Ecosystem Deluxe Acrylic Aquarium Sump

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EcoSystem Aquarium

The Ecosystem Filtration Method is based on the principles of ecology and is a natural filtration system that simulates the environment found in coral reefs. It does not require a Protein Skimmer or activated carbon to purify the water. It keeps the water well oxygenated through the photosynthesis of Caulerpa and entirely eliminates the need for air pumps. Caulerpa can also be harvested and used as fresh, natural food for fish. In addition, Caulerpa prevents the growth of undesired hair algae by competing for essential nutrients.

The EcoSystem Filtration Method uses the end products of fish metabolism and fixes them into plant tissue, therefore preventing the accumulation of harmful ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, and stabilizes the pH. By maintaining a clean environment, the EcoSystem Filtration Method keeps fish healthy and their colors vibrant. Furthermore, we have discovered through our research, that our filtration system helps prevent and even cures lateral line disease.

The Ecosystem Filtration System requires minimal maintenance, and is a cost-effective way for you to keep a flourishing tank of fish and inverts. We invite you to learn more about the Ecosystem Filtration Method.

  • A Breakthrough for Hobbyists
  • No More Guessing
  • No Protein Skimmer Required
  • No More Balancing of Chemicals
  • Reef and Fish Keeping Made Simple
  • Discus and Tropical Fish Keeping Made Simple
  • A Simple and Natural Approach to Aquarium Filtration
  • Achieve Professional Results With No Prior Experience
  • Prevents and Reverses Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)
  • You Can Do It
  • Filter Sump
  • 40lbs Miracle Mud
  • Bioballs
  • 1 x 200 micron filter sock
  • 2 x 18W PowerCompact Lighting (straight pin) 
  • Bulkhead Fittings
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 36in x 12in x 18in
  • Tank Size: 100-135gal
  • Flow Rate: 1000-1200gph
  • Miracle Mud: 30lbs
Flow shown is recommended for marine, koi, and freshwater aquariums. Flow for reef aquariums may need to be higher.

Setup Instructions:
  1. Place appropriate amount of Miracle Mud into Chamber # 2 of the EcoSystem Aquarium filter.
  2. Pour water into the filter and let Miracle Mud settle to the bottom. (Approximately 2-3 hours).
  3. After Miracle Mud has settled, remove any floating particles.
  4. Turn on pump at a recommended flow rate as shown in table below.
  5. Allow water to completely cycle through filter (6-8 weeks for new aquariums or until ammonia levels are undetectable). Add caulerpa algae during second week of cycling.
  6. After cycling period, quarantined fishes and corals may be introduced into the aquarium.
To continue successful maintenance of your marine aquarium system, it is recommended that you add or exchange an appropriate amount of Miracle Mud@ (50%) every two years. To ensure that this replacement process will not disturb your aquarium inhabitants, the usage of an add-on filter is highly recommended. *For existing system - Addition of Ecosystem Filter provides benefits. Smooth transition is recommended to prevent shock to fish and corals.



  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 36in x 12in x 18in
  • Tank Size: 100-135gal
  • Flow Rate: 1000-1200gph
  • Miracle Mud: 30lbs

Manufacturer Info

EcoSystem Aquarium Supplies
EcoSystem Aquarium is an environmentally conscious company that has dedicated over ten years of research to finding a more natural alternative to aquarium keeping. Through extensive experimentation, they have developed the EcoSystem Aquarium filtration method and Miracle Mud substrate. They also developed a variety of natural supplements including Reef Solution, Fish Solution, Fresh Solution, Koi Solution and Garlic Elixir that utilize biological processes found in nature. EcoSystem Aquarium products are proven to create a healthy environment that promotes the overall well-being of animals kept in the tank environment. The EcoSystem method simplifies the maintenance of aquariums by taking out the tedious guesswork, allowing both novice and experienced hobbyists alike to succeed with less effort.


1 year manufacturer warranty

east coast pat from LINWOOD, PA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

awsome system

This system is great. I have been keeping a healthy 70gl reef tank for two years with no problems. Refugium is the way to go. Although it works great, the price is insanely to high. You can achieve the same goals using a 30gl tank at a fraction of the cost. Or whatever size you want. Just get some aquarium silicone and cut some plastic and you have the same thing. As for the miracle mud, I believe it is a must. Didn't experiment with other types of substrate but trace elements have always been good. Just can't help but think it's because of the mud.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

It's ok.

We have the 3616 model for 2 years now. We did the 50 % miracle mud change. However, our tank has been failing as of late. Despite us adding a UV Sterilizer and in sump protein skimmer. We have had alge blooms, fish dying, invertibrates dying and leather corals decaying in our tank. Note that we have minimal argonite in our tank and over 50 Lbs of live rock in our 210 gallon tank. Our advisor at the aquarium said, " take out the miracle mud and use argonite in place of the miracle mud". I think that we just waisted tons of cash with this eco system. We are in the process of redoing our salt water reef tank without the miracle mud. In my opinion. A total waste of coin.

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Steve, H Kenner, LA from


When I started my 150 I wanted the best so the store I deal with sold me this system, My nitrates never went over 15 when cycling the tank and after a few months the nitrates are 5. easy to maint.

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