Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixture Tank Mount

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Panorama Tank Mount 18 is designed exclusively for the Panorama Pro LED Fixtures 17.5" (they do not work on the first generation Panorama fixtures due to the weight).


  • ABS plastic construction
  • Measures 3.5" W x 1.5" D x 2.1" H.
  • The inside of the bracket which attaches to the tank is 1" H x 1" D
  • Reinforced nylon bolts secure the tank mount assembly to the aquarium
  • Hinge assembly allows the fixture to be opened a full 90-degrees vertical and will stay in the vertical position until lowered
  • Hinge can be tightened/adjusted if required
  • Two nylon bolts allow the fixture to be leveled from front to back
  • Distance between the top of the glass tank to the bottom of the fixture is 1.75"
  • Fixture easily slides front to back for center position
  • Adjustment distance is a minimum of 2" from the back glass to a maximum of 8"

Product Manuals & Documentation

Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixture Tank Mount

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Ecoxotic Aquarium Supplies
Ecoxotic grew out of a small tribe of aquarium hobbyists who believed the focus of the aquarium industry was no longer on the hobbyist.  Keeping an aquarium has become a chore: they are too complicated and the industry is fraught with inefficiencies and misinformation. Essentially, the thrill of having an aquarium is gone. So, we created a company where we could be more creative, spread our passion for change and cultivate a new tribe of hobbyists. Focusing on our core beliefs has resulted in a product line that is simple, elegant, easy-to-use and makes fish keeping fun again. When we design a new product, innovation, simplicity and environmental responsibility are core tenets for the team. We draw Inspiration from inside the hobby – specifically from freshwater, marine and reef aquarists – and outside the hobby (specifically our wives and their friends.) This design philosophy is applied across our entire product line, which includes modular LED aquarium lighting fixtures, integrated aquariums and accessories.



Experience Level: Expert

Poor Design

We originally bought the tank mount option for the 23.5" fixture. The look is nice, but the design is poor. The single bracket hinge assembly requires constant adjusting and does not adequately support the fixture. We ended up installing the stand mount (the wall mount is a required component) and are very pleased with it.

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Brandon Nikel from Litchfield, OH UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

Terrible mounts

I purchased these mounts and installed them right away, easy installation however the mounts cant support the lights, they sag in the front until the light are in contact with the tank, I had to shove a broken pencil between the hinge just to keep the hinge up, ecoxotics customer service is amazing though they sent me wall mounts which work much much better and are stable

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Experience Level: Intermediate


The hinges sit up way to high in the back and do not support the weight of the light, it has to rest on the edge of the aquarium. When you have the lights up you have to lean them against the wall in order to keep them up! The hinges are sorry & weak, they allow too much wiggle room side to side also.

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