Eheim Aquastyle 4 Gallon Aquarium

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Award winning lifestyle aquarium!

  • Enjoy a designer look with that is both simple and sophisticated
  • A serene and fascinating approach to living art
  • An attractive and unique feature for any environment
  • The Aquastyle`s size and design makes it easy to enjoy with minimal maintenance.
  • Enhance any home or office decor with the Aquastyle lifestyle aquarium. Placed in a modern or traditional setting, the Aquastyle`s versatility gives you a designer look while providing a living splash of ambiance.
  • A serene and fascinating approach to living art, the Aquastyle is an attractive and unique feature for any environment.
  • How it fits your lifestyle is up to you. Simple or sophisticated Fresh or saltwater. The Aquastyle`s size and design makes it easy to enjoy wiht minimal maintenance.

High quality formed glass aquarium with glass top
  • The rounded glass corners allow for a seamless view of of the aquarium interior
High efficiency power corner filter (only uses 4w)
  • Powerful compact corner internal filter, completely equipped with filter cartridge and bio-filter material (Substratpro)
  • Easy to clean media cartridge can be removed while leaving the filter base in place
  • Dosing chamber
  • Filtered water silently flows down the unique water slide return, culminating in an oxygenating surface ripple
  • Maintains crystal clear water and a biologically balanced ecosystem
  • Versatile media basket can be filled with supplied EHEIM Substratpro bio-media or other media such as carbon, Phosephateout, etc.
High output PowerLED light with 81 interconnected diodes (Safety sealed, low voltage - only uses 7w)
  • Internal aluminum heat sink keeps lamp cool to the touch and does not transfer heat to aquarium water.
  • Excellent illumination with nice shimmering effect, generating 1200 lumens at 6000K. The PowerLED`s bright natural daylight provides the vital energy that live aquatic plants and a variety of marine organisms need to thrive. Superb color rendition reveals the aquarium life in the vividness of its natural colors.
  • LED Lamp long life rated 20,000 service hours - 5 years with average usage
  • Power is supplied through the light track. The LED fixture is vertically and horizontally adjustable.

  • Aquarium Dimensions (does not inlude light fixture): 11"H x 9.5"W x 9.5"L
  • Pump Output: 53GPH
Mounting bracket
  • Filter and LED Lamp unit are jointly installed onto the aquarium rim with special corner bracket. Each has its own power cord. The light can therefore be switched on and off independtly of the filter. It can also be connected to a light timer (not included).

Product Manuals & Documentation

Eheim Aquastyle 4 Gallon Aquarium

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Eheim Aquarium Supplies
Eheim is one of the most well known and respected brands in the aquarium industry. Their reputation for producing high quality equipment at affordable prices goes back decades. The brand has a loyal following due in large part to Eheim’s reputation for producing reliable, efficient products. The company develops products that recreate the natural habitats of aquatic animals on a smaller scale. In our store you’ll find a variety of Eheim water pumps, filters, filter media, powerheads and feeding tools.



Experience Level: Expert

Planted Eheim

I have had many tanks over the years, this one is by far my favorite. The build quality is high, the asthetics are amazing and the abily to grow and maintain plants http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/yourtanks.php?do=view&id=22682&n=Playhouse

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Experience Level: Beginner


First of all, thank you to Marine Depot for your superb customer service! Thanks to your no-hassle policy, I was able to upgrade to this Eheim 4 gallon tank as a replacement for a different tank I ordered that arrived damaged. This tank is absolutely gorgeous! I love the lighting, the clarity of the glass, the quiet yet powerful filtration system, the classy design and the glass top. Mr. Betta has moved in and loves the extra 'fin' room. I find the filter is a bit too powerful for his liking, but I have been turning it on for short periods each day (with supervision) and he is quickly learning to find the quiet spots in the aqua scape where he can hide. I love the fact that I can turn the filter on and off separately from the light so he can have a rest. I have the tank lightly planted. I'm sure the lighting will be more than sufficient. I am thrilled with the whole set up! My only problem now will be resisting buying another one! Or a larger one! (A slippery slope). Thanks again and to anyone out there reading this, don't hesitate! I LOVE it! This is an unsolicited review, honest!

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Experience Level: Expert

Wonderful little tank

Typical of Eheim, this is a premium product, beautifully designed and well made. The rimless design, curved front corners and integrated light/filter unit give it an air of elegance. Even the cover is classy. And it is one of the few nano aquariums on the market where freshwater use isn't an afterthought. I much prefer glass to acrylic, and Eheim uses high grade glass that makes the illuminated cube look like crystal. I have the 9 gallon version, and was a little concerned that the light and filter might be lacking, as they are the same as used on the smaller Aquastyle tanks. No need. The filter moves more than enough water to give my fish a current to swim against. The media chamber is smaller than I'd prefer (I use Eheim canisters on all my other tanks, usually two on each), but it's much better than the ones on most competitive tanks in this category. You are not stuck with proprietary cartridges. It accepts any medium you choose to use, charcoal, resins, biological, etc, although the supplied Substrat is hard to beat for long term use. The light is excellent. It has an ideal spectrum for freshwater plant growth, and displays fish colors to full advantage. I have switched to LEDs on my six largest tanks, and use about 1.5 watts per gallon on each. So I was not sure I'd be happy with only half that intensity on my new tank. I was steeled for the prospect of having to add a second light. After setting it up, I doubt that will be necessary. Visually, it looks at least as bright as any of my other tanks. I have some hornwort which had been chewed to the nubbins by my Siamese Algae Eaters. I had placed it in a 5 gal holding tank where it languished under a new 10 watt aquarium CFL. I added some to my new Aquastyle as a filler, and literally overnight, it started to grow again. I had no problem adding a heater, the cord easily fit under the glass cover, lifting it ever so slightly in back. Airline tubing might be more of an issue, but not an

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FreshFishKeeper from VA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert


Bottom Line; if you are looking for a smaller tank the Eheim Aquastyle is an excellent choice and as of this writing you can not find a better engineered aquarium in this size.I purchased the Eheim Aquastyle 9 with the stand and both were expertly packaged and arrived in excellent shape from Customer Service.Easy to see why Eheim received awarards for this aquarium. It is bright, well engineered and looks fantastic. I received on friday and within 1 hour everything was together, filter filled with media and insterted, dropped in some aquascaping and filled the tank with cycled water from a seperate tank. Went out Sunday and purchased 3 Swordtails who are enjoying the new home.

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Experience Level: Expert

Top Notch!!

I bought this aqurium because there were good reviews online and plus Eheim is known to make great filters. One of the best purchase I bought in a long time. It will be perfect for my crystal shrimp tank.

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Tank Horticulturist from DEERFIELD, IL UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

Fantastic Tank

I have the 4 gallon with soil substrate covered with gravel. I have no CO2 injection, just add Excel periodically. I can get glosso and marseilea to grow like weeds. The 7W LED is beautiful - bright, compact, minimalist style that make the whole tank a showpiece. Best small tank kit out there today and the price here is fantastic at $119. I may buy another kit just to replace my power compact fluorescent light on my other tank. This is my second desktop tank and this is the one to buy.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Planted Aquarium

This is a superb quality product. I am intending to use it as a planted aquarium, and even though it can be used in many different ways, I am writing this review for planted aquarium enthusiasts primarily. 1.Overall great craftsmanship. 2.The glass aquarium itself is just great. The front corners are not seemed, but bent, allowing for greater view. 3.Very nice, quiet filter and water pump. 4.LED is just right for the 6 gallons setup, but will not be sufficient for larger volume aquariums I think

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