Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Light Fixture - 24 Inch (80 Watt)

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This item has been discontinued.


Leaner, Greener, Meaner
24" Panorama Pro LED Fixture
We’ve always believed aquarium lighting should be simple and modular, the new Panorama Pro Fixture is no exception. It’s simply the most flexible, elegant aquarium lighting fixture ever designed. Sleeker, brighter and lighter, you can adjust it to almost any color spectrum or brightness you desire. And now with four mounting options, installation has never been faster, while still maintaining easy access to your aquarium with our patented hinged mounting systems.

Powered by five Panorama Pro modules, you’ll never need to worry about light again. Each 19-watt module produces an amazing amount of light, dazzling shimmer and stunning color rendition. The low profile design passively dissipates heat away from your aquarium without sacrificing efficiency or life expectancy. The modules are fully encapsulated to protect against the elements while operating on low voltage – keeping things safe for you and eliminating harmful stray voltage.

Modular meet adjustable
So what’s adjustable? Just about everything: Intensity, penetration, brightness, color and position are all completely configurable. Inline dimmers allow you to independently control intensity of the white and blue LEDs, and fine-tuning of the color temperature. The LED modules can be moved from left-to-right, providing an adjustable spread for any aquascape. With the modular design you can install additional Panorama Pro Modules or Stunner LED strips to add some Magenta or a RGB module for full spectrum. Our patented hinged mounting system allows you to position the fixture exactly where you want it, while still providing easy access for maintenance.

What’s Included: Each 24" Panorama Pro Fixture includes five Panorama Pro LED Modules (three 12K White/445nm Blue and two 445nm Blue modules), black aluminum housing, two inline on/off switch with adjustable dimmer control, two 24V power supplies for dawn/dusk control, polished reflectors, two 3-way splitters, an EcoCham cleaning cloth and instructions. Mounting hardware is sold separately. Choose one of the four different mounting options sold separately.


  • LEDs last up to 50,000 hours
  • Water resistant LED Modules
  • Modular Design – customizable, replaceable parts
  • Dimmable - adjust intensity and color appearance
  • Polished reflector concentrates light into aquarium
  • Energy efficient, no heat transfer
  • LED module position is adjustable
  • Four easy-access mounting options (sold separately)
  • Easy to add additional color spectrums
In The Box
  • Aluminum Panorama Pro Fixture
  • 3 x 12,000K/445nm Royal Blue Panorama Pro Modules
  • 2 x 445nm Royal Blue Panorama Pro Modules
  • 5 x Polished Panorama Pro Reflectors
  • 2 x Inline Dimmers
  • 2 x 60 watt transformers
  • 2 x 3-way splitters
  • EcoCham cleaning cloth
  • Highly energy efficient
  • No fluorescent lamps containing mercury Hg
  • No lamps to break in shipping
  • Small packaging saves on transportation costs
  • All aluminum construction- recyclable and will not damage in shipping
  • Dimensions: 24" x 15" x 1.5" Tall
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Total Watts: 80 watts
  • Input Voltage: 100-220VAC
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24V DC
  • Spectrum Appearance: 14,000K (at full power)
  • Cooling Fans 0
  • dB Noise Level 0
  • Heat transfer to aquarium 0
  • Patents pending

Product Manuals & Documentation

Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Light Fixture - 24 Inch (80 Watt)

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Ecoxotic Aquarium Supplies
Ecoxotic grew out of a small tribe of aquarium hobbyists who believed the focus of the aquarium industry was no longer on the hobbyist.  Keeping an aquarium has become a chore: they are too complicated and the industry is fraught with inefficiencies and misinformation. Essentially, the thrill of having an aquarium is gone. So, we created a company where we could be more creative, spread our passion for change and cultivate a new tribe of hobbyists. Focusing on our core beliefs has resulted in a product line that is simple, elegant, easy-to-use and makes fish keeping fun again. When we design a new product, innovation, simplicity and environmental responsibility are core tenets for the team. We draw Inspiration from inside the hobby – specifically from freshwater, marine and reef aquarists – and outside the hobby (specifically our wives and their friends.) This design philosophy is applied across our entire product line, which includes modular LED aquarium lighting fixtures, integrated aquariums and accessories.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Not worth the price

