Ecoxotic EcoPico 5 Gallon Desktop Aquarium w/ LED Fixture

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Simplicity All-in-One

EcoPico Desktop Aquarium
We've all wanted an aquarium, but the same thoughts cross our minds – they are a chore to clean, they don't match the décor and everything looks cheap. We went back to basics - emphasizing minimalism and simplicity. The result is an elegant glass cube that's truly inspirational, simple to set up and maintain.

The EcoPico - a whole new aquarium lifestyle where everything is surprisingly simple.

The EcoPico looks great from any seat in the house, thanks to what it's missing. No plastic frame, no bulky filter and no rain gutter shaped light. Redesigned down to the essential elements, this rimless aquarium system will turn any aquascape into a piece of art.

Essential to the simple design is the ultra-thin LED lighting arm. It's sleek and lean, yet produces stunning color and brilliant shimmer. A blend of blue and white LEDs cast the perfect color spectrum while using minimal energy. Best of all, there's no lamps to replace, no mercury going into landfills and the LEDs do not promote unsightly algae, making maintenance a breeze.

The EcoPico aquarium system includes:

  • 6mm glass rimless aquarium
  • discreet internal filter with pump
  • beveled glass top with mounting clips
  • LED lighting arm
  • step-by-step instructions

Product Manuals & Documentation

Ecoxotic EcoPico 5 Gallon Desktop Aquarium w/ LED Fixture

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Ecoxotic Aquarium Supplies
Ecoxotic grew out of a small tribe of aquarium hobbyists who believed the focus of the aquarium industry was no longer on the hobbyist.  Keeping an aquarium has become a chore: they are too complicated and the industry is fraught with inefficiencies and misinformation. Essentially, the thrill of having an aquarium is gone. So, we created a company where we could be more creative, spread our passion for change and cultivate a new tribe of hobbyists. Focusing on our core beliefs has resulted in a product line that is simple, elegant, easy-to-use and makes fish keeping fun again. When we design a new product, innovation, simplicity and environmental responsibility are core tenets for the team. We draw Inspiration from inside the hobby – specifically from freshwater, marine and reef aquarists – and outside the hobby (specifically our wives and their friends.) This design philosophy is applied across our entire product line, which includes modular LED aquarium lighting fixtures, integrated aquariums and accessories.



Experience Level: Intermediate

5 gal aquarium

Perfect for a small area, very good looking and modern, great for a beginner very easy to maintain

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Nice cube but

The included LED light fixture with the Ecopico gives the tank at best a 20k look but more like moon lighting to my eye. Be prepared to spend as much cash to upgrade the light with Ecoxotic brand LED's as you paid for this tank . Tank build itself is very nice with quality glass and a somewhat neat sealing job with black sealant. The included filter is more like a power head with a thin sponge fortunately for me I bought this tank to house Haywain red shrimp so no filter is needed. Besides spending another one hundred bucks to upgrade the included LED fixture with Ecoxotic LED's I think I'm happy with the purchase.

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Experience Level: Expert

Nice design but....

I purchased this for a "nano" freshwater tank. I was tired of changing out the water on my 75 gallon from 3 yrs ago. Lookin to raise some Badis that are 1 inch from liveaquaria. The tank is modern clean smooth cut glass pieced together with silicone. the bottom exterior is lined with felt for some cushion/protection. the light doesnt have a switch - so it's always on if plugged in. You can buy a GE HANDY SWITCH 2 prong which is all you need)-at walmart for $3+. (Amazon has a 3 prong for 12.99.) One drawback is the filter. It's not silent - more like a rrr -ing background noise. Not enough for me to change it out at this point. The filter is also only a large pore sponge filter without chemical media. I plan on packing in some activated charcoal which should fit. Then again it's only a 5 gallon aquarium so it may not need much complicated filtration - as long as the water is changed frequently. You can buy a hand blown 8 gallon tank, without the LED and filter, at 1/2 the cost - but it wouldn't look as nice. I would definitely purchase again. Customer Service did a great job with packaging/protecting the shipment. The tank had 2 other exterior boxes protecting it.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Nice, Good Lighting

Very nice looking on my desk. The LED lights are very good. Would have rated it a 5 star except that the power filter is way too strong. Have a betta in the tank. Wore him out in a few hours and found him stuck onto the intake. It needs a speed control or something. Just leaving it off for now, will likely go for a foam filter with air pump or something. Also glass top needs tab/handle - something to lift with. I will likely glue one on.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Review on Eco 5 gallon

Very nice but light don't have an on/off switch and water filter is too strong. I have to turn it of at night so the fish can take a break from strong current. They get too tired.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I like the extra care in packaging. It would have with stood a lot of rough handling before any damage might occur. It's a great aquarium and I like The LED light fixture. The filter however is smaller than what I am comfortable with. I'm usually pretty fussy about water conditions. I've replaced other filters in the past when I purchased aquarium packages. We'll see how effective it is. Because of my work schedule and getting just the right "decorations" together (i.e. driftwood and rocks) I have not yet had a chance to set it up. The ability to track the order was very helpful. Thanks

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