roomier now.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Excellent !!!

LOVE IT!! And the coral and fish love it. Works perfectly in my biocube. A bit expensive which mad me hold of on buying it for a while. But consider it an investment.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Question the cost

At first I thought it cost to much. I was going to return it, but changed my mind and kept it. I am glad I did. The pump is not the best thing since chaeto algae, but close. The Clown swims into it like it is his own private swim spa. I did a DYI battery back-up that saved the reef from a 11 hour power outage just before the Holiday. Debating the purchase of a second. Customer support is superb. Lower rating is due to cost of unit. You get what you pay for. The quality is there. In this case I was hope for a little more for my money.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


No pre sales info notifying maSter slave only works f you buy wireless.. Inconsistent and incomplete documentation. .. Buttons very dificult to use. Controls unclear. Bad non ergonomic unclear design D minus Documentation really sucks.. F Build quality AAA..

1 out of 6 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Not too shabby

I bought this pump/driver so I could get rid of a lesser cost model that would always CLICK when it switched between pumps. The clicking was pretty bad. The only complaint I have about this pump/driver is a hum at 60%, I'm using it on a 55 gallon and a friend told me I should've went with a MP40 set it at a lower level to lessen the hum... So there you go - by the MP40 ;)

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Experience Level: Intermediate



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Experience Level: Intermediate

The hype is real!

I told myself I'd never buy such an expensive pump. But after reading many reviews from satisfied owners of the MP10 I just had to get it! This thing is simply amazing. I'm still fine tuning it but so far I am very impressed by what it can do.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Blows Hydor AWAY

I have a RSM 250 and recently replaced 4 Koralia controller pumps and the expensive "deluxe version" of their controller with 2 MP10's. All I can say is the 4 Koralia 2's dont even compare to the flow from the MP10's. I can create a tidal surge over the edge of my tank if I wanted to its simply amazing! Also, I cant believe how much more attractive my tank looks with out the big pumps (even though they are considered NANO). The MP10's are the best there is dont waste your money on anything else these.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Simply The Best!

First of, thanks for the fast delivery. I was going to buy this for myself, but my wife got it for me for Xmas. Currently, I have the Hydor Koralia in my 34g tank and it seems like its not really doing want I want it to do on my reef tank. I replaced my Koralia with the Vortech MP10 and this pump made waves in my tank in no time. It's a little pricey but it's worth every penny spent on this thing. If I get another tank, I would definitely buy this pump again!

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Experience Level: Beginner

Top of the line!

Love this pump. Very versatile. A little much for my 8 gal AIO with softies and sps. PERFeCT! For my 24 gal NanoCube! Reef mode is spectacular. Set it to sleep when lights are out. Create your own waves......doesn't get any better. Operation manual could be more descriptive but all info can be found online.

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