This light came with directions that didn't correlate to the wires and plugs in the box. After 30 minutes with tech support, which I had a hard time reaching, I got it together. I tried to reach tech support for another question and no response. Finally, after getting it put together, I had parts left over. Then, a year later, the colored lights quit working.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Just Ok! 24'' Panorama

The light is well built and when in use does not seem to get hot at all. If you are looking for alot of shimmer like I am this is not the light for you. For the cost you should get more shimmer and a stronger light in general. I am sure with the extra shimmer strips you can purchase you will get there, but by then you will be in $500 dollars or so. I ended up going with a whole different company and light. If you are doing fish only great light but if reef/coral is your thing go with something else.

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Experience Level: Beginner


Looks amazing, on new 46 gal bow reef start up so hard to know how well it "performs". It is the hottest week here ever, and even though my house has AC the light does give off a fair amount of heat...I'm too new new to know, but seems very well thought out too...hangign from ceiling and lots of ways to tweak to adjust...very "plug n play" as well.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Light

I've had this light running for almost 2 months now. So far it's the best light I've had. I have 3 of these units over my 125 gallon reef tank. Had some red slime algae in small amounts on the sand and on my kelp the died off within days of installing this new LED light. All my corals and fish are happy and growing nicely. The unit is solid and well built. Easy to configure and mount. I created a custom canopy for it and used the top slots to mount the light as you would if you bought the hanging kit. Nice ventilation and no noise. The color output is great during the day with all modules on. Extremely blue at dusk/dawn with only the blue modules on, I might switch a white module to turn on at dusk/dawn to balance it out a bit. The Velcro to mount the power supplies didn't stick very long, about a week then all 6 of my power supplies were laying on the ground. I just applied a little super glue and stuck the Velcro back on and that worked perfect. Overall I am very happy with this unit. 10 times better then my old 12 bulb T-5 unit. Worth the price.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Amazing new LED system!

I just recently received and installed this system. I have had multiple different lighting systems including compact fluorescent and HQI metal halide. This is by the best lighting system I have ever seen. I had the first gen ecoxotic system and it was okay but nowhere near as great as this system which is so much lighter in weight and offers so much more flexibility. The mix of white and blue lighting is very nice and the dimmers which are included allow you to titrate the exact amount of blue/white ratio you want as well as brightness/intensity. Even at 60-70% power it produces beautiful glimmer lines-as nice or better than metal halide. The minimal heat it produces is also a huge plus. Ecoxotic is at the top of their game with this product and the price is amazing for what you get. It is expensive but I think it will definitely pay off with much less frequent bulb replacement and lack of need to run a chiller. If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out the youtube videos for ecoxotic lights to get a feel for the great color renditions they offer.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


This is a great led system. Perfect for all types of corals. To the genius quoting Dr. Joshis study...that was done on a DIFFERENT fixture using the ORIGINAL panorama modules from 2010...not the panorama pros. New unit. So to that person, I say research your review.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Reef Lighting System

Just got one of these fixtures from ecoxotic and I must say that they are perfect for SPS and LPS corals. My SPS are placed medium to high in the tank and are growing well and look beautiful. The 12K LEDs are a great addition along with the 453nm royal blue LEDS. Nice mixture of light across the area of light placement.

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Experience Level: Expert

Excellent New LED Light

I waited to get the upgraded Ecoxotic LED light and the wait was well worth it! The fixture is well built, hangs very well and comes well equipped with all the necessary equipment. Ecoxotic is one of the best providers of lighting and with this new light they have raised the bar once again. I would recommend the unit to anyone looking for a high quality, affordable upgrade to their lighting system.

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