Ecoxotic E-30 Full Spectrum LED Light System 12 Inch

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This item has been discontinued.


The Beauty of Full Spectrum
Finally, there`s an LED light fixture with a fully adjustable color spectrum. With its simple and sleek housing, the thin yet powerful E-series LED light meets all of the most demanding aquatic lighting needs. Delivering a full spectrum through a carefully hand selected array of RGB and daylight LEDs, your water will glisten as beautiful lines shimmer on your aquatic environment.

Ecoxotic E-Series LED

Control Daylight, Moonlight, and Storms
By combing daylight white and RGB LEDs, the E-Series can produce virtually any desired color spectrum on demand. Offering the unique ability to wirelessly program and control your lighting, you can watch simulated cloud cover, occasional tropical thunderstorms and gradual sunrises and sunsets like never before. Complete your 24 hour lighting cycle with soothing moon-light using a custom blend of RGB LEDs. Whether you have a planted freshwater aquarium, an African Cichlid scape or a deep marine aquarium, the E-Series is the perfect choice for the discerning aquarist.

A Powerful Aesthetic
The E-Series packs plenty of power thanks to a proprietary blend of RGBW LEDs. By incorporating two channels, one for growth and one for spectral control, we`ve created a light fixture that produces eye popping color rendition with vibrant shimmer and plenty of PAR for growth. Utilizing 120 degree optics and a polished reflector, the light spreads uniformly over your entire aquascape and colors blend perfectly. No detail is missed, packaged in a sleek aluminum housing, the smooth black finish lends to a tone that doesn`t divert your eye from the real reason we light our aquariums - what`s inside!

Simple Installation
Sliding docking legs allow for quick and easy adjustments and can accommodate aquariums ranging from 12" to 60" in length. With super simple wireless remote programming you will be up and running in minutes - without the use of a computer. Low voltage 24VDC and IP65 water resistant, safe for aquariums.

  • Full Spectrum RGBW LEDs for vibrant color, growth, and shimmer
  • 24 hour gradual sunrise, sunset and moonlighting creates a natural rhythmic environment
  • Slow ramp up prevents light shock, gently acclimating fish to bright LEDs
  • Wireless control for on-demand weather effects
  • Great for freshwater and saltwater fish-only aquariums
What`s Included
  • 1 x E-Series LED striplight
  • 2 x Adjustable docking mounts
  • 1 x E-Series LED controller
  • 1 x Wireless IR remote
  • 1 x 24VDC transformer
  • Complete Instructions
Control Features
  • 4-Channel Color Control
  • 24 hr on/off time for daylight
  • Integrated ramp/dim (15 minutes)
  • Adjustable daylight color and intensity
  • Adjustable moonlight color and intensity
  • Four on-demand weather effects
  • Two custom color memory locations
Model Fits
# White
E-30 12" - 18" 16 8 2 12.5" x 2" x 1"
E-45 18" - 24" 24 10 4 18.5" x 2" x 1"
E-60 24" - 36" 32 16 4 24.5" x 2" x 1"
E-90 36" - 48" 46 24 6 36.5" x 2" x 1"
E-120 48" - 60" 54 32 8 48.5" x 2" x 1"

Manufacturer Info

Ecoxotic Aquarium Supplies
Ecoxotic grew out of a small tribe of aquarium hobbyists who believed the focus of the aquarium industry was no longer on the hobbyist.  Keeping an aquarium has become a chore: they are too complicated and the industry is fraught with inefficiencies and misinformation. Essentially, the thrill of having an aquarium is gone. So, we created a company where we could be more creative, spread our passion for change and cultivate a new tribe of hobbyists. Focusing on our core beliefs has resulted in a product line that is simple, elegant, easy-to-use and makes fish keeping fun again. When we design a new product, innovation, simplicity and environmental responsibility are core tenets for the team. We draw Inspiration from inside the hobby – specifically from freshwater, marine and reef aquarists – and outside the hobby (specifically our wives and their friends.) This design philosophy is applied across our entire product line, which includes modular LED aquarium lighting fixtures, integrated aquariums and accessories.



Experience Level: Beginner

Clear Light

Great Customer service. Representative was very informative and the product is performing as stated. The Aquarium has taken on a new appearance; crystal clear lighting, promoting plant growth along with entertaining lighting effects. Built-in timer/controller is compact, with a slim LED strip, is a space saver offering peace-of-mind concerning lighting needs. Easy control functions, offers pre-programed lighting schemes along with the option to personalized your lighting requirements. Highly recommended.

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S. Hout from Calgary, Canada


Experience Level: Beginner

Great Match for Fluval Edge 12

I was looking for a solution to add extra lighting to my planted freshwater Fluval Edge 12 gallon tank. The E-Series 12" fits well and has a sleek design. There is still the black cable that can't be hidden but I have it running to the back on a side of the tank that is not visible from my usual vantage point, so it works for me. The built-in on/off timer, control over lighting levels and interactive effects puts the E-Series over the top.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

18" e series LED

Excellent Led light. Programming functions are great. Still to new to see how well it grows plants but i think it will work great. I will be purchasing another soon for my other tank. You should buy this light.

